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Dual Squeeze Review: The Good, the Bad and the UGLY

Dual Squeeze Review: The Good, the Bad and the UGLY

In this blog post, you’re going to learn about a piece of software called Dual Squeeze.

The creator’s name is Bryan Winters and this came out earlier this year on March 27, 2017.

Now this video was made last night and you’ll see my personal results in my live Dual Squeeze review.

If you think that this software will work for you click here to pick it up.

Thanks for reading/watching.

~ Phil

P.S. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below or just let me know what your personal experience with it is if you already have it.

Lindgren?s Lazy Method Review

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review!

Hello and welcome to the worst review on the planet.

I’m sorry, I don’t have $73,899 worth of bonuses in this review (seriously how ridiculous can people be lol).

Also, I’m totally just using this to have some content on my blog and help my 2 lil’ videos I have here rank better.

Just kitten ūüėČ I have some good stuff for ya here lol.

What the heck is this?

So Lindgren’s Lazy Method was released back on July 2, 2017 by both Brendan Mace and Jonas Lindgren.

This training is all about a little something called “launch jacking”.¬†

Now if you’re just too lazy to click on that link above lol, it’s basically this in a nutshell:¬†

  • There are digital product launches ALL the time. Stuff about Facebook marketing, CPA marketing, etc.¬†
  • Potential affiliates get review access (they don’t have to pay usually or get access for a short time) BEFORE a product comes out in the market.
  • They make some kinda content talking about the product and get a special link where (an affiliate link) where if anyone buys through them (as long as it’s not themselves, this is BAD practice that will get you banned quickly) they’ll get a percentage of any sales. Heck sometimes they’ll get 100% commissions across the board in exchange for a buyer lead.
  • Lindgren’s Lazy Method is all about using YouTube to make a review video about whatever product you wanna promote and ranking it on the first page of Google, the first page of YouTube OR just get it to show up in the “suggested videos” on YouTube.

I was able to rank in like a minute when I tried this

Now that I have that out of the way, I do have is not one, but two reviews of Lindgren’s Lazy Method because I wanted to see if I was just lucky the first time I ranked my review video at the top of this post.

Thing is, I tried out Lindgren’s Lazy Method and ranked the video above on 1st page one of Google within about a minute or so.

Lindgren's Lazy Method Ranking

So this ranking held up until like July 7th, 2017, around there.

Not bad considering this is a product where Jonas  is teaching people how to rank affiliate review videos hee hee.

Now as you’ll see in my review AND bonus video below that I show you pro0f that I made $77.55 from the review video above AND you’ll see me showing you proof that I was still ranking (it’s dropped off since I made this just being honest, maybe this blog post will help out hahaha).

Pretty stinkin’ cool either way because what’s the point of JUST ranking eh?

Show me the money mofo!!

See about getting my bonus $319.69 case study

So yeah, I really loved how this product delivered.

Follow the instructions and you can probably rank a video. Now I will say that this is more for people that are looking to do the whole launch jacking thing because that’s what Jonas does all the damn time.

If you think that’s something you wanna do OR if you just wanna get better at ranking review videos better I advise you to watch my review videos to see it from someone that actually did it himself.

I liked this product so much I added a case study about how I used this product and my Facebook marketing method as my bonus.

Now, my bonus case study shows you how I made $319.69 BEFORE I added a bonus, today is July 11th and I’ve made a total of $598.03 from this promotion (I got a $50 bonus from the product creator for using the method to make sales so, go me lol).¬†

Lindgren's Lazy Method Income Proof

So here’s the dealio:¬†

If you’re looking to start doing something like this I guarantee you won’t be a millionaire, heck not even a thousandaire overnight.

However, I do think you’ll start making some content that will make you sales if you (get this) follow the training and think about some of the evergreen methods that Jonas talks about in the product. You’ll make even more if you do what I did to promote this product as I explain in my case study.

Ok, thank you for reading my lil’ Lazy Lindgren’s Lazy Method review here. (What me SEO? bahaha)

If you’d like to pick this up for yourself click on the huge button below.

