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Your Free Trial Is Over!

Your Free Trial Is Over

Your Free Trial Is Over!

Ok, my free trial with a few days back. It’s weird how you kind of take free for granted. Let me explain. If something is free, it has a lower-perceived value than something that’s paid. For example, when you have a membership at a gym you’re probably more likely to go because you have more invested in it. However, when you have a FREE gym at your apartment complex all you do is stay home and watch reruns on Netflix (don’t tell me you haven’t seen that Family Guy or Friends episode before lol). You get what I mean. But it’s crazy.

How This Relates To Internet Marketing

It’s funny. You could release the same paid product for free and people wouldn’t take it as seriously. It’s Nucking futs. Sorry, I’m a bit sydxelic ๐Ÿ˜‰ That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give stuff away for free, it just means that you should know when to start fucking charging people or have something to sell in this lil’ funnel of yours in the nearby future. Perhaps?you could offer?a free trial for something that is paid? Crazy right? Nah, not really. I can tell you firsthand that I came across this?EXACT scenario, not long ago.

A few days back, Nathan Zadworny, internet marketer/non-practicing Canadian porn star, told me about this site called I started a free membership and… Holy shit, I’ve never written so much before! Basically, it’s a site where you can just go and start writing whatever and it shows you how many words you’ve written, your most commonly used words, what mood your were in, your words per minute…some pretty neat insight. When I started I wrote for like 13 days straight and then got lazy for 2 days. I’m now on a 22-day writing streak (fixing to be 23), check it out: 22-day streak The cool thing is that there’s these little Xs at the top and it shows you how many days you’ve done in a row as well. Look, I could EASILY just go to whatever fucking notepad on my CPU and write 750 words per day, but there’s no accountability, community nor insight into your mood when you were writing there. My free trial ended and it cost me $5 to stay on. Really Phil? You’re sweatin’ $5 for something that’s going to help you remain creative and write EVERY day? No, I paid the 5 smackers and actually wrote this post with it, no foolin’. The great part is that you can re-purpose this writing into blog posts, articles, ebooks…I think you see where I’m going here. As James Altucher preaches, you need to work out your idea muscle just like any other muscle in your body. Imagine if you just started writing down ideas that could?grow your business EVERY day. Imagine if you wrote about how you could make other peoples’ business better. Imagine if you just practiced copywriting?EVERY?day this way. Example: You could?just take someone else’s email campaign, plug it directly into and see how you can make it not suck so much.

Get To The Point Phil

Back to my original point though, it’s good to give shit away for free and get people to trust you and whatnot, but it’s even better to have something to sell that person and the faster they become a customer the better no? In my opinion, you could give away a 7 or whatever amount of days free trial. Sure you won’t get as many subscribers as you would with just a freebie, but you may get some PAYING CUSTOMERS much faster (heck you could even do a $1-$5 trial instead of free and get paying customers immediately). Think about that. Answer this (fucking do it!): Would you rather have a list of 100 customers or 1,000 people that got onto your list for free? I’m not really saying I know that one or the other is better because frankly I don’t have a huge email list yet nor do I have a membership site…yet. However, I do have a Facebook group where I talk to my customers and my potential customers all the time, all while making friends and business partners in the process so I have a little idea of what I’m talking about. This group is basically a forum, but I still rely ALOT on Facebook (of course feel free to join my FB group lol) which is not completely in my control.

Bottom Line?

I think the freebie or “ethical bribe” is cool guys, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat (man…that’s a pretty fucked up saying when you think about it). You could easily create a membership site that you can give away for free or have a free trial period and offer x amount of dollars per month (I do recommend having an option to do a lifetime access thingy, just pick a price that’s much less than a year’s worth of membership or something like that). Man I use parentheses a lot, just imagine that I’m whispering whatever that is into your ear in a raspy but sexy Jack Bauer voice (seriously how does Keifer Sutherland still have a voice after the 24 series?). Man I get distracted easy, ooh a FB notification… Anyhoo, just to summarize everything we’ve learned today children… “Don’t patronize me Phil, you asshole!” says you. Ok, sheesh. My bad. To summarize, I think that freebies or “ethical bribes” are cool, but if you don’t have something you can quickly sell people then it may take some time for people to turn into customers. It’s good to build relationships with your subscribers, but you’re still running a business right? No sense in pissin’ in the wind trying to get subscribers and only showing them some of your Instagram pics that you deem art-worthy or cool and taking for fucking ever to actually sell them something. You’re conditioning them to see?you being the free, funny guy/gal. There’s no killer instinct or any inclination of having something they’ll pull their wallet/purse or PayPal information for.

