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How To Never Run Out Of Content!

How To Never Run Out Of Content!

So if you’re trying to make money online, you needs content son. 

Content is king…blah, blah, blah.

GOOD content is king and it’s good to have more than just one damn post or one damn video. 

However…the thing is that you run out of crap to say, write or whatever.

SO I’m gonna show you how to NEVER run out of content (cheap SEO BS here hee hee).

10X10 Matrix

So I find myself trying to make a blog post and I get to my Google Doc, the backend of my WordPress or something else and I get writer’s block (or whatever the equivalent is for making videos lol).

It sometimes turns into just whatever pops into the ol’ noggin, but it can be unorganized.

So why not create a plethora of ideas and then just pick and choose?

That’s what I did below, feel free to steal any ideas if you can read my serial killer handwriting lol: 

My 10X10 Matrix

Not sure why I didn’t type this lol.

**UPDATE: I Actually did, click here to download my 10×10 matrix!


So I think this will truly help you never run out of content and keep you creating like a mofo. 

Now in the video I mention re-purposing content.

I did just that with this Facebook live video, I made it into a YouTube video by downloading it with the Facebook HD Video Downloader Google Chrome extension.

Shit, say that 10 times real fast lol. 


Well, that’s it for this post pretty much, please feel free to post a pic or a screenshot of your 10X10 matrix in the comments below IF you’re brave lol. 

Oh one more thing, if YOU (I’m pointing right now) are struggling to come up with a 10X10 matrix and want to have ideas galore and make more money online, I suggest you pick up the digital version of my 10X10 Matrix by click here.

That’s it, thank you for your time playa 😉


A Cool Lil’ Copywriting Tip!!

? Hey there. I’ve been ranting and raving about this site called

Man, I’ve written nearly 80,000 words since starting…

MORE than I ever have in my life. I think this is a fantastic lil?copywriting tip for anyone because you needs tos?writes goods words to sells.

Check out the video kiddos.

Have a wonderful day! -Phil

Digital Product Reviews: Profit From Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome Blog Post

Digital Product Reviews: Profit From Shiny Object Syndrome

I?m a junkie. No, not a drug addict (anymore)…jk 🙂 Hmm…on second thought let?s rephrase that: What I mean is that I?m a Digital Product Junkie. I love buying and checking out digital products, still to this day… There, I said it out loud. Getting to a download page or unzipping your recently acquired files and seeing what bonuses are in store…Man I swear, it?s like opening up a pack of baseball cards. Don?t judge me, I?m going somewhere with this. You like it too, so don?t lie. Why You Always Lying Anyhow, I?ve come to accept that I?ve been going about my blog THE?WRONG WAY. I thought I could write about my ??internet marketing journey?, but to be honest it?s been too much of an ?all over the road? kind of experience, and I really?need to niche it down so people know what to expect when they friggin’ get here. Perhaps YOU can relate with this? I?ve come to the realization that I?d rather have a digital product reviews type o’ blog where I can feed into this ?terrible affliction? whil (st?) making $$?to support my habit hahaha (jk, after I build up some steam I may be able to get review copies free).?

Digital Product Reviews

I?ll be honest, I thought about nixing this whole blog and?start from scratch, maybe call it ?Phil?s Awesome Reviews? or some crap like that. Bollocks. I can just repurpose this Niches Be Crazy, besides…I rather like the name 🙂 Who You Should Model Your Review Blog After I don?t have a ?Top 10 bloggers you should copy? list, I?ve got just ONE. You don?t have to be a carbon copy version of the dude by the way… just have some personality kiddos. Shoot, wear a wig and a dress for your product reviews for all I care, shit that?s something I?d probably watch/read if the review was good and funny (now that you don?t see every day). Where was I? Ah yes?DON?T. DO. DRUGS. Crap, got sidetracked,?1,000 apologies.? What I meant to say was check out my boy Brett Rutecky if you find yourself on (in? not sure…) the?same junkie boat. Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.00.37 AM STOP the madness.?This guy’s doing it right. Dude has only been doing reviews since 2014 and ?he?s constantly up there in the search engines when it comes to reviewing digital products.? He?s a software dude and he?s not afraid of saying he likes or DOESN’T like about a product. He points out the good and the bad and not everything makes the cut, some vendors flat out don?t like how brutally honest he is and get all pissy with him. But I love it as a reader. SIDE NOTE: By the way,??I just saw this post recently on How Not To Do A WSO?and it was AWESOME!? Do yourself a favor and check it out kiddos, you will not be disappointed.


I?m riddled with the “Shiny Object Syndrome” and I knows it. So take advantage of my insanity, I?ll be posting reviews of really good and some crap products I didn?t like so in the future so YOU don?t waste your time and money on. I?ll also be throwing in some kick-ass bonuses you will actually use when I?find a product that is actually worth a damn. Really, how many piece of PLR crap from 2006 do you need? But…I digress. Of course, if YOU want to do some digital product reviews like the guy with 2 thumbs here go for it. First one to a million bucks wins! Just make sure and use Brett?s blog as a point of reference. ALTERNATIVE: If you have a hard time getting product vendors to give you a review copy, I?ve heard from other more experienced marketers that sometimes the vendor might do an interview and showcase his baby for ya. Good way to start networking with the cool kids too 😉 I KNOW you have products bookmarked or taking up space on your Hard Drive/External Hard Drive right now if you?ve made it this far. So what’s stopping you (and by you I mean me, damn…I’m a narcissist) Moving on. Ok, so I rather like the term “Digital Product Junkie” and thought I’d just add “Reviews” at the end of that for a tagline. What do you think? Let me know if you have a better suggestion. Toodles, -Phil
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You Don?t Need To Be an Expert To Master Headlines

You Don?t Need To Be an Expert To Master Headlines

Your content is awesome.

?How can they NOT read this? you think to yourself.

But after putting your heart and soul (and possibly tears lol) into it..

Nobody really cares about what you’ve written and I?ll tell you why.

Why You Need A Great Headline

Roughly 20% of the people that read your headline will actually read the rest of your content.

Now those are tough odds aren?t they?

I feels ya.

However, I?ve come across a ridiculously simple free method that shows that you don?t need to be an expert to master headlines.

Lord knows I?m not an expert, but I’ve applied this very method to this post. Oh, and there?s one more thing that brings this all together:

You should write your headline first.

Now don?t get me wrong you do want to have a basic idea of what you want to write about, but focus on your headline before getting into the grunt of whatever you?re writing.

Ok, ok, ok.

You?re still thinking to yourself ?How am I going to master headlines??

Well, have no fear because I?m going to hold your tiny, adorable hand through this simple process where you will be coming up with fantastic headlines that get people to your next sentence.

BONUS: these headlines will also be likely to get shared you?ll see why.

Take less than 10 minutes (9 minutes, 23 seconds to be exact) and watch this video and you?ll see exactly how you can do this..

I must remind you that this is completely free so…

What the hell are you waiting for?

Feel free to share some of the headlines you came up with in the comments bellow kiddos, good day!
Oh! Before I go I will depart with this awesome quote (from an unlikely source, but still): “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.” -Futurama

Later kiddos 😉