AND when you’re ready to cash in on my bonus, you’ll need to hit the blue button that says “Access Affiliate Bonus” under your big ol’ green access button in Warrior plus. (see my pic on this below)

Lindgren's Lazy Method Access Affiliate Bonus

If you have any issues with anything, just PM me on Facebook here, but I’m gonna ask for proof that you purchased the product.

Ok cowboy/cowgirl. Just click on that big ol’ orange button below to pick this puppy up along with my bonus!

Free Funnels Review


Free Funnels Review

“Invest in traffic they said.”¬†

“Get Click Funnels they said.”

“You need a autoresponder¬†they said.”¬†

“Man…they said a lot of shit that costs a pretty penny and I ain’t making jack squat yet!”

Is more like it lol.

So I started this whole “internet marketing thang” like a chicken wing on a string back in 2014, read about that here.

I sure as hell didn’t know what the crap I was doing right away so I damn sure didn’t make any money when I first started.

Here’s the “Real Deal Holyfield” of the situation:¬†

You’re a newbie (or a struggling marketer).

You don’t have funds to pay for the tools marketers are telling you to buy (because you just ABSOLUTELY NEED THEM)…

Let me put this lightly.


You don’t really need to start buying all these tools to get started.

I want you to take a quick look at my boy Kam’s Free Funnels in this video, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks for picking up what I’m throwing down here, if you want a little more in-depth look at Free Funnels, watch the video at the top of this page amigo/amiga ūüėČ

~Uncle Phil

Affiliate Command 2017 Review

Affiliate Command 2017 Review

Affiliate Command 2017 Review

The Affiliate Command 2017 is a total scam, so let me tell you about the Wealthy Affiliate?

Bahaha just kitten, I hate that crap myself.

Today I?m going to be doing a review of Kam Jennings a.k.a. Zero Fatz, a.k.a. Kam Fatz?s flagship course.

So let?s cut the bullshit and get this mofo going eh?

**URGENT UPDATE: I’ve added some custom-made bonuses for anyone that picks up the main front end course through my link. Click here to see them.**

So…who the crap is this Kam Jennings and why should I care?


Well Kam is an internet marketer that?s built up a following of 15,000 YouTube subscribers, 4,000 email subscribers and 3,000 Facebook friends.

He used to be big on selling physical products on Amazon some years back (he may still sell some from time to time) and then he migrated towards selling digital products.

Below is an interview (mind you there is some profanity here) I did with Kam the other night where we were supposed to be talking about the Affiliate Command 2017 (the new and improved version, last one came out in 2015), but we ended up just BS-ing about marketing for the most part lol. There are some golden IM nuggets in there though.

What in the wild, wild world of sports is included in Affiliate Command?


**FUNNEL BREAKDOWN: For people that can?t afford or just don?t agree with paying $197 for this course…there?s a lite version of the Affiliate Command for $9.97 with an upsell of $47 for the 11-week group coaching package, and then a downsell of $4.97 (a cheat sheet kinda thingy here) for anyone that can?t or won?t get the $9.97 lite version.**

The Affiliate Command 2017 is an 11 module course filled with 100 training videos. It cost $197 for the main front end course.

But really there?s more than that, so I?ll just name the sections and elaborate a little more on them when necessary (alternatively, you could just watch my overview video below).

