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HOLY MOSES If you’re an affiliate marketer you’ve gotta see this

HOLY MOSES If youre an affiliate marketer youve gotta see this

HOLY MOSES! If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve gotta see this!

Hello lil’ Johnny (or Janie) affiliate marketer.

So…you’ve discovered the wonderful art of selling other people’s sh*t.

Cool beans.

Perhaps, you’ve now become familiar with Click Bank (just about anybody can promote here Woo Hoo!), Warrior Plus (they allow links on Facebook!) and Jv Zoo  (Facebook no likey links) so you’re feeling kinda like…

Heck maybe you’re like “Hells yeah son, I got 5% conversions on that promo!”

But then you see all these other dudes and dudettes with 30% conversions, but you chalk it up to them having a huge email list, or a huge following on social media or some other thing right?

Well…while I know they have an advantage over you since they’ve been in the game longer…

Most likely, they’re doing something that you’re NOT.

Keep reading, below I’m gonna tell you what affiliate marketing mistake is costing you commissions.

You’re probably NOT doing this holmes

Most likely this is what’s happening:

You’re not sending people to a warm up page.

What I mean here is that you’re most likely sending people directly to the sales page.

Well how can I put this lightly…


Ok, maybe not NEVER…(hmm methinks there’s a double negative there lol).

There may be instances where people are just like: 

“Give me your link handome/gorgeous I wanna buy this now!”

First, thank them and then send them a direct link if possible. 

But for the most part, you wanna send people to a page that butters them up a bit and gives you more high-quality clicks to the offer. 

**SIDE NOTE: It’s better if you get higher conversions on 2 levels because you’ll have less questions to answer (people ask all kinds of stuff before even buying a $7 product if they’re not warmed up lol), vendors will like that your conversions are high because then you don’t hurt their EPCs as much AND people will trust you MORE than the person that just sends people DIRECTLY to the sales page.

Here is an example of warm up page (a.k.a. bridge page) that I’ve sent people to and got 49 sales from.

As you can see there, I was LAZY.

I just stole the headline, sub-headline and the sales video from the sales page…

Then I slapped a delayed button on there after 15 seconds.

People that watch for that long are more likely to be higher-quality prospects right?

The answer is YES lol.

Now I used a cheap little tool called Quick Pages Pro for that promotion, you can use that if you wish.

But, I want you to see the recommendation below because it’s gonna make your affiliate marketing life WAYYYY better and you’ll see why in the video.

I came across this affiliate marketer’s tool yesterday…

Still here huh?

Sweet, let’s get to it.

So yesterday I got access to the tool below.

As you can see…this Commission Gorilla v2 software can make most likely help you get higher conversions in your promotions.

Trust me, IF you use this software or just start using warm up/bridge pages in general…

Well, you’re gonna see higher conversions I’m thinking.

I’d like to say for sure, but I don’t know where you’re gonna be marketing and a lot of other factors that may not just be related to this.

But for the most part, if you’re doing things right in your targeting…there’s almost NO WAY that doing this will hurt your efforts, it will most likely make you a lot more commissions than if you just send people to the sales page.

Anyhoo, I think you see how powerful this can be if you do it consistently and just put it where your target audience is.

Thank you for reading my silly lil’ post here. 

Have a beautiful day.

~ Uncle Phil

Lindgren?s Lazy Method Review

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review!

Hello and welcome to the worst review on the planet.

I’m sorry, I don’t have $73,899 worth of bonuses in this review (seriously how ridiculous can people be lol).

Also, I’m totally just using this to have some content on my blog and help my 2 lil’ videos I have here rank better.

Just kitten 😉 I have some good stuff for ya here lol.

What the heck is this?

So Lindgren’s Lazy Method was released back on July 2, 2017 by both Brendan Mace and Jonas Lindgren.

