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Here's One Thing That Worked Well - Header

Here’s One Thing That Worked Well

Here’s One Thing That Worked WellDem blue eyes always get me 😍😍😍Juuuuuust kitten.So it’s funny I stumbled across this video.It has to do with email marketing.It has to do with testing if something that’s worked before will work again (but with a twist).It has to do with scaling.Us marketers tend to overcomplicate things.Or focus on […]

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Facebook Chatbots 4

Facebook Chatbots: 5 Reasons You Should Give A Damn

Facebook Chatbots: 5 Reasons You Should Give A DamnDid you know that Facebook chatbots can be your ultimate marketing tool?These wonderful lil’ mofos can be programmed in a plethora of ways.Basically, chatbots can interact on your behalf to do numerous things, and even behave as if you personally were talking to each prospect.Wow, what a […]

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Free Funnels Review

Free Funnels Review

 Free Funnels Review“Invest in traffic they said.”  “Get Click Funnels they said.” “You need a autoresponder they said.”   “Man…they said a lot of shit that costs a pretty penny and I ain’t making jack squat yet!” Is more like it lol. So I started this whole “internet marketing thang” like a chicken wing on a string back in 2014, read about […]

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One Is Better Than Zero

One Is Better?Than Zero Do you find that you’re comparing yourself to people that are MUCH more advanced than you? Me too Daniel-san, me too.? But as you see in the video above (one of my favorites) it’s not necessarily about how wide your audience is. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how going?deeper?(hee hee that’s what […]

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