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How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

Ahh…the dreaded Shiny Object Syndrome.

What a beeatch eh?

Everyone has had it in the past (I’m about 99.999999…% sure of this) or they still have it (I know I do from time to time who am I kitten?).

But what drives it?

You don?t WANT to buy over and over and over again.

But you do.

It’s like these guys know what they’re doing with their sexy sales pages, pain points, etc. lol.

Here’s what I think/KNOW is going on (from personal experience & observation):

You lack a clear plan or a purpose young Skywalker.

AND your body/mind need one in order to operate most successfully.

So when you don?t have one, and your body/mind need one…

Then it looks for the first thing you can do that makes you feel productive.

That may come in the form of checking your email often, spending copious amounts of time on Facebook being unproductive, OR of course…buying up a new shiny object.

A few examples that will hit close to home


Think about it.

This is kinda like when a retired person wakes up with nothing to do.

Maybe he watches a couple o’ hours of news, heads over to to his local diner/pub/whatever and gives his “views on the news” with the locals for the next few hours. It makes him feel like he’s important and like he’s been productive in some way.

One more example is perhaps when you know someone who doesn’t have a job (or you may have been/currently are this person, I’ll admit that I have in the past) and then spends…Oh I don’t know, maybe 30-45 minutes per day “hunting” for a job so they can say that they really tried hard and that hey…“Nobody’s hiring!”.

This reminds me of a saying in Spanish that goes:

“Estan buscando jale pidiendole a Dios no encontrar.”

Translation: “They’re looking for work begging God to NOT find any.”

Sound familiar?

This is pretty much a self-preservation kinda thing.

You see it’s hard for people to admit that they currently suck (put that one on a quilt hee hee), and maybe they’re really looking to coast for a bit and don’t wanna admit that.

I could ramble on and on about this, but you’re a smart cookie…methinks you gets the point.

Your 3-step plan to destroy Shiny Object syndrome


So let’s get back to you, les entrepreneur extraordinaire.

You NEED to feel validated in your work holmes, but if you lack a plan/purpose…then you’ll fall back into checking your email, or Facebook, and buying up every digital product up under the Tuscan sun.

Or something like that.

So without further adios, here are the steps I think you can take to murder the shit out of your Shiny Object Syndrome:

  1. Create a kick-ass, rock-solid/redundant plan of the shit you want to get done in the next month or better yet YEAR.
  2. Get out a paper & pen and physically write out your kick-ass, rock-solid plan so you can achieve dat shit.
  3. ESTO ES MUY IMPORTANTE BATMAN: Make sure to absolutely, positively, oh my god I can’t believe it’s not butter (sorry I got lost there for a second) NOT work on ANYTHING else before your daily work is DONE SON! That means you do NOT open email, get on Facebook, or buy a damned thing until that shit is done.

I’m sorry for virtually yelling, but I had to get my point across and I just drank a Diet Coke so things are getting a lil’ crazy here in the Lopez household.

This…makes sense right?

In fact, you’re probably thinking to yourself something like: “Man, this SEEMS like common sense, and boy is that Phil smart/handsome!”

Right-e-o on both accounts my dear Watson.

You see, you’ll start feeling validated once you get this shit done for the day and you won’t even feel the NEED to open up your email, Facebook, and maybe…the urge to buy new shiny objects will lessen (I’ll admit that I still get my urges, I wanted to buy something last night because of scarcity and the fact that I can probably make some quick moolah with it).

Next, you’re gonna only be using email (get this…) when you ACTUALLY need to use it. The same goes for Facebook, you only get on there when you ACTUALLY need to connect with people, and you ONLY buy something new when you ACTUALLY need to or the software/training will exponentially help automate a part of your business so you can have more time, save Mary Jane, take the gun leave the cannoli, and save 15% on your car insurance!!

Damn, got lost again but I think you catch my drift 🙂

DON’T buy shit that says something like “You NEED to buy this OR you will fail.”

That’s utter and complete horse poop, STOP being scared into buying stuff!

Now the plan of attack is to just simply execute your rock-solid plan every stinkin’ day, and all the other crap won’t seem as important as it was before because you’ll be too damn busy being super freakin’ productive.

Self-discipline? Nah try this instead.


Think about it.