  • Processing days (9 videos): Basically you start here, this is the set up/technical side of things that you need to do before taking on any of the following modules. Kam is actually setting this stuff up with you in the Mandela Effect niche.
  • Week 1 Blogging (12 videos): Kam includes a WordPress plugin here that you can use to quickly generate legal pages for your blog.
  • Week 2 Facebook (12 videos)
  • Week 3 YouTube (13 videos)
  • Week 4 Email marketing (12 videos): Kam includes a link to one of his other WSOs here called Offer Kings: ?10 Ways To Re-frame Any Affiliate Offer And Maximize Profits? to help you make more affiliate sales with your email marketing.
  • Week 5 Product Launch Camp Phase 1 (7 PDFS): Access to Kam?s $1,000 coaching program consists of PDFs that show you exactly what to do to launch a product successfully. This week only covers day 1-7 because this is a 30-day camp.
  • Week 6 Product Launch Camp Phase 2 (7 PDFS): Days 8-14.
  • Week 7 Product Launch Camp Phase 3 (7 PDFS): Days 15-21.
  • Week 8 Product Launch Camp Phase 4 (9 PDFS): Days 22-30.
  • Week 9 Paid advertising (18 videos): Facebook advertising & Solo ads. Also there?s 3 case study videos that Kam did with NeoBux, some experimenting he was doing with a course called 8 Minute Profits.
  • Week 10 Affiliate marketing (14 videos)
  • Week 11 Membership sites (3 videos): Kam gives you access to his WSO called Membership Dons.
  • Wrapping up (1 video): Also, you get access to the Affiliate Command Facebook group. Kam says you don?t graduate this course UNTIL you?ve made at least $100 from this course.
  • Live group coaching/Q&A sessions: 11 weeks worth, FB live videos (so 11 videos) that will be added to the membership area.



Still here?

Nice, so the first thing is the techie stuff.

Techie stuff

One BIG pro for the Affiliate Command 2017 is that this is a course that teaches newbies to advanced marketers how to make money online.

That sounds super friggin? generic, but then you hear of other courses that claim to do the same?

BUT then there?s a crap ton of technical mumbo jumbo that newbies (and even intermediate to advanced marketers) can, better yet WILL get confused/stuck on unless they?ve had that kinda technical experience in the past.

That?s a HUGE issue! I know this personally because I got high-ticket coaching back in 2015 from Alex Jeffreys and I got stuck on just that.

See when you purchase high-ticket coaching like that, it?s a little harder to get personalized attention when your coach only meets with you once a week, has a lot of students and isn?t doing the technical crap himself.

This is a hot button for me because you?re told to outsource this stuff and don?t always get someone to tell you the technical details.

Worse…you can?t afford to outsource it because you just spent most¬†yo? damn money on coaching!

Now I?m not really trying to knock homeboy?s coaching, but I don?t think high-ticket coaching from a ?guru? will usually work for a complete newbie…heck even a little more advanced marketer.

Kam’s product has step-by-step instructions on how to do it, in fact he’s doing the same thing along with you while setting up a blog, FB profile, YouTube channel, etc. in the Mandela Effect niche.

Same Coaching I Got For Less Money

So back in 2016 I got coaching from Kam.

At the time I paid $497 for his 30-day product launching coaching, it was usually $997 and I got in on the last day he was running a promo on it.

I launched my first big product with affiliates and all  called Lethal Affiliate Weapon in 2016 and made 88 sales to date.

You?re getting the same coaching I got for less money even when the price of the Affiliate Command 2017 goes up to $397 on May 29th 2017.

This is just a couple of the modules in there and they?re damn well worth it.

Oh and I should mention that you also get 11-weeks of group coaching so if anything this is even bigger and badder than the coaching I received.

1080P Videos

This is gonna seem really petty at first lol, but do you know what really grinds my gears?

When mofos have low-quality 480p (sometimes even lower) over-the-shoulder videos to show stuff they?re doing on a computer.

I?ve seen this in the past with courses I?ve bought and it drives me B-A-N-A-N-A-S because that shit?s blurry as hell and I feel like I?m trying to decipher the Da Vinci code trying to see EXACTLY what they?re doing.

Well Kam?s 100+ videos are shot in 1080P, this is a big issue when you?re gonna be showing people how to set up a buncha stuff.



I hate that there aren?t really many cons to this product because it makes my review seem a lot more like an ass-kissing fest.

I?ve done my best to produce some cons for ya partna, but there really are just 2 big ones.


I personally think this course is absolutely worth it and I feel lucky as a sheeeeeat that I get review access to this kinda stuff that others have to pay for.

But I know we live in the $7 digital product era so I think this will be the biggest con for people whether they either can?t afford it or are just really skeptical about anything selling for $197 on Warrior Plus.

Mindmap/Cheat Sheet/PDF?

