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4 Free Tools That Can Help You Make More Sales Online!

4 Free Tools That Can Help You Make More Sales Online!

Welcome to the ugliest blog post in the history of blog-dom.


Uncle Phil here and I?d like to show you 4 free tools that can help you make more sales.

So let?s do just that.


#1 Video Speed Controller

Now you may be asking yourself:

?Hey handsome…how the hell is something that speeds up HTML5 video gonna help me make more money??

Well first of all thank you sheesh.

B. Let?s say you have some training that you?re looking to implement OR you have some software that is gonna help you make some affiliate or vendor sales in some way.

I don’t have to tell you that the most precious friggin? commodity we have is our time (but I’m doing it anyways apparently).

This Google Chrome extension helps you speed videos up to 4X.

Now I know you can 2X YouTube videos…but maybe you just want 1.8 or something like that. With this tool you?re not limited to going up or down by increments of .5X 😉

I usually end up going between 2.5x – 3.0X depending on whether someone is a fast talker or if they?re the next coming of Ben Stein.

#2 Loom

Let me tell you something.

I friggin? LOVE Loom.

And I love lamp (tee hee).

Now Loom is a Screen Capturing Tool that you can use to make a quick videos that you can either download and put wherever you want (YouTube, your own self-hosted videos platform, whatever).

OR you can wait the short amount of time it takes for the video to render (basically, there?s a small delay before the video is able to be seen then shared, but it?s usually like 10X faster than YouTube or Screencastomatic).

You can record JUST yourself or just your screen.

Oh and one last thing is that you can even add nice, sexy/clickable videos to your emails.

Just download it trust me!

It?s fantastic.

#3 Social Video Downloader

Now this Google Chrome extension has gone through some different names and it will probably change in the future, but for now it?s da shit.

So this allows you to download Facebook videos with just one click.

BEFORE you start getting any bad ideas lol?

I want you to use this for YOUR own videos OR if you’re like me and see some good training video…

Download it with this and watch it later without the need of an internet connection.

Of course, you can download your own videos and repurpose them for YouTube, Vimeo or whatever other video platform you want to use.

There are other ways to do this but this is the best one that I found and you can do this really quickly.

#4 VidIQ

Now this Google Chrome extension is  specifically for YouTubers.

Basically this tool allows you to check out  some really cool stats other video that are already performing well.

You’ll find out about keywords that your competition is using to rank, how many social media shares they have, what SEO tricks you can use to rank better and a couple other things.

I love this because I’m kind of an SEO idiot and I don’t have to think too much about what I need to do to rank my videos.

I have a few videos that are number one overall.

Check out this one video I have that has over 65,000 views.


#5 Free Funnels

Alright guys get ready to buy a timeshare.

Hee hee, just kitten.

So I want to tell you about how to get started with this whole internet marketing thing for free.

Now the funny thing is that I’m mentioning a paid product and yes I will make money off of it if you buy it through me.

Listen if you’re already working on something and you seen some good results?

Or you?re laser-focused on making whatever it is?

Then just disregard this since it’s not for you.

However, maybe you’re one of these people that have been trying to get into this internet marketing game but you can’t afford all the bells and whistles that these ?gurus? or  even mid-level marketers use?

Well then…I’m talking to you.

I want you to take a look at my buddy Kam?s Free Funnels course.

It?s a great way to break into the internet marketing realm with the sword of a thousand truths at your hand so you can slay the self-doubt, shiny object syndrome and whatever other distraction scorpions that come along your way.

Oh and they’ll be there trust me, I speak from first-hand experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed  this short but powerful list of tools that can help you make money online (and save time).

That’s all I have for you today…

Thank you so much for reading/scanning my post here 😉

~ Uncle Phil

P.S. I know these ain’t the only good free tools out there, but they’re some of my favorites and I use them quite often. Please Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments below!

Marsellus Wallace And Affiliate Marketing

Marsellus Wallace And Affiliate Marketing

“What does Marsellus Wallace look like?”

Some of you may remember this question from an EPIC scene in Pulp Fiction.

In it, Samuel L. Jackson is asking some dude that stole money from his mob boss what he thinks his boss looks like.?

?Does he (Marsellus Wallace) look like a bitch?? he asks soon to be dead guy.

The dude finally answers and says ?no” after being shot in the arm for saying ?what? one too many times.

Sam, or ?Jules” then asks ?Then why are you trying to fuck him like one?? before quoting his rendition of Ezekiel 25:17 to him and then popping a cap in his arse.

It?s funny how things relate to each other.?

How this relates to Affiliate Marketing

I found a connection to the IM world, in specific to affiliate marketing and newbies.

When you?re first starting off with affiliate marketing, you can have a tendency of acting as if Marsellus Wallace DOES in fact…look like a bitch.

The Marcellus Wallace in this situation is your audience and trying to fuck them like a bitch can be things like:?

  • Spamming your affiliate link in Facebook Groups (guilty, I did this at first tbh it doesn?t work)
  • Not caring at all
  • Stealing other people?s YouTube videos and dropping your affiliate link in the description (also, people who put ?product? + ?review? and it?s just the same video that?s on the sales page!)
  • Using Black Hat methods
  • Basically, not providing ANY value and still expecting to get paid for mentioning someone else?s product

You are NOT Mrs. Mia Wallace my friend.

