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YouTube Channel Mastery Review

YouTube Channel Mastery ReviewIn this post, I’m showing off my bonus for YouTube Channel Mastery by my buddy Adam Payne. This is a re-loaded version and it’s on sale until June 24, 2020 at 8pmthen it goes up to $47. Check out the animation on this video and you’ll see what my bonus is and you can […]

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Mailvio Review: Sans BS

Mailvio Review: Sans BSGoes live on…November 8th, 2019 3PM ESTAh hell, it’s been a while.Thanks for coming to me lil’ ol’ blog.In this post, we’re going to be doing a review of Mailvio without all that hypey bull excrement you see nowadays.Sound fair?(Thought so)Allllllllllrighty then…Let’s do this.Oh BTW, you can watch the video review below […]

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Affiliate Oracle Review

Affiliate Oracle Review

Affiliate Oracle Review: Good or Utter BS?Goes live on…Feb 25 9pm Est (3-Day Launch)Hey you.Thanks for visiting.In this post, we’re going to be going over the Affiliate Oracle by Adam Payne.SPOILER ALERT:It’s good and I’m going to tell you why.(Watch my video below in this post for an over-the-shoulder look at the product)Alright, let’s get into […]

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Here’s One Thing That Worked Well

Here’s One Thing That Worked WellDem blue eyes always get me šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜Juuuuuust kitten.So it’s funny I stumbled across this video.It has to do with email marketing.It has to do with testing if something that’s worked before will work again (but with a twist).It has to do with scaling.Us marketers tend to overcomplicate things.Or focus on […]

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Facebook Chatbots: 5 Reasons You Should Give A Damn

Facebook Chatbots: 5 Reasons You Should Give A DamnDid you know that Facebook chatbots can be your ultimate marketing tool?These wonderful lil’ mofos can be programmed in a plethora of ways.Basically, chatbots can interact on your behalf to do numerous things, and even behave as if you personally were talking to each prospect.

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