About Me

Delicia and I

Yes, I know I’m batting above my weight there.

I’m careful though, I make sure and serve my damsel a cup of tea every night with the “special ingredient”.

Keep her around 🙂

Anyhoo, ahh yes…

You’re here to hear (that’s weird to say out loud) my rags to riches story.

I don’t have one.

It started off with me trying to become a better person. Got big into self-development. See a couple o’ years back, I was recently single after a long relationship and quickly realized how much I sucked at talking to girls.  Twas’ brutal. But like anything (if you really want something, for me it was to just be comfortable in my own skin talking to beautiful women) you work for it…really, really hard. I did that. Saw A LOT of failure better yet…I learned a lot (part of this is reframing stupid crap like the word failure). I got better and better over time. Once I got better at this, I started realizing I HATED the desk job (classic “Office Space” environment, cubicle and all!) I’d grown complacent with the last 6 years!

Ouch. So I started doing the same as before. Youtubing stuff about making money online at work (I admit it). Listening to everything possible about it. Problem was…I wasn’t doing the same stuff I did when I was learning to talk to women. I kept expecting some kinda push button crap and that…just doesn’t exist in my experience. In other words, there was a lot of theory and not enough practice. I was a wimpy internet marketer. After buying up the tons of digital crap I barely did anything with… I got a mentor. Didn’t go as I planned. Some of it was not being happy with the program, some of it was lack of action. Flopped on my first launch. Ouch again. Now, I’m a little further in the game. I’ve made more money this year than I ever have and that friggin’ ROCKS. It didn’t come from:
  • A loophole.
  • Black hat bullsh*t
  • NOT putting in work
  • My mentor
  • Anyone else
I just got out there and started putting stuff into the internet marketing world. The reason ANYONE started to buy anything (for the most part, there are some marketers that will buy from you at first because they just like your hustle) is because the people that were less experienced/successful than me…saw me as somewhat of an expert because they kept seeing my face. The consistency really helped. My advice? Get gooder-er at something like copywriting (hee hee), making videos, Amazon FBA, or WHATEVER where the people in your niche are HUNGRILY waiting with PayPal password or credit card in hand/virtual hand lol. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read about lil ol’ me. By the by…(who says this, seems like you need a martini in hand when uttering this phrase…) if you’d like a much more in-depth way to see how to start seeing sales faster… Make sure and download my Zero To Hero In 30 Days freebie.