There’s Got To Be Another Way

Another?way to combat this is to have a free trial for a membership site. I think that has a much higher-perceived value than a boring 20 page report, guide, or whatever the fuck kind of thing I’ll scan and NEVER implement or read again. Look, no pitch-fest here or anything but if this modell interests you then I recommend my friend Andy Brocklehurst’s free training on how to quickly monetize a free membership site (you better believe he has something to sell because he’s smart). Shameless plug for something I checked out earlier this year and I found it to be quite relevant with my lil’ experience with Look at me, I’m a rambling mess. Ok, for as much as I’ve enjoyed our little session I’ve gotta jet. It’s been fun. Your blogging friend and lover, -Magic Phil XXL

FREE Trial: 500 Hours of AOL!

FREE Trial: 500 Hours of AOL!

I know this looks like some kind of relic to a lot of you kiddos.

Allow me to enlighten you.

Back in the day, in the times of 56K modems there was dial-up internet.


You’d use your phone line to connect and if someone called or used the phone line for any other reason…

(this was before DSL mind you, if you even know what that is)

Well you were SCREWED.

You were booted off the net in the middle of asking your teeny crush A/S/L while in a chat room, or right as you were professing your undying loveย to your BF/GF in another country!

Moving on.

You’d get these disks that were basically a free month (or X amount of hours) of AOL and it was AWESOME.

Now, once you tried an AOL free trial there was really no going back because it was AMAZING at the time so you couldn’t live without it, PERIOD!

The Power of Free

This goes to show you theย power of EVERYONES favorite 4-letter word (aside from beer and another very naught word that starts with an F).

It’s FREE.

  • Free trials
  • Free beer (my favorite)
  • Free food (another favorite) You get my point.

Think about it.

Even your dentist gives you 2 free cleanings a year AND then he sees that all you do is drink Pepsi and eat candy and what do you know?

Kramer Dirty Teeth

You have cavities that need to be pulled or need a deep cleaning (this is my hell).

BUT you do it!

“Where are you going with this Phil, you handsome devil you?”?

I’m glad you ASKED.

This free structure is pretty much universal, but I want to focus in the internet marketing realm.

The most common freebies are:

  • Free PDFS
  • Free Audio
  • Free Videos
These can all work great, but I want you to think about how you can use the free concept with membership sites.

How you can use this to your advantage

I’ve come across a concept that incorporates this FREE structure?and membership sites and it’ll rock your knee-highs off. It doesn’t cost you a dime to see what I’m talking about either (just an email), there’s a free video going over a kick-butt strategy.

Now this method is all about using free membership sites to get leads, make affiliate sales or you can just use them as a bonus, be creative people!

Basically, you’re creating an asset that is of a higher perceived value than your run-of-the-mill PDF, audio or video.

It’s GENIUS and it won’t cost you a dime to see the method to this dude’s madness.

>>Click Here to find out the method!!

BUT, I’m gonna do you one better.

Now this free membership site strategy revolves around creating your own content and adding it OR going out there and spending TONS of time curating content.

What I’m doing is I’m going to give you some FREE content to use on your membership site OR for whatever the ham sandwich you want.

How you like them apples

There’s videos and some ebooks and EVEN if you don’t end up using them for your membership site, blog or whatever, well you can just sell them individually or as a package (there’s a sales page included as well).

Does that seem fair?

I thought so!

Look below to see how you can get your free content WITHOUT even having to opt in ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!


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CPA Marketing Tips & Tricks With Casey Lindsey

CPA Marketing Tips & Tricks With Casey Lindsey

I presently suck at anything related to CPA marketing. So, I reached out to my fellow Texan Casey Lindsey?and he laid down some knowledge on the matter and…SPOILER ALERT: it rocked! We cover:
  • What CPA marketing is
  • Which networks you should use
  • How to get approved
And the best part is that Casey’s got a little case study coming up on his blog where he’s gonna be showing you how he made $500 in cold hard drug money…er I mean in commissions. So sit back, relax and strap on your seat belt, cuz you’ve never been on a ride like this before! Ah…the 90’s. Where was I? Oh yeah! Watch the video and check out Casey’s case study coming out soon. Alright kiddos, feel free to leave any comments, share this post or give me dating advice or whatever below. Love you, -Phil

Marsellus Wallace And Affiliate Marketing

Marsellus Wallace And Affiliate Marketing

“What does Marsellus Wallace look like?”