This training is all about a little something called “launch jacking”

Now if you’re just too lazy to click on that link above lol, it’s basically this in a nutshell: 

  • There are digital product launches ALL the time. Stuff about Facebook marketing, CPA marketing, etc. 
  • Potential affiliates get review access (they don’t have to pay usually or get access for a short time) BEFORE a product comes out in the market.
  • They make some kinda content talking about the product and get a special link where (an affiliate link) where if anyone buys through them (as long as it’s not themselves, this is BAD practice that will get you banned quickly) they’ll get a percentage of any sales. Heck sometimes they’ll get 100% commissions across the board in exchange for a buyer lead.
  • Lindgren’s Lazy Method is all about using YouTube to make a review video about whatever product you wanna promote and ranking it on the first page of Google, the first page of YouTube OR just get it to show up in the “suggested videos” on YouTube.

I was able to rank in like a minute when I tried this

Now that I have that out of the way, I do have is not one, but two reviews of Lindgren’s Lazy Method because I wanted to see if I was just lucky the first time I ranked my review video at the top of this post.

Thing is, I tried out Lindgren’s Lazy Method and ranked the video above on 1st page one of Google within about a minute or so.

Lindgren's Lazy Method Ranking

So this ranking held up until like July 7th, 2017, around there.

Not bad considering this is a product where Jonas  is teaching people how to rank affiliate review videos hee hee.

Now as you’ll see in my review AND bonus video below that I show you pro0f that I made $77.55 from the review video above AND you’ll see me showing you proof that I was still ranking (it’s dropped off since I made this just being honest, maybe this blog post will help out hahaha).

Pretty stinkin’ cool either way because what’s the point of JUST ranking eh?

Show me the money mofo!!

See about getting my bonus $319.69 case study

So yeah, I really loved how this product delivered.

Follow the instructions and you can probably rank a video. Now I will say that this is more for people that are looking to do the whole launch jacking thing because that’s what Jonas does all the damn time.

If you think that’s something you wanna do OR if you just wanna get better at ranking review videos better I advise you to watch my review videos to see it from someone that actually did it himself.

I liked this product so much I added a case study about how I used this product and my Facebook marketing method as my bonus.

Now, my bonus case study shows you how I made $319.69 BEFORE I added a bonus, today is July 11th and I’ve made a total of $598.03 from this promotion (I got a $50 bonus from the product creator for using the method to make sales so, go me lol). 

Lindgren's Lazy Method Income Proof

So here’s the dealio: 

If you’re looking to start doing something like this I guarantee you won’t be a millionaire, heck not even a thousandaire overnight.

However, I do think you’ll start making some content that will make you sales if you (get this) follow the training and think about some of the evergreen methods that Jonas talks about in the product. You’ll make even more if you do what I did to promote this product as I explain in my case study.

Ok, thank you for reading my lil’ Lazy Lindgren’s Lazy Method review here. (What me SEO? bahaha)

If you’d like to pick this up for yourself click on the huge button below.

AND when you’re ready to cash in on my bonus, you’ll need to hit the blue button that says “Access Affiliate Bonus” under your big ol’ green access button in Warrior plus. (see my pic on this below)

Lindgren's Lazy Method Access Affiliate Bonus

If you have any issues with anything, just PM me on Facebook here, but I’m gonna ask for proof that you purchased the product.

Ok cowboy/cowgirl. Just click on that big ol’ orange button below to pick this puppy up along with my bonus!

Free Funnels Review


Free Funnels Review

“Invest in traffic they said.” 

“Get Click Funnels they said.”

“You need a autoresponder they said.” 

“Man…they said a lot of shit that costs a pretty penny and I ain’t making jack squat yet!”

Is more like it lol.

So I started this whole “internet marketing thang” like a chicken wing on a string back in 2014, read about that here.

I sure as hell didn’t know what the crap I was doing right away so I damn sure didn’t make any money when I first started.

Here’s the “Real Deal Holyfield” of the situation: 

You’re a newbie (or a struggling marketer).

You don’t have funds to pay for the tools marketers are telling you to buy (because you just ABSOLUTELY NEED THEM)…

Let me put this lightly.


