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So you wanna to be a millionaire?

So you wanna to be a millionaire? Well who the crap doesn’t?! I have conversations with people telling me how they’re going to become millionaires with their internet marketing shenanigans. Be honest. We hear stuff like this from people all the time and we’re like… via GIPHY Hey, if you truly mean that? I’d love […]

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David Fearon’s 40 Oz. Interview

David Fearon’s 40 Oz. Interview So last Friday my good friend David Fearon’s better half abandoned him for the night so we jumped on a good ol’ Skype call and did a supremely classy 40 oz. interview. CORRECTION: I Drank a 40 oz. of Miller High Life not MGD. I don’t drink much Miller (I’m […]

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It’s Called “Dancing With The Stars” NOT “Dancing With The Coaches”!

It’s called “Dancing with the stars” not “Dancing with the coaches”. **DON’T READ THIS IF YOU HAVE A STICK UP YOUR ASS** I just heard this line from something a friend-o recommended to me and I nearly messed myself. I recommend you check out the complete video if you want to laugh your sweat pants […]

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Your Free Trial Is Over

Your Free Trial Is Over!

Your Free Trial Is Over! Ok, my free trial with a few days back. It’s weird how you kind of take free for granted. Let me explain. If something is free, it has a lower-perceived value than something that’s paid. For example, when you have a membership at a gym you’re probably more likely […]

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FREE Trial 500 Hours of AOL

FREE Trial: 500 Hours of AOL!

FREE Trial: 500 Hours of AOL! I know this looks like some kind of relic to a lot of you kiddos. Allow me to enlighten you. Back in the day, in the times of 56K modems there was dial-up internet. You’d use your phone line to connect and if someone called or used the phone […]

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