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Accidentally Buying YouTube Views Case Study

Accidentally Buying YouTube Views Case Study

Accidentally Buying YouTube views case study

So, I have a ??YouTube channel? called YouTubing 4 Idiots I started back on July 24, 2015 where I’m teaching people how to set up their own channel.
When I first started, l I tried to add some organic viewers by buying a few Fiverr gigs where they spread the word out…you guessed it, organically. OR so I thought. Anyhoo, I bought this one gig from a certain Fiverr seller and it turned out they just sold me like 10,000 views. YIKES!! I was super pissed because I didn’t like the way this looked at all. I had some videos with like 10 views and then 3 with 1,000+ views…yeah that doesn’t look right (I ended up erasing one of the videos because I noticed that I was accidentally showing off some copyrighted material and was scared the YouTube police would come after me LOL!

A few things

While this did net me some more views on those videos, it really did not help me get that many organic views at all and nobody really commented on these videos. On the contrary… One of my straight up organic traffic videos did. It was a simple fix on the fixing your YouTube channel icon that is presently at 10,155 ORGANIC views. I did this by:
  • Solving a little problem a lot of people were coming across
  • Making a video of EXACTLY what to do fix it
  • Answering just about EVERY comment EVEN if it’s the same question (which it was about 99.99999999% of the time)
And a few other things, but these were the main things.


This channel is not huge I won’t lie…and to date, it’s netted around 160 subscribers and few sales from a YouTube product I made (my first product ever). I did gain some subscribers, but I totally screwed up by not having a good monetization plan in place for my email marketing to be completely honest. I also felt like I couldn’t sell to people I was friends with…oy! If you’re interested in starting up your own channel, let me know and I’ll give you access to this product for free, no opt-in required. Just PM me and I’ll let you know how to get it. It’s a little product where Kam Fatz, Tracy Smith (a.k.a. Entrepreneur Girl), Dave Koziel, and Evan Carmichael dropped some of their best YouTube knowledge.
Thanks guys, I hope this helps! -Phil

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