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$2 Bill Theory

$2 Bill Theory: How To Stand Out

$2 Bill Theory Image How To Stand Out

$2 Bill Theory: How To Stand Out


I’m a sucker for these things.
It’s really just a scarcity/being cool kinda thing to be completely honest.
I like giving $2 as a tip because you stand out just a little bit more than the common Joe.
You see, if you’re sticking to the norm like everyone else:
Example: “Here’s my blog, here’s my story, sign up for my newletter, etc..”
Shit, stand out for a change, be your damn self!
It’s not congruent for some people, I know because I’ve done this myself and looking back at some of the shit I’ve put out before, I see that it’s not really authentic.
Be funny.
Don’t be scared (I’m telling myself this too btw).
Be different.
For instance, I like this one sales page that Omar Martin did for his Buzzinar product (which is awesome btw) where he starts the sales page’s video with:
“My Fellow Internet Marketers…Let’s cut the BULLSHIT shall we?”
Now THAT is an attention getter for sure son 😉
Be like the $2 bill, just slightly different.
You don’t have to be a shock jock, act like a clown or an asshole (although it’s kinda fun experimenting with this lol).
Of course, if you’re any of those things by nature then friggin’ OWN THAT SHIT. If you like Magic the Gathering, own it! Incorporate it into your life, be the baddest Wizard, Orc or whatever and you’ll see that you’ll start attracting the audience that actually gives a shit about what you have to say.
My advice, is just start writing FB posts kind of like this and see who really gives a crap (without over thinking it) and just start networking with said crap-giving people 🙂
Just my 2 cents (or should I say $2 bill’s) worth.
That’s it kiddos…
Love you,
-Phil a.k.a. “Poppa Bear” bahaha
P.S. Feel free to like, comment & share this so we can stop the madness.
P.P.P.P.P.S. YES, I made that little $2 origami thingy myself. Let me know if you’d like to see a video of how I did it (it’s pretty simple) in the comments below 😉

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