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Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

Get ready for another boring ass pitch. 

Bahaha! Just kitten.


Sometimes I get access to some really cool stuff…go me.

Well today I’m doing my lil’ Affiliate Video Power Pack Review (just imagine a robot voice while reading that lil’ SEO-driven drivel there hee hee).

Watch the video above to get more in-depth look at the product, I’ll just tell you some of the main things below with words & stuff 🙂

What The Heck Is Affiliate Video Power Pack?


So first things first, Affiliate Video Power Pack is a video marketing product that will help you make affiliate sales by promoting some hot offers in Click Bank. This is something that’s set up so you can add some review videos to YouTube.

That’s what it is in a nutshell.

What Do I Get With This Offer?

Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

So that’s a lil’ ol’ screenshot of what the download page looks like.

Here’s what you get with the front end version of Affiliate Video Power Pack:

  • Product Overview: A short PDF showing you what you need and stuff, very basic stuff
  • Review videos 1-10: 10 High-quality review videos
  • Bonus 1: Some training on how to make your videos unique (since there are quite a bit of people that won’t change a thing)
  • Bonus 2: YouTube video ranking training from Adam Payne

What The Heck Will I Be Promoting?

Now these are review videos for some Click Bank niches that are already selling pretty damn well.

Here are the 10 Click Bank products that you can target with the videos in Affiliate Video Power Pack:

  1. The Fat Loss Factor
  2. Magnetic Messaging
  3. Make Women Want You
  4. Old School New Body
  5. Tao Of Badass
  6. Ted’s Woodworking
  7. Text Your Ex Back
  8. The Venus Factor
  9. What Men Secretly Want
  10. Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Why Should I Care About This At ALL?

So Video Affiliate Power Pack is a lil’ product that claims that it can help you make some commissions from Click Bank with a few well-made review videos. 

I’m don’t know if you’ll make a killing with this product to be completely honest. Anything that promises overnight riches or that claims that you can become rich without putting some work into it is full of shit really. 

However, the reason I like this offer is because I think that you get a lot of bang…for just $5 with this product, but to REALLY get an advantage with this…

I recommend that you get the first OTO called Affiliate Video Power Pack Gold.


No offense…but it’s because I KNOW that most people will buy the $5 front end version and NEVER do a damned thing with it because there is a little work involved (you have to look through the YouTube video ranking training).


They’ll buy it, upload 1-2 videos and ask why the commissions aren’t raking in.

Most people WON’T even take advantage of the really good YouTube training in this product (I recommend you buy this product JUST for the YouTube training in Bonus 2 from Adam Payne if you do nothing else with this at all). 

The bottom line is…

Most people are LAZY and I get that. So if you’d like to really take advantage of this deal I recommend getting the front end offer and the first OTO (upsell). Check out the picture below to see what that download page looks like:

Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

As you can see, there’s intro/outro slides & videos that you can immediately use on these offers and on any offers really. 

I really like some of the video calls to action (CTAs) that are included with this upgrade. 

PLUS, they’ve done the keyword research for you.

They also show you how to use the YouTube editor (I know this is pretty easy to do, but not everyone knows how to use this). 

Now in bonus 1, you do get some simple software that helps you with copying & pasting the title & body that will go into your YouTube post. It’s not gonna do anything crazy for you, it’s just something that’ll save you just a wee bit o’ time when uploading your vids.

But it’s ok.

Now Bonus 2 is pretty darn cool because it gives you some training on Canva which is a really cool free graphics creating tool that I’ve used in the past for my YouTube channel. It’s a great alternative to paid stuff, my favorite.

Your own review site

There is one more upsell called Affiliate Review Megapack, which is a full review site for these videos. 

I’ve gotta be honest here, I’m not sure how this will work for you because it basically is a review site with all 10 review videos, lead capture pages, etc. You just have to go in there and rewrite the blog posts (or outsource this) so you can SEO yo’ shit. 

However, I’m not sure how effective having all 10 Click Bank Review products in all of these different niches would be (although there’s more than one review video on how to pick up women/relationships). 

I say use the review videos/capture pages that are relevant to what you want to do with your site. 

There are email follow ups and lead capture pages included with this package so I do think that’s cool and can help. 


So I think Affiliate Video Power Pack is pretty much a steal for $5 because I think you could make your money back easily IF you actually load the videos up and go balls to the wall with it.

However, the real value will be in picking up the first OTO for this because it has the intros/outros that will help make these videos (and other YouTube videos) unique, keywords to target AND good graphics training which will help you (a good custom thumbnail & slides go a long way).

I hope my lil Affiliate Video Power Pack review has gave you a better idea of whether this is for you or not, thanks for reading this post…hopefully you love this post as much as my cat does 🙂

Make sure and click that big ol’ button below if you wanna check this offer out.

Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

~ Phillip Lopez