It’s kinda like when you watch a TV show at a certain time, let’s say 5:30pm (I used to watch Jeopardy with my pops & siblings and we’d battle at who could get the most answers right…NERDS!).

These people (I mean WE) are addicted.

So what’s easier?

Learning the art of self-discipline OR just filling that schedule up with something else?

You know the answer Daniel-San.

Same thing goes for your business playa.

Bet ya just went from “Aha…” to “Oh sheeeeeat! Phil’s droppin’ some knowledge bombs!”

I want to thank you for joining me here today.

And hey, if you’d like some more knowledge bombs, make sure and pick up my free training Zero To Hero In 30 Days below.


-Philly Pants

Breakfast Embed Review

Breakfast Embed Review

Today I?m giving you my honest opinion “Breakfast Embed” by Lee Murray.

I?ll be giving you the pros & cons on it and here?s a shocker: a BONUS because I like this product wanna give you an incentive to get it through me of course lol.

Forget all that 9.9 out of 10 stars crap, let me just tell you what this product is about, where it falls a little short, and why you should get it anyways.

Overview of Breakfast Embed

So here’s one sentence on what this product is about without giving away the farm:

Breakfast Embed is all about building a niche site, embedding related YouTube videos, and monetizing them (in more than one way).

Now this is an info product, so I don’t really want to give away the farm because I don’t think that’s fair to Lee.

Let’s get to some of the pros and the cons of Breakfast Embed.


You DON’T have to create your own content

You can literally just go to YouTube, grab the embeddable iframe code and make money with it by putting it on your blog. Now there is more that goes into that (it’s explained in the product of course), and I can tell you that a lot of people have a hard time creating content. Call it writer’s block, content creator’s block, or whatever you wanna call it (I get it too!). I know I shot the video on this page about 20 times because you can get caught in a perfectionist mindset.

You’ll be monetizing your blog in a NON-spammy way

Like I said before…this whole 9.9 out of 10 stars just looks spammy to me, I just think it looks spammy. I think that when you do this it can have kind of a “banner blindness” kind of thing. It’ll be easy for people to just see you as another one of those guys.

 Video marketing is VERY powerful

Now I don’t think I have to go too much into this, but video marketing is super dynamic compared to other content. Not everyone wants to read a 1,000 word blog post anymore. You can really increase your branding by using video and the cool thing about the method taught in Breakfast Embed is that you don’t even have to have your face on camera (SIDE NOTE: You can always make your own YouTube videos for increase brandability).

Sound SEO strategies

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no SEO whiz. But I will tell you that if you create good quality content regularly…then you’re stuff will rank on Google faster (FREE TRAFFIC). 

You can get started quickly

Now there is some legwork here (like any real NON-BS “get rich quick” strategy, that doesn’t work mind you lol), but you can get started TODAY. You WON’T be a millionaire overnight, but I want you to think about what it would be like to have a niche site with TONS of content that’s getting subscribers DAILY…and you’re monetizing your blog in a few different ways. 

I just don’t see how you can fail with this strategy IF you put in the legwork guys.

With that being said, let’s get on to the cons of Breakfast Embed.


No product is perfect and I want to tell you about my biggest issue with this product. 

There?s a part in Breakfast Embed where Lee talks about using Spintax (this is something that I have VERY little experience with tbh) that would be better explained with a video. Lee does mention some really cool ways to do this without your text coming out wonky, but I still think a quick video would have been much better.

Also, Lee does mention a tool that will help you immensely with this part. 

I know this is on purpose.

There’s a free and a paid way to do things, and of course the paid way is easier. I have no problem with that, but I still think Lee could’ve made a quick video showing you this. That may be asking too much from a low-ticket product like  this, but I’m just giving you my personal opinion on a part I struggled with a little bit. 

Lee’s a bit of a sailor (like me)

Another thing is that Se?or Murray is a bit of a cusser (so am I), so if you’re uncomfortable with that in ANY way…then I don’t think this is for you because there’s some of that (not a ton, but enough if you don’t like that).


To wrap things up, I think Breakfast Embed is one of the coolest and most sound strategies of making money online I’ve come across because you don’t have to create your own content (mostly) to get started. You could easily buy a niche-related domain name, find free YouTube videos to embed, and monetize them EXACTLY how Lee mentions step-by-step.

