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Breakfast Embed Review

Today I?m giving you my honest opinion “Breakfast Embed” by Lee Murray.

I?ll be giving you the pros & cons on it and here?s a shocker: a BONUS because I like this product wanna give you an incentive to get it through me of course lol.

Forget all that 9.9 out of 10 stars crap, let me just tell you what this product is about, where it falls a little short, and why you should get it anyways.

Overview of Breakfast Embed

So here’s one sentence on what this product is about without giving away the farm:

Breakfast Embed is all about building a niche site, embedding related YouTube videos, and monetizing them (in more than one way).

Now this is an info product, so I don’t really want to give away the farm because I don’t think that’s fair to Lee.

Let’s get to some of the pros and the cons of Breakfast Embed.


You DON’T have to create your own content

You can literally just go to YouTube, grab the embeddable iframe code and make money with it by putting it on your blog. Now there is more that goes into that (it’s explained in the product of course), and I can tell you that a lot of people have a hard time creating content. Call it writer’s block, content creator’s block, or whatever you wanna call it (I get it too!). I know I shot the video on this page about 20 times because you can get caught in a perfectionist mindset.

You’ll be monetizing your blog in a NON-spammy way

Like I said before…this whole 9.9 out of 10 stars just looks spammy to me, I just think it looks spammy. I think that when you do this it can have kind of a “banner blindness” kind of thing. It’ll be easy for people to just see you as another one of those guys.

 Video marketing is VERY powerful

Now I don’t think I have to go too much into this, but video marketing is super dynamic compared to other content. Not everyone wants to read a 1,000 word blog post anymore. You can really increase your branding by using video and the cool thing about the method taught in Breakfast Embed is that you don’t even have to have your face on camera (SIDE NOTE: You can always make your own YouTube videos for increase brandability).

Sound SEO strategies

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no SEO whiz. But I will tell you that if you create good quality content regularly…then you’re stuff will rank on Google faster (FREE TRAFFIC). 

You can get started quickly

Now there is some legwork here (like any real NON-BS “get rich quick” strategy, that doesn’t work mind you lol), but you can get started TODAY. You WON’T be a millionaire overnight, but I want you to think about what it would be like to have a niche site with TONS of content that’s getting subscribers DAILY…and you’re monetizing your blog in a few different ways. 

I just don’t see how you can fail with this strategy IF you put in the legwork guys.

With that being said, let’s get on to the cons of Breakfast Embed.


No product is perfect and I want to tell you about my biggest issue with this product. 

There?s a part in Breakfast Embed where Lee talks about using Spintax (this is something that I have VERY little experience with tbh) that would be better explained with a video. Lee does mention some really cool ways to do this without your text coming out wonky, but I still think a quick video would have been much better.

Also, Lee does mention a tool that will help you immensely with this part. 

I know this is on purpose.

There’s a free and a paid way to do things, and of course the paid way is easier. I have no problem with that, but I still think Lee could’ve made a quick video showing you this. That may be asking too much from a low-ticket product like  this, but I’m just giving you my personal opinion on a part I struggled with a little bit. 

Lee’s a bit of a sailor (like me)

Another thing is that Se?or Murray is a bit of a cusser (so am I), so if you’re uncomfortable with that in ANY way…then I don’t think this is for you because there’s some of that (not a ton, but enough if you don’t like that).


To wrap things up, I think Breakfast Embed is one of the coolest and most sound strategies of making money online I’ve come across because you don’t have to create your own content (mostly) to get started. You could easily buy a niche-related domain name, find free YouTube videos to embed, and monetize them EXACTLY how Lee mentions step-by-step.

I want to thank you for reading/watching my Breakfast Embed review <---(about the extent of my SEO knowledge bahaha).

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