About Me

Yes...I know I'm batting above my weight here.

That's my Damsel Delicia and I.

Thank goodness she's still drinking that special cup o' tea I make her every night...

Ok, so here's where I tell you my "rags to riches" story...

Sorry to disappoint, but I ain't got one partna.

I was just a very normal dude that was working at a very normal, complacent job where I was comfy...

And then...I got out of my 2nd major relationship.

Me getting out of my second big relationship?

Well that put me on the path towards the internet marketing world.

It started off with me trying to get more gooder-er with the ladies because...well I kinda sucked ass at it (pardon mon Francais).You can read more about what I struggled with in my "Diary of a wimpy internet marketer" post.

Long story short...

I sucked at talking to girls and only got better at it from trial & error.

Well gradually getting better at that made me think about my financial situation.

Now I was at a comfy job with nice benefits and an ok paycheck and all...But then I started to really hate it more and more because I was finally kinda sick of being at a job I didn't really give a shit about!

But like anything (if you really want something, for me it was to just be comfortable in my own skin talking to beautiful women) you have to work for it...really, really hard.

I did that with the love life part of...well my life, so I started looking to see if I could do the same with the wealth part of it.

So I started doing the same as when I was learning to not suck at talking to girls. Things like YouTubing and listening to everything about the subject (making money online was my new Everest).

I was trying to get out of "Theoryland" and  I ended up getting a mentor.

That didn't go quite as planned.

Some of it was me not being happy with the coaching program and some of it was lack of action on my part.

I did launch my first product, which promptly FLOPPED (5 sales).

I've since launched 2 more products and am a little further into this whole IM game.

Go me.

I keep making more and more money as I go along.

This didn't come from any push button crap or not working for it, you need to treat this like a business if you wanna make job-replacing income.

My best advice?

Be consistent.

That may be making a YouTube video, blog posts, FB live video, writing an email or whatever EVERY DAY.

Also, let me add this:

I didn't start making much money on a regular basis until people started giving a damn about who I was.

It won't be perfect and it won't always be easy.

You need to be in this for the long haul and give a shit about the people that will be buying from you if you intend to stick around in this biz.

Look around on my site, I have a buncha reviews, tips and crazy stories for you to choose from and you can always join the Niches Be Crazy facebook group here.

Hey one more thing, if you're picking up what I'm throwing down here...

Please leave me a comment below 😉

Thanks for reading or scanning this far.

~ Phillip Lopez a.k.a. "Uncle Phil"