You don’t really need to start buying all these tools to get started.

I want you to take a quick look at my boy Kam’s Free Funnels in this video, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks for picking up what I’m throwing down here, if you want a little more in-depth look at Free Funnels, watch the video at the top of this page amigo/amiga 😉

~Uncle Phil

Affiliate Marketing: 10 Ways To Make More Commissions

Affiliate Marketing: 10 Ways To Make More Commissions

(Ahem), B-Flat Maestro):

1. Create a bonus page so people can see that you have more to offer than the affiliate that just sends people directly to the offer.

2. Create a squeeze page with the EXACT same headline as the offer you’re promoting and have it redirect to the offer after they sign up. Then you can send them a follow up/broadcast series of emails pitching the offer in every email by giving them a f**ing reason to buy 🙂

Ever heard that saying “Breeding familiarizes contempt”?

(Or something like that hee hee)

Well it’s true, the more people see your mug, hear your voice and just see that you know what the f**k you’re talking about…the more they trust, know & like you…like, know & trust you…bahaha just kitten it’s know, like & trust you!

3. ACTUALLY look through the stinkin’ product you’re promoting. NU-EVER blind promote “lest ye be cast back to internet marketing hell from whence ye came”. I’m not even sure if I wrote that right bahaha

4. Promote something that’s higher-quality (and a higher price) than the $7 “Shit Tornado Toilet YouTube Ranking Profits” that everyone else and their llama is promoting.

Most things are not really any kind of “new untapped traffic source with laser beams shooting out of it’s arse”. Stay away from products with bullshit copy like this, trust me Daniel-San.

5. Track your affiliate links. For me it’s easier to do this on Warrior Plus (I need to investigate how to do this with Jv Zoo to be honest). No sense in pissing in the internet marketing wind eh?

6. If you use PLR in your promotions, rebrand it and make it look cool. Never underestimate the power of a great eCover, logo, whatever the f**k.

I don’t know how many craft beers I’ve paid more for because they had a cool logo, cap OR they use wax to seal it up (why do you fall for this Phil? Ohh….you’re a douche-y alcoholic an you like pretty pictures, now I remember).

7. Go with a tried and true vendor that usually delivers.

My recommendation is pretty much anything from Kam Fatz, Mark Hess, Andy Brocklehurst a.k.a. “Les Honey Badger” or Kevin Fahey. Those are just off the top o’ me head, but feel free to leave a comment below if you have any to share.

8. Start promoting affiliate products that have RECURRING COMMISSIONS (ahem…have you heard about Society 11 yet? If not, check out what people are saying about it here). It may take a little more work to get the sale, but I know you ain’t no punk beeeatch when it comes to this internet marketing thang right?

Put some f**king effort into it and FOLLOW UP with people EVEN if you use Facebook private messaging to do this!

9. Start promoting tools (software and shit like that). Usually tools can make you a little more money AND they’re more helpful/implementable (is that a word?) than training in my experience.

10. Make sure that your bonuses are SUPER DUPER relevant to the product you?re promoting. If I?m looking at a product that teaches me about product creation…am I REALLY gonna go through some CPA marketing course?

Hells to the naw!

11. Overdeliver like you’ve kissed me before!

Oops, how’d that get there?

What I mean is over-f**king OVERDELIVER when possible.

It may be that ONE perk that you added that makes Joe Internets go:

“Holy crap balls, that Phil is a special kinda guy! What else does this guy have going on…”

You never know…

He may become a customer for life.

He may become a coaching client that funds that trip to France, England or (you name it).

Heck he may fund that operation you’ve been looking to get! (Me too)

Anyhoo, just a few things here on affiliate marketing I hope you’ve found them helpful!

~ Uncle Phil 

P.S. Got any to add? Feel free to do so below.

P.P.S. BTW, if all of this FREE INFORMATION isn’t enough…I strongly recommend you take a look at this Society 11. It may that ONE partnership, tool or tip in this group that helps turn your 2017 & beyond into the business of your dreams.