Slowly, but surely you will learn that even if you were to make money from this buffoonery, it will most likely NOT be something that can make you a consistent income from. Also, it?ll be really hard to keep friends in your niche if you don?t mend your ways.

What I?m saying folks, is don?t make Jules pay you a visit and kill your affiliate marketing dreams dead in their tracks.

A Better Way

Now there IS a better way kiddos.

My good friend and countryman Kam Jennings a.k.a. ?Zero Fatz? or “Kam Fatz? has a course coming out this Wednesday called ?Affiliate Rising?.

I?ve gone through it and may I say it’s the “Bee’s Knees” (I know, them’s is some high accolades).

My advice is that if you?re a newbie and you?re just not sure what to do next when it comes to your affiliate marketing efforts, but you do KNOW you want to promote other people?s products, well this is for you.?

Plain and simple.

Affiliate Rising will be coming out on May 25th at 2AM EST.


Before you buy Before you buy Affiliate Rising, I have a pre-buying bonus that will show you the easiest way to make your first affiliate commissions without an email list.

>>Click Here for you free copy of How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale WITHOUT A LIST

Post purchase

After you buy this through my link I?m splitting any of my affiliate contest earnings from this as well (I think that?s cool), the top prize is $200, $100 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd.

Also, I?ve got another bonus and that is a 20-minute Skype or Google Hangout call with me where we?ll talk about, well affiliate marketing, life, the universe and everything in between 😉

Here?s what you?ll need to do:

  1. Get your copy of “How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale Without A List” here
  2. Buy Affiliate Rising by clicking here or on the big gun below on May 25th at 2AM EST or later
  3. Send me an email with proof of your purchase receipt to and we’ll have our Skype/Google Hangouts call and split some contest moolah!
Pull the trigger to learn more! Boom, that’s it. Tick-tock, see you then kiddos 😉 -Phil

Money Loves Speed

Money Loves Speed

Money Loves Speed

I hear horror stories all the time of people who get stuck on a project and never get it completed.
Some try to tackle things which are just too hard to do (been there, done that). They lose interest and come up with every excuse in the book not to complete _______. Some get frustrated, get sidetracked, get distracted… Some even try to get everything perfect before they put it online and it never gets finished (GUILTY…). Remember: Something good and finished always beats perfect and unfinished. And if you never get anything finished, you will never get to zee money. Period. It’s so depressing hearing stories of people stuck in situations like this and just can’t move forward. I don’t want this to happen to you. Don’t get stuck in a rut, don’t get distracted, don’t get involved with something really complex and is going to take you a long time to finish, focus on something that will get you acting QUICK. Just do something quick that could potentially be online today and start making yourself money right away. There’s a kick-butt little method I’ve come across, it’s funny… >>I got review access to it…BUT still bought it anyways just to get the bonus, it’s that good 😉 You don’t have time to come up with excuses, JUST implement this.
>>Click Here to see what I’m talking about!
In fact, you could have this?live and online so it can start bringing you those elusive affiliate commissions you so desperately seek quicker than what you’ve been doing. So no more excuses. Godspeed. Get it live today. -Phil

$2 Bill Theory: How To Stand Out

$2 Bill Theory Image How To Stand Out

$2 Bill Theory: How To Stand Out


I’m a sucker for these things.
It’s really just a scarcity/being cool kinda thing to be completely honest.
I like giving $2 as a tip because you stand out just a little bit more than the common Joe.
You see, if you’re sticking to the norm like everyone else:
Example: “Here’s my blog, here’s my story, sign up for my newletter, etc..”
Shit, stand out for a change, be your damn self!
It’s not congruent for some people, I know because I’ve done this myself and looking back at some of the shit I’ve put out before, I see that it’s not really authentic.
Be funny.
Don’t be scared (I’m telling myself this too btw).
Be different.
For instance, I like this one sales page that Omar Martin did for his Buzzinar product (which is awesome btw) where he starts the sales page’s video with:
“My Fellow Internet Marketers…Let’s cut the BULLSHIT shall we?”
Now THAT is an attention getter for sure son 😉
Be like the $2 bill, just slightly different.
You don’t have to be a shock jock, act like a clown or an asshole (although it’s kinda fun experimenting with this lol).
Of course, if you’re any of those things by nature then friggin’ OWN THAT SHIT. If you like Magic the Gathering, own it! Incorporate it into your life, be the baddest Wizard, Orc or whatever and you’ll see that you’ll start attracting the audience that actually gives a shit about what you have to say.
My advice, is just start writing FB posts kind of like this and see who really gives a crap (without over thinking it) and just start networking with said crap-giving people 🙂
Just my 2 cents (or should I say $2 bill’s) worth.
That’s it kiddos…
Love you,
-Phil a.k.a. “Poppa Bear” bahaha
P.S. Feel free to like, comment & share this so we can stop the madness.
P.P.P.P.P.S. YES, I made that little $2 origami thingy myself. Let me know if you’d like to see a video of how I did it (it’s pretty simple) in the comments below 😉

Commission Black Ops Review

Commission Black Ops [REVIEW]

Commission Black Ops Review Header Image

Today I’ve got a little review of Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops.