I want to thank you for reading/watching my Breakfast Embed review <---(about the extent of my SEO knowledge bahaha).

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How To Never Run Out Of Content!

How To Never Run Out Of Content!

So if you’re trying to make money online, you needs content son. 

Content is king…blah, blah, blah.

GOOD content is king and it’s good to have more than just one damn post or one damn video. 

However…the thing is that you run out of crap to say, write or whatever.

SO I’m gonna show you how to NEVER run out of content (cheap SEO BS here hee hee).

10X10 Matrix

So I find myself trying to make a blog post and I get to my Google Doc, the backend of my WordPress or something else and I get writer’s block (or whatever the equivalent is for making videos lol).

It sometimes turns into just whatever pops into the ol’ noggin, but it can be unorganized.

So why not create a plethora of ideas and then just pick and choose?

That’s what I did below, feel free to steal any ideas if you can read my serial killer handwriting lol: 

My 10X10 Matrix

Not sure why I didn’t type this lol.

**UPDATE: I Actually did, click here to download my 10×10 matrix!


So I think this will truly help you never run out of content and keep you creating like a mofo. 

Now in the video I mention re-purposing content.

I did just that with this Facebook live video, I made it into a YouTube video by downloading it with the Facebook HD Video Downloader Google Chrome extension.

Shit, say that 10 times real fast lol. 


Well, that’s it for this post pretty much, please feel free to post a pic or a screenshot of your 10X10 matrix in the comments below IF you’re brave lol. 

Oh one more thing, if YOU (I’m pointing right now) are struggling to come up with a 10X10 matrix and want to have ideas galore and make more money online, I suggest you pick up the digital version of my 10X10 Matrix by click here.

That’s it, thank you for your time playa 😉


50 Ways To Fail Online






Don?t network at all.


Use email swipes EVERY TIME.


Ignore video marketing.


Don?t build a list.


ONLY be in it for the money.


Check your email often.


Read 50,000 books without implementing shit.


Don?t niche it down.


Drop your affiliate links into a Facebook group as soon as you get in.


Forget about value, focus on just quantity.



Copywriting is overrated, just do good enough.


Don?t ask questions.


Ignore your EXISTING customers.


Trust is overrated, start sending people to offers whether you?ve built up trust with them or not.



Ignore Facebook marketing, people are only there to make friends.


The money is NOT in the list, so don?t worry about building one.


SEO is the most important thing in the world.


Social media marketing is just a ?fad?.


Investing is optional, only invest in FREE methods.


Buy products, implement just a little. If it doesn?t work, buy something else related. Then rinse & repeat.


Don?t show your face.


Use robotic voices in your sales letters.


Reciprocate offers blindly, besides...they did you a favor right?


Cater to every one of your customer?s needs.


Don?t worry about having a good headline.


Focus on perfection before launching a product.


Don?t launch products, just focus on affiliate marketing.


$7 WSOs are the only way to go.


Jv Zoo, Warrior Plus, and Click Bank are the only way to go.


Keep all of your money in your PayPal account.


Don?t get a coach.


Get a coach but don?t do your homework on them.


Don?t create everyday.


Don?t focus on public speaking.


ONLY use solo ads to build your list.


Learn linearly, not holistically.


Good grammerr is overated.


Good grammar is EVERYTHING.


Join 3,000 FB groups.


Friend everyone that friends you on FB.


Let anyone into your Facebook group.


Don?t re-purpose information you?ve already created.


Don?t update existing products to make them better.


Don?t create assets as often as you can.


Spam JV Facebook groups whenever you launch. People LOVE this.


Don?t workout , body & mind connection? Give me a f**kin? break!


Get into Facebook wars with people, they?re productive.


You have to be everywhere, ignore what?s working the best.


You only have to be in one place. Make sure and put all your internet marketing eggs in that basket. What could possibly change?


Ignore your significant other, this is much more IMPORTANT.



Never over-deliver, you don't wanna set the bar too high.



Don't use humor.



Don't use irony.



Don't use scarcity.



Don't mix it up, make sure people know what they'll get EVERY TIME.



Mix it up and confuse the sh*t out of your leads & customers.



Don't add to this list, it's stupid.



