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Well I have to be honest, when I first encountered Phillip I thought he was a goofy-assed kid trying to make money online and he had a fun personality so I followed him. (It was also cool that he laughed at my jokes) What I discovered though, was that he is a very tenacious action taker who really puts his all into what he is doing and puts out a lot of incredible content. His stuff issolid, doable and he has an easy going style of teaching and presenting (especially the drunk "FB Lives",OK, not drunk, but definitely similar) All I can say, he is force to be reckoned with in the IM industry because of his honesty and ethical work. Follow and learn from him, you won't regret it. I know I have learned and benefitted so much from him, I have officially adopted him as my son from another IM Mother. Thanks for everything Phil... U-R-A-WIN-R!!!

Johnny "Hollywood" Rotnem

Good ole Uncle Phil - he's terrific and I'm not just saying that cuz he paid me to. lol. Just kidding! All jokes aside, Phil is a super nice guy and one I think of when I hear people say 'give value'. He shares REAL methods that he actually uses. Case in point - his method of using Facebook to drive affiliate sales. That's pure gold right there. Do yourself a favor and make Phil one of the marketers you follow. You will not go wrong.

Candace Chira

Phil is one of the most genuine and likeable marketers out there. He's constantly offering superb value in his videos and Facebook Live streams, as well as his honest reviews and blog posts on all things marketing. He's an honest and ethical guy who is always willing to jump in and lend a helping hand when people need it.

Gareth Daine

I cannot remember how I first discovered Phillip! (probably something to do with my age..... :)) Somehow or other, via a product purchase or similar, I ended up being accepted as a member of his "Niches Be Crazy" FB group. I have been working away at this IM thing now for just over 18 months while still holding down a "normal" job. Phillip has consistently provided valuable information, motivation, and humor via his group, blog and his excellent Facebook Live broadcasts. It is obvious he is human, and like the rest of us makes mistakes. However, I have watched him during the last 12 months slowly and steadily making progress, making sales and making money from his online marketing activities. He is never slow to admit he has done something wrong and pass on information when he has done something right. If you are hoping to make money online, which is a very sensible goal to aim for, it would be a wise move to follow Phillip via his blog and Facebook group (if he lets you join of course ;)) because you will learn much from someone who makes the whole thing "real" I have learned a lot from Phil and it has cost me nothing apart from my time to read, watch and listen to what he has to say. He is certainly one of the online marketers worth following if you really want to make it online. He is a living testimonial that it can be done but not without putting in the effort. One thing for sure, following his journey will keep you both entertained and motivated to progress on your own journey. Thank you, Phillip Lopez, you deserve the success you continue to work for.

Paul Carr

I've known Phil for coming up to 2 years now I think and he's been a blast to be antiquated with. A guy who can pump out the value and awesomeness while still being able to have a laugh, even if it is at himself sometimes ;). A very rare example of a truly ethical marketer these days. Follow him, you won't be disappointed!

Shaun Archer

Phil cares. He messages me to find out how I'm progressing with my business and gives me great advice and pointers. If something isn't working for you one way, try something different. There's a lot of other stuff that he's done to help me that I can't mention here, but the fact remains. He's Awesome.... oops 🙂

Arden [idostuff4u]

I first got to know Phillip Lopez from taking his course "Lethal Affiliate Weapon" which was fantastic actionable stuff. After that because of what I was learning I ran into him on a weekly basis.. For anybody looking to learn the online marketing thing and needs a head's up from a guy who is the real deal... I can tell you Phil's definitely the man for the man for the job.

Fred Ferguson

I want to give a quick testimonial for Philip Lopez. Now I'm all about "Keeping It Real" and saying it how it is. Phil Lopez is no exception and because of this he has already seen a good deal of success within his Internet marketing ventures and I'm sure will see many more. Not only does he deliver great content and advice he also has a wicked sense of humour which keeps many entertained time and time again. Keep up the good work Phil, your doing a grand job so far mate!

Carl Topping

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