Now this may be asking a lot lol, but there is A LOT of frickin? information in the Affiliate Command 2017 and it?s all in video format for the most part.

With that being said, it would help to have a downloadable ebook, mind map or cheat sheet kinda dealio for the modules (aside from the ones in Product Launch Camp).

I know some people prefer something that they can implement quickly so maybe something quickly scannable (if that?s a word lol) would be better for people that are a little more advanced, have already looked through the product, etc.

Basically, a quick point of reference could help people looking to get to a specific part of the training so that may be a con to some people.

I know that some of this stuff is included in the downsells…so maybe Kam could?ve included them in the main course?

I don?t think that?s too crazy to ask for.

Alrighty-o, looks like we?re close to the end.

Let?s Wrap This Sh*t Up


Alright kiddos, so I hope that I?ve helped you get a better idea of what Kam Jennings? Affiliate Command 2017 is all aboot.

Oops went all Canadian on you there eh?

Tee hee.

Anyhoo, you gets what I mean here. This is a very good course on internet marketing from a dude that?s in the trenches himself it?s crazy how much content I see ol? Kam coming out with on the regular so I know he knows his stuff.

With that being said, if you?d like to learn more about the Affiliate Command 2017 (I bought the 2015 version back in da day) just click on the orange button below¬†and you?ll go directly to the sales page which is basically a webinar on Kam’s business model.

Thanks for reading/scanning my blog post, I hope this has helped you get a more informed look at Kam’s flagship course.

Catch you on the flip side amgio.

Your buddy ol? pal,

~ Uncle Phil Lopez

P.S. I’ve added some custom-made limited time bonus for anyone that buys through my link, click here to see that.

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Society 11 Review: The New Warrior Forum

Society 11 Review: The New Warrior Forum?

I’ve got to admit to admit something?

I’m kinda of what some may call a cheap f**k.

Not always though, I’ll admit that I still buy shiny stuff from time to time, but when it comes to¬†any kind of recurring monthly fees I’m like “Whoa hey, let?s tap dem brakes here!”

With that being said, I want¬†to give you my lil? review of something paid, something borrowed and something blue I’m a part of called Society 11 (don’t¬†click that link yet you’re not ready).

So handsome…WTF is Society 11?

Well first of all, I’m glad you asked.

Secondly of all…you noticed I’m doing something here sheesh. It’s about time.

Well this membership¬†was created by Sir Andy “The Honey Badger”¬†Brocklehurst and Curt “The Niffler”¬†Crowley.

In short, both of these dudes have been into marketing and software development for some time, so you may say that they’re seasoned vets when it comes to this sh*t <img class=¬†.

I’ll show you a little screenshot that sums Society 11 up:

Society 11 Review

Now I?ll do something a little unconventional here and mention the cons here first before mentioning the pros.


Society 11 Review!

So the biggest thing that is a con is that the membership site can be a little wonky, maybe a little confusing to some at first.

I came across this and some of the members have too.

Sometimes you may just have to ask a current member (like yours truly here) or Andy or Curt for a little hint on how to access something here and there. The great thing is that they’re usually very accessible in the Facebook group/mastermind that comes along with this membership.

Drip feed

Some of the content in Society 11 is drip fed, so that may be seen as a con for someone that just wants to check out all the information right away. I think Andy & Curt do this to no overwhelm members, but either way, some may see this as a con.

You can’t promote if you?re not a member

So if you can’t read between the lines here lol, you CANNOT promote Society 11 unless you’re a member. This group is not about any kind of blind promotion, they want actual paying members referring people.

I mention this because I don’t think this will be a “hey give me review access and I’ll promote” kinda deal, so this may not be for you if that’s your thang lol.

There’s not really much else to say about cons so let’s move on to the pros.


So my title in this post refers to Society 11 possibly being the new Warrior Forum.

I’m not saying it’ll be anywhere near as big or anything. I’m just saying that Society 11 is what the Warrior Forum should be like.

That would be a place for:

  • Connecting with other like-minded marketers
  • Sharing marketing tips & tricks
  • Partnering up in some way
  • Making friends

So I’d say that the biggest pro about this is the community.