DON'T take this with a grain of salt, this is SUPER cereal.



Thanks for checking out this lil' checklist on how to fall flat on your face with internet marketing. If you have any additional can't-win strategies to add, feel free to comment below!

50 ways to fail online ecover

Failure is just A Few Steps Away! 

Click the button below to download this checklist! 


Stretching your idea muscle

Stretching Your Idea Muscle

Man…I was just rereading what’s arguably my favorite blog post EVER by James Altucher.

It’s called The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine and it’s an A to S guide on how he does this (I’m completely serious lol). The thing is that we tell ourselves that we want something, but we’re just NOT fed up enough to do something about it. Reminds me of a video I referenced in this guest blog post I did where I was talking about how to kill your inner wantrepreneur.

To quickly summarize: It’s a scene in the movie Fight Club where Brad Pitt puts a gun to a store clerk’s head and pretty much tells him that if he doesn’t follow his dreams…

Well, he’ll come back and waste the f**cker. Here’s the scene if you didn’t click that link up there:

You’re too damn comfortable

I can tell you right now that if you still haven’t started doing what you say you wanna do… Then it’s because you’re not out of your comfort zone.

Why do you think you hear about rags to riches stories? A few examples:

  • Being homeless
  • Not being able to get any ass (guy or gal lol)
  • Being in debt up to your eyeballs
  • Coming up to a decade or X amount of time at a job you detest
  • Working with people that drive you nuts

And just to add a lil’ illustration….eventually these people were like:

I thinks you gets the points.

Another angle

So I remember being in college (better yet taking online college classes lol). I’d procrastinate like I’d never procrastinated before.

Deadline looming right?

But then Netflix beckons you and then it’s like…

“Jeepers Phil, are you STALKING me?!”  You utter.

Who the heck says jeepers…anyhoo, the answer is no not yet because I don’t have your address.

Just stay on this blog post for 10 more seconds and I can triangulate on your location 🙂

Then it’s this hee hee:

Oops, I mean “What’s stalking?”

Sorry, I got sidetracked.

El point-o is that well come deadline day, guess who hasn’t done shit? This guy right here…GULP!

But you know what?

When I had no other choice but to friggin’ do it…

I was more focused on my time and judged my work less.

See the reason I wasn’t able to meet the deadline is because I would start doing my assignments/discussions or whatever the crap earlier in the week…but then I’d get into a perfectionist mindset and that went nowhere except Netflixville lol.


Sometimes stress can help.

Ok, so it looks like I’ve Tarantino-ed this post lol.

Let’s get back to stretching you idea muscle.


I know that a lot of you won’t be reading that long blog post by Se?or Altucher so I’m gonna give you the TL/DR or better yet the Cliff’s Notes version.

Hee hee, even more better-er yet Phil’s Notes.

Maybe that can be a phrase now bahaha.

“Let me Phil’s Notes that for ya.”

In other words, I’ll read it and find an amusing yet vile way to present it to you.


Anyhoo, where were we?

Ah yes, the Phil’s Notes/TL/DR version of how to stretch your idea muscle.

So the thing is coming up with 10 ideas per day.

“Why 10 Phil?”. You ask.

The number is really just arbitrary, it can be 20, or a 100.

But people love the number 10 so it’s a good place to start because 20 or 100 can be pretty daunting.

Something to think about: If you can come up with 10 ideas every day for the next year (or just in one day or week really), then you’re bound to come up with at least 1 good one right?

It doesn’t have to be something business-related.

In fact, it can be ridiculous.

The important thing is just stretching that idea muscle so often that coming up with ideas becomes second nature to you.

So come up with business ideas…

For you.

For McDonald’s.

For Uber or Lyft.

For a phone sex line lol.

It doesn’t matter, have fun with this!  

Coming from a place of abundance

There’s one major thing in James’ blog post that really struck a chord with me.

It’s where he talks about giving ideas away for free.

Stay away from thinking that you need to charge people for additional ideas.

