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Hashtags: A Beginner’s Guide

Hashtags: A Beginner’s Guide You’ve no doubt heard of  hashtags. “It’s that pound sign people use on Twitter right?” you say. You may have even referenced them in conversation, either in person, text, or just jokingly (I know I have). But…you really have no clue on how to use them to build an audience. Today […]

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You Don’t Need To Be an Expert To Master Headlines

You Don’t Need To Be an Expert To Master Headlines Your content is awesome. “How can they NOT read this” you think to yourself. But after putting your heart and soul (and possibly tears lol) into it.. Nobody really cares about what you’ve written and I’ll tell you why. Why You Need A Great Headline […]

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How I Got My First 78 Email Subscribers and Blew It

How I Got My First 78 Email Subscribers and Blew It

Yup. It’s sad, but true. I thought I could bypass the newbie learning curve… But I was wrong. Here’s how I got my first 78 email subscribers and blew it: You see, I am relatively new to the Internet Marketing world. I really became obsessed with it around the Fall of 2014. I was watching […]

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The Sneaky Sneaky Sir Method

The Sneaky Sneaky Sir Method So, here we go. Blog post # 1 done. Blog post # 2? Not so much, so I went around Googling “how to create a blog post fast” and came up with this post from Neil Patel. I thought this is what I would do, but…no. I went with something […]

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i suck at internet marketing

I Suck At Internet Marketing

It’s true, I do. For as much as I’ve been reading blog posts, listening to videos, and buying digital products on the subject for the last 8 months or so…I SUCK AT INTERNET MARKETING. You may have heard the term “Shiny Object Syndrome”…boy, was I riddled with it (and I still jones for more digital […]

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