Some of you may remember this question from an EPIC scene in Pulp Fiction.

In it, Samuel L. Jackson is asking some dude that stole money from his mob boss what he thinks his boss looks like.?

?Does he (Marsellus Wallace) look like a bitch?? he asks soon to be dead guy.

The dude finally answers and says ?no” after being shot in the arm for saying ?what? one too many times.

Sam, or ?Jules” then asks ?Then why are you trying to fuck him like one?? before quoting his rendition of Ezekiel 25:17 to him and then popping a cap in his arse.

It?s funny how things relate to each other.?

How this relates to Affiliate Marketing

I found a connection to the IM world, in specific to affiliate marketing and newbies.

When you?re first starting off with affiliate marketing, you can have a tendency of acting as if Marsellus Wallace DOES in fact…look like a bitch.

The Marcellus Wallace in this situation is your audience and trying to fuck them like a bitch can be things like:?

  • Spamming your affiliate link in Facebook Groups (guilty, I did this at first tbh it doesn?t work)
  • Not caring at all
  • Stealing other people?s YouTube videos and dropping your affiliate link in the description (also, people who put ?product? + ?review? and it?s just the same video that?s on the sales page!)
  • Using Black Hat methods
  • Basically, not providing ANY value and still expecting to get paid for mentioning someone else?s product

You are NOT Mrs. Mia Wallace my friend.

Slowly, but surely you will learn that even if you were to make money from this buffoonery, it will most likely NOT be something that can make you a consistent income from. Also, it?ll be really hard to keep friends in your niche if you don?t mend your ways.

What I?m saying folks, is don?t make Jules pay you a visit and kill your affiliate marketing dreams dead in their tracks.

A Better Way

Now there IS a better way kiddos.

My good friend and countryman Kam Jennings a.k.a. ?Zero Fatz? or “Kam Fatz? has a course coming out this Wednesday called ?Affiliate Rising?.

I?ve gone through it and may I say it’s the “Bee’s Knees” (I know, them’s is some high accolades).

My advice is that if you?re a newbie and you?re just not sure what to do next when it comes to your affiliate marketing efforts, but you do KNOW you want to promote other people?s products, well this is for you.?

Plain and simple.

Affiliate Rising will be coming out on May 25th at 2AM EST.


Before you buy Before you buy Affiliate Rising, I have a pre-buying bonus that will show you the easiest way to make your first affiliate commissions without an email list.

>>Click Here for you free copy of How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale WITHOUT A LIST

Post purchase

After you buy this through my link I?m splitting any of my affiliate contest earnings from this as well (I think that?s cool), the top prize is $200, $100 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd.

Also, I?ve got another bonus and that is a 20-minute Skype or Google Hangout call with me where we?ll talk about, well affiliate marketing, life, the universe and everything in between ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here?s what you?ll need to do:

  1. Get your copy of “How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale Without A List” here
  2. Buy Affiliate Rising by clicking here or on the big gun below on May 25th at 2AM EST or later
  3. Send me an email with proof of your purchase receipt to and we’ll have our Skype/Google Hangouts call and split some contest moolah!
Pull the trigger to learn more! Boom, that’s it. Tick-tock, see you then kiddos ๐Ÿ˜‰ -Phil

Money Loves Speed

Money Loves Speed

Money Loves Speed

I hear horror stories all the time of people who get stuck on a project and never get it completed.
Some try to tackle things which are just too hard to do (been there, done that). They lose interest and come up with every excuse in the book not to complete _______. Some get frustrated, get sidetracked, get distracted… Some even try to get everything perfect before they put it online and it never gets finished (GUILTY…). Remember: Something good and finished always beats perfect and unfinished. And if you never get anything finished, you will never get to zee money. Period. It’s so depressing hearing stories of people stuck in situations like this and just can’t move forward. I don’t want this to happen to you. Don’t get stuck in a rut, don’t get distracted, don’t get involved with something really complex and is going to take you a long time to finish, focus on something that will get you acting QUICK. Just do something quick that could potentially be online today and start making yourself money right away. There’s a kick-butt little method I’ve come across, it’s funny… >>I got review access to it…BUT still bought it anyways just to get the bonus, it’s that good ๐Ÿ˜‰ You don’t have time to come up with excuses, JUST implement this.
>>Click Here to see what I’m talking about!
In fact, you could have this?live and online so it can start bringing you those elusive affiliate commissions you so desperately seek quicker than what you’ve been doing. So no more excuses. Godspeed. Get it live today. -Phil