This is so damn good I have to quote directly:

When you come up with ideas for someone else, always give ALL the ideas away for free if you think they are good ideas (remember: six months). I read recently one person said to give HALF of your ideas away for free and make them pay for the other half. This is very bad. This guarantees you will only come up with bad ideas. Because you will hoard your ideas. You will develop a SCARCITY COMPLEX around your ideas. Ideas are infinite. But once you define your capacity of good ideas (?half?) then they instantly become finite for you. Not for anyone else. But just for you, your ideas will be finite. If you stick to an abundance mentality, and be grateful for the ideas that are flowing through you, then they will be infinite. Where they come from, nobody knows. But they will be infinite and lucrative for you. So give ideas for free, and then when you meet, give more ideas. And if someone wants to pay you and your gut feels this is a good fit, then give even more ideas. ~ James Altucher

Pretty freakin’ cool right?

Eventually, people may pay you for being an idea machine.

Waiter’s pads

Oh, so I also want to tell you about these waiter’s pads James mentions.

They’re easy to jot ideas down on and they fit right in your back pocket. Now I haven’t bought these myself, I’ve had little notebooks that I’ve used before.

I think this is great because I’ve been finding that I value ideas I write down MORE than ideas I just type.

Use either one, but the thing is just making these lists of ideas.


So we’ve come to the end of this lil’ blog post of mine.

To recap quickly, here are a couple o’ things that will help you stretch your idea muscle:

  • Maybe you’re like the guy in that Fight Club scene and it’ll take something drastic to change your life. Simple, just hire someone to threaten you, boom 🙂
  • Like me you may need a deadline, maybe this stress can be beneficial…it’s crazy, but not that crazy.
  • Come up with 10 ideas per day, don’t judge yourself too much. You may find a diamond in the rough.
  • Use waiter’s pads or something else that fits in your pocket so you can write down ideas on the go.

I really hope this helps.

Coming up with ideas often will eventually lead to you becoming somewhat of an expert, even if it’s just at coming up with ideas lol.

So just to help out, here are 10 ideas on how to get your first sale online if you’ve never made one before. Some will suck, some will not:  

  1. Become an affiliate of a product you already own and make 3 Facebook live videos in one day where you talk about how this product benefits them. Tell people that if they buy through you and help you make your first sale, that you’ll do a lip-biting dance and send it to them.
  2. Make a quick list (use Google Docs and then export it as a PDF). Make it a list of 20-50 things you’ve learned about something. Don’t even worry about setting it up on Warrior Plus or anything like that, just tell people to PayPal you $5 to buy it and you can use Google Docs or Drop Box to deliver it.
  3. Use an app called Busker. You can download it for free on Android or IOS and people can send you money directly in a video. Beforehand, tell people about the app (do your homework) and let them know that you’ve got big plans for Halloween, but you’re starting a beer drinking fund lol. Tell them to donate $3 and you’ll make a SnapChat video thanking them for buying you a beer/Zima or whatever you drink.
  4. Make an unlisted YouTube video where you’re showing people how to do something really darn cool that you know how to do. Again, tell people to pay you through PayPal and ($1-$5) on Facebook and give them the link when they pay. IDEA-CEPTION: for extra fake bonus points, make it a video where you’re going up to people asking them who their “Top Five” are (you know what I’m talking about).
  5. Tell people you’re gonna make a video where you ask a stranger anything, but you’re doing it for $5. Make sure it’s just about anything, don’t insult people or get arrested lol, make it funny.
  6. Record 10 videos on how to do something, step-by-step. Upload them to YouTube and tell people that if they want you to Skype them to talk them through the process, you charge $50 an hour. If they think that’s too much, say $30 for half an hour
  7. Get someone talented to make some kind of crochet-ed thing (is that the past tense?). Make a FB live video where you auction it off. This could be fun!
  8. Create a blog post. Turn it into a series of Tweets. Sell it for $10 for someone in that niche, they now have a blog post and Tweets to promote it!
  9. Create an online event on Facebook. Make it a Facebook live video where you’re showing people how to cook something you’re good at cooking. Charge $1 a head, you can even set up tickets on Event Brite!
  10. Create a blog post where you make a list of 10 ideas people can use to make their first dollar online. Then offer a 1 hour Skype call where you help them make their first dollar online. Charge them X amount of dollars for 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes. 

Why not?

I truly hope you got something out of this blog post.

If you did, just shoot me a comment below.

I’ve also got a cool Facebook group here with some awesome peeps.

Thanks for reading.

~ Uncle Phil