“What the heck is Commission Black Ops Phil?” I’m glad you asked my young Padawan learner 😉 This product is all about?affiliate marketing, where Michael Cheney shows you his $39,041.46 in commissions per month method.

Commission Black Ops Review Cat Picture
Yeah, that’s a pretty bold claim and you will notice that Michael Cheney doesn’t screw around. Now you may think that the dude is full of shit, that he’s all hype, but let me show you what other people thought about this Commission Black Ops launch:

Commission Black Ops Stats
4,000 sales ain’t too shabby son. I’d say he knows what the hell he’s talking about. Of course, a nice little screen shot of his income earnings can’t hurt can it?

Commission Black Ops Income Proof
I rather like the Call of Duty Black Ops theme for this product, being a gamer and internet marketer myself. I think a themed product is a pretty kick-ass way to stand out above other BORING launches.



First and foremost, Michael Cheney is “edu-taining”, a term?I rather like. A little?made up compound word derived from education and entertainment…shocker. Commission Black Ops is split up into 5 Modules that fall in line with the Call of Duty-ish theme:
  1. Mission De-brief
  2. Select Your Target
  3. Locate the Golden Drop Zone
  4. Choose Your Weapons
  5. Fire At Will!

Easy Way To Make Cool Headlines

Michael has a cool British dude voice and his headlines are AWESOME. He seems to have a way with words and it just makes sense that he knows how to make headlines that attract attention. He’s a got a sneaky little way on how you can create your own ?cool, catchy headlines that get clicks. The best part is that you can use these headlines just about anywhere (blog, video, social media, etc.). They DEFINITELY get attention.

Multi-Media Training

Commission Black Ops Multi-Media Michael has video, audio & PDF versions of his training, which I like.? I go walking (and sometimes running) and love to be able to listen to nerdy training lol (don’t judge me). Also, I sometimes don’t have the patience to listen to a whole video or the audio, I’d rather just scan a page and only read what I need to know. Boom.

$10K/Month Webinar Training

Now, I won’t lie. Commission Black Ops?does NOT go real in-depth?on how to get traffic in the front end offer. It?does show you a really neat way to use Facebook to get traffic even if you’re a ?newbie without a list.? Also, I must add that this webinar is a big pitch for iPro, a high-end product from Dean Holland which is WAY out of my price range (probably yours too, for the most part). However, I do think Michael’s Facebook training here explains something that is massively overlooked by a lot of people using Facebook to market their business.


?Intro Video

I don’t know about you, but this shit drives me B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I?just don’t get why vendors put intro videos that you CAN’T fast forward in front of every module (I don’t care so much about outro videos at the end because I just go on to the next video). I get it, you want to brand your stuff and it’s only like 15 seconds but geez…why not just use this on the first damn video or at least make it easy to skip?! Ok, I’m stepping off of my soapbox lol.

Not Much Technical Training

Like I mentioned before, Commission Black Ops lacks a lot of technical training. I think this is the weakest point in the product.?


I think Commission Black Ops is a very good product, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s for the?complete wet behind the ears newbie?with the front end training itself. However, I will say that the training in the $10K per month webinar does make up for this a bit. I think this product is definitely worth picking up, right now it’s priced at $19.95 and I think that Michael’s product is a bit evergreen since it’s based around some pretty easy and fun ways on?how to promote other peoples’ products.

Click on the gun below for more info!

Commission Black Ops CTA Pic

**Limited Time Bonuses That Expire Midnight 4/3/16**

I have included some bonuses that will expire midnight on 4/03/2016 if you purchase through my link:?

Facebook Pixel Insert Bonus Plugin for Commission Black Ops You can easily add a retargeting pixel to any WordPress site so you can track down already hungry buyers. ? ? ?

Commission Black Ops Bonus The newbie’s step-by-step proven blueprint on how to create your own?YouTube channel that makes you sales…over and over again. ? ?

7 Deadly Myths Ecover
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The Customer Magnet Ecover?How to easily?double, triple and quadruple the number of customers you attract for virtually no extra cost or effort. ? ? ? ?

Uncensored Affiliate Secrets ImageDiscover how to hit #1 on all the Leaderboards, lap up lucrative leads and laugh all the way to the bank! ? ? ? ?

Six-Figure Funnel SecretsThe #1 reason why 97.9% of internet marketers fail to make money (and what to do about it). ? ? ?

Michael's Traffic Videos ImageYES! This best-selling Traffic Videos program sold to the public for $147 and you’re getting the complete Platinum Edition here for free. ? ? ? ?

Little Known Lucrative List Secrets Simple to follow, step-by-step actions you can take to get your first 1000 subscribers. (Fast and easy to do.) ? ? ?

Copy and Paste Promos Image ?

Ready to earn right away and deployable on Facebook, your blog and autoresponders.? ? ? ? ?

How to claim your bonuses:

Send the receipt from your purchase to:?

Thanks kiddos 😉


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