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How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome Blog Post Image

How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

How To Overcome Shiny Object SyndromeAhh…the dreaded “Shiny Object Syndrome“. What a beeatch eh? Everyone has had it in the past (I’m about 99.999999…% sure of this) or they still have it (I know I do from time to time who am I kitten?).  But what drives it? You don?t WANT to buy over and over and over again. But […]

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The Date From Hell Featured

The Date From Hell…

? The Date From Hell… So I go on a date with a girl I met at a bar years ago… Little did I know it would be the date from hell! Yeah, I said it Peter I know. Watch the video version below: [miucode id=’date-from-hell’] I remember that when I saw her at the […]

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Title This Post

Title This Post!

[miucode id=’title-this-post’] Behind The IM Curtain… UPDATE 8-6-16: I liked Moses Njoku’s suggestion so I went with his, thanks bro! **This blog post actually took place between 12-1pm on Harry Potter’s birthday 7-31-16** So I’m sitting here in a hotel room in San Antonio, Texas. My girl is here on some bidness and I happen […]

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