The next big pro is the cool stuff you get access to as a member.

Saas tools, training, and the hits just keep on coming

Now, this is cool, watch my video above for a more in-depth look at what some of the tools are in the member’s area.

Here’s a little screenshot of the Saas tools (remember I said the membership area is a little funky lol):

Society 11 Review

What I really love about this is that you’re using Saas tools from the membership site and only really need to have 1 plugin (WP Inserts) on your site so it isn’t bogged down from having 30,000 plugins that do 1 thing here and there.

I think that’s awesome because I’ve had a plugin crash my site before and that SUCKED.

I’m not super techie anyways so its easy to just upload 1 plugin and run the Saas tools from Society 11’s (hmm that looks weird) membership area.

Training, Complete Products & Member shares

If you look under the tabs in the member’s area you’ll see that there is training on how to SSL your site, a couple of pretty kick-ass webinars, some complete products you can sell (this is drip fed info) and even something called “Member Shares”¬†which is more products Society 11 members have added.

So far my product Lethal Affiliate Weapon¬†(usually sells for $27 but is free for members) is presently the only one in this tab, but there’s all kind of access to other products¬†in the mastermind/FB group in the files section and in some of the posts in the group.

And the more members that join….the more products added for existing members to use.

Let’s move on to the last part that I really like as well.

BRUTALLY honest reviews, discounts & beta access

So this last part is something that can really help some of the newbies save money.

Even though there is a TON of training, tools, etc. that are included with your Society 11 membership you also get some real, brutally honest reviews of new products coming out.

Let’s just call it what it is, there are some SHIT products out there that will make “Product Of The Day” or something comparable on whatever (insert other¬†platform). You’ll also¬†see some reviews from Andy & Curt where they tear apart some products that have NO BUSINESS being sold to anyone anywhere or are just generally waste of money.

With that being said, you also get product reviews of GOOD products (and bonuses at times) from Curt & Andy and other members weigh in their opinions too.

I’ve also seen that some of the members in Society 11 have come out with a product and given other members a YUUUUGE discount on it or some other perk that is specific to members only which ROCKS.

You may get a product half-priced or more at times (or just free).

As far as beta access goes, I haven’t seen this quite yet (any S11 member that reads this, please correct me if I’m wrong), I’m sure this is something that will be a part of the whole shebang¬†as it gains more traction.

Recurring commissions

I don’t care who you are, recurring commissions are where it’s at holmes.

You see, it’s easy to just promote launch after launch and forget about getting commissions that come in whether you promote or not.

Let me tell you this: People are very¬†likely to stay in Society 11 once they’ve seen all that it has to offer, so just like I’m doing here….


Seriously, I can’t tell you how cool it is to not need clicks to make sales (well after the first initial click that is).

If you can find the right angle to market Society 11 you can have commissions coming in every month because most people are NOT going to leave.


So I’ve told you what Society 11 is all about.

I’ve mentioned that this is what the Warrior Forum should be like because now it’s kinda…well shite.

Lord knows I don’t want this to be a Wealthy Affiliate type of post where they’re like:

“Instant Cash Unicorn Tornado Tsunami Profits Explosion is an ok product, I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars, but let me tell you about Wealthy Affiliate which is a 5 out of 5 stars!”

Get da f**k out of here with that sh*t!


I’ve given you some cons & pros on having a membership and hopefully…you drink the Kool-Aid and become one of us.

Now before I depart (if you haven’t noticed already), I want to remind you that the price of a Society 11 membership is currently $27/mo.

However, that price will be going up to $37, then $67, then maybe $97…I’m not sure if it will go above that.¬†

So, if you’d like to get in and have your membership price be locked in before the price goes up to $37/mo, I advise you to click on the one of the many links¬†here that¬†point towards Society 11 <—–(Like THAT one).

Thank you for reading my Society 11 review, I hope you’ve gotten a little chuckle out of it if nothing else.

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, all that Utah Jazz.

~ Your Loving Uncle Phil

Carrie Phil

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