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Affiliate Oracle Review

Affiliate Oracle Review: Good or Utter BS?

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Feb 25 9pm Est (3-Day Launch)

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In this post, we're going to be going over the Affiliate Oracle by Adam Payne.


It's good and I'm going to tell you why.

(Watch my video below in this post for an over-the-shoulder look at the product)

Alright, let's get into this.

Affiliate Oracle Review Video

The Sad Truth

So let's call it as it is eh?

There are a TON of products out there on Affiliate Marketing.

Some good.


Not so much.

This course surprised me (even though I know and respect Adam).

It was not at all what I thought it would be and it ended up being a complete master course on affiliate marketing.

What Makes Affiliate Oracle Different

Most courses I see about affiliate marketing talk about making money online by promoting other stuff that tells you about making money online.

Now that's not a terrible thing ok.

I'm just saying that what I liked is that Affiliate Oracle goes over how to do affiliate marketing in pretty much ANY niche.

Who Can Benefit From Affiliate Oracle?

I'm gonna be brutally honest here.

I'll tell you who this ain't for first.

It's not for people seeking to get rich quick.

And it's not for people that aren't willing to put the work up front so that they can reap the benefits later on.

Heck I'm writing this blog post at 2:54am in the morning right now.

Here are some peeps who I think can take what Affiliate Oracle teaches and kick some major affiliate marketing ass with:

  • Newbies that are looking to make their first online sales (and sell to those people over and over again).
  • People that have made a couple of sales to intermediate marketers looking to be more consistent in their affiliate promos.
  • Advanced marketers that are not using either paid or free traffic for their affiliate promos.

But let me re-emphasize that you will NOT benefit from this course if you're not willing to do a lil' legwork up front.

Affiliate Oracle Funnel:

Affiliate Oracle Funnel
Main Offer: The Affiliate Oracle

Price: $27

Details: An A-Z of what the methods that I employ on a daily basis that allow me to dominate leaderboards and make great commissions without having to launch tons of products nor blindly reciprocate. A different way of doing things that makes you a fiduciary to your list.

Upgrade 1: The Conversion Point

Price: $47

Details: This currently sells for $97 as a stand alone product and has great feedback and no refunds. Teaches your subscribers how To DOUBLE their Conversions and stuff more money in their pocket with a tiny list of subscribers.Compliments the main offer.

Upgrade 3: YouTubeAds Mastery

Price: $97

Details: This is taken from my paid membership site, video marketing insider. This will show your subscribers how to research and take out both Discovery & In-stream ads on Youtube.

Affiliate Oracle Summary

Honestly...Adam freakin' knocked it out of the park with this training, period.

I know him well and I just didn't really think this course would be this good for some reason (sorry Adam).

Maybe it's the fact that it's only $27, not 100% sure to be honest.


+ Teaches you evergreen tactics to get free traffic

+ Low price. You really get a lot of bang for your buck with this course, it should probably be sold from $47-$97 (or more)

+ Adam's actually a teacher and his training is very concise and easy to understand

+ No fluff. I see other courses where it seems like their are...filler kinda vids. Adam gets to the point and I personally know his method is very effective.


+ If I had to say anything (I hate when there's not a big GLARING con because I think they add credibility)...I guess I'll say that yes, this will involve a fair share of work up front.

Affiliate Oracle Bonuses

I'm not gonna be giving you 35 PLR bonuses you'll never use.

Instead...just something really helpful that I have a lot of personal experience with.

As you can see, you're on my blog.

I use Thrive Architect to build my pages and I'm using the Rise Theme.

I absolutely LOVE this builder and a good share of the plugins.

So here's what I'm offering...

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I've been using this software for over 2 years and they rock.

Click here if you wanna see how much it'd cost you to get this yourself.

Yeah, it's great...but why not just get it + all the plugins for a one-time fee eh?

You'll see a huge "Buy Now" button above where you can get Affiliate Oracle + my 10 Thrive Themes + 10 Plugins bonus.

Thanks for checking out my Affiliate Oracle review.