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Affiliate Video Power Pack Review ? An Over The Shoulder Look

Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

Get ready for another boring ass pitch. 

Bahaha! Just kitten.


Sometimes I get access to some really cool stuff…go me.

Well today I’m doing my lil’ Affiliate Video Power Pack Review (just imagine a robot voice while reading that lil’ SEO-driven drivel there hee hee).

Watch the video above to get more in-depth look at the product, I’ll just tell you some of the main things below with words & stuff 🙂

What The Heck Is Affiliate Video Power Pack?


So first things first, Affiliate Video Power Pack is a video marketing product that will help you make affiliate sales by promoting some hot offers in Click Bank. This is something that’s set up so you can add some review videos to YouTube.

That’s what it is in a nutshell.

What Do I Get With This Offer?

Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

So that’s a lil’ ol’ screenshot of what the download page looks like.

Here’s what you get with the front end version of Affiliate Video Power Pack:

  • Product Overview: A short PDF showing you what you need and stuff, very basic stuff
  • Review videos 1-10: 10 High-quality review videos
  • Bonus 1: Some training on how to make your videos unique (since there are quite a bit of people that won’t change a thing)
  • Bonus 2: YouTube video ranking training from Adam Payne

What The Heck Will I Be Promoting?

Now these are review videos for some Click Bank niches that are already selling pretty damn well.

Here are the 10 Click Bank products that you can target with the videos in Affiliate Video Power Pack:

  1. The Fat Loss Factor
  2. Magnetic Messaging
  3. Make Women Want You
  4. Old School New Body
  5. Tao Of Badass
  6. Ted’s Woodworking
  7. Text Your Ex Back
  8. The Venus Factor
  9. What Men Secretly Want
  10. Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Why Should I Care About This At ALL?

So Video Affiliate Power Pack is a lil’ product that claims that it can help you make some commissions from Click Bank with a few well-made review videos. 

I’m don’t know if you’ll make a killing with this product to be completely honest. Anything that promises overnight riches or that claims that you can become rich without putting some work into it is full of shit really. 

However, the reason I like this offer is because I think that you get a lot of bang…for just $5 with this product, but to REALLY get an advantage with this…

I recommend that you get the first OTO called Affiliate Video Power Pack Gold.


No offense…but it’s because I KNOW that most people will buy the $5 front end version and NEVER do a damned thing with it because there is a little work involved (you have to look through the YouTube video ranking training).


They’ll buy it, upload 1-2 videos and ask why the commissions aren’t raking in.

Most people WON’T even take advantage of the really good YouTube training in this product (I recommend you buy this product JUST for the YouTube training in Bonus 2 from Adam Payne if you do nothing else with this at all). 

The bottom line is…

Most people are LAZY and I get that. So if you’d like to really take advantage of this deal I recommend getting the front end offer and the first OTO (upsell). Check out the picture below to see what that download page looks like:

Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

As you can see, there’s intro/outro slides & videos that you can immediately use on these offers and on any offers really. 

I really like some of the video calls to action (CTAs) that are included with this upgrade. 

PLUS, they’ve done the keyword research for you.

They also show you how to use the YouTube editor (I know this is pretty easy to do, but not everyone knows how to use this). 

Now in bonus 1, you do get some simple software that helps you with copying & pasting the title & body that will go into your YouTube post. It’s not gonna do anything crazy for you, it’s just something that’ll save you just a wee bit o’ time when uploading your vids.

But it’s ok.

Now Bonus 2 is pretty darn cool because it gives you some training on Canva which is a really cool free graphics creating tool that I’ve used in the past for my YouTube channel. It’s a great alternative to paid stuff, my favorite.

Your own review site

There is one more upsell called Affiliate Review Megapack, which is a full review site for these videos. 

I’ve gotta be honest here, I’m not sure how this will work for you because it basically is a review site with all 10 review videos, lead capture pages, etc. You just have to go in there and rewrite the blog posts (or outsource this) so you can SEO yo’ shit. 

However, I’m not sure how effective having all 10 Click Bank Review products in all of these different niches would be (although there’s more than one review video on how to pick up women/relationships). 

I say use the review videos/capture pages that are relevant to what you want to do with your site. 

There are email follow ups and lead capture pages included with this package so I do think that’s cool and can help. 


So I think Affiliate Video Power Pack is pretty much a steal for $5 because I think you could make your money back easily IF you actually load the videos up and go balls to the wall with it.

However, the real value will be in picking up the first OTO for this because it has the intros/outros that will help make these videos (and other YouTube videos) unique, keywords to target AND good graphics training which will help you (a good custom thumbnail & slides go a long way).

I hope my lil Affiliate Video Power Pack review has gave you a better idea of whether this is for you or not, thanks for reading this post…hopefully you love this post as much as my cat does 🙂

Make sure and click that big ol’ button below if you wanna check this offer out.

Affiliate Video Power Pack Review

~ Phillip Lopez

Breakfast Embed Review

Breakfast Embed Review

Today I?m giving you my honest opinion “Breakfast Embed” by Lee Murray.

I?ll be giving you the pros & cons on it and here?s a shocker: a BONUS because I like this product wanna give you an incentive to get it through me of course lol.

Forget all that 9.9 out of 10 stars crap, let me just tell you what this product is about, where it falls a little short, and why you should get it anyways.

Overview of Breakfast Embed

So here’s one sentence on what this product is about without giving away the farm:

Breakfast Embed is all about building a niche site, embedding related YouTube videos, and monetizing them (in more than one way).

Now this is an info product, so I don’t really want to give away the farm because I don’t think that’s fair to Lee.

Let’s get to some of the pros and the cons of Breakfast Embed.


You DON’T have to create your own content

You can literally just go to YouTube, grab the embeddable iframe code and make money with it by putting it on your blog. Now there is more that goes into that (it’s explained in the product of course), and I can tell you that a lot of people have a hard time creating content. Call it writer’s block, content creator’s block, or whatever you wanna call it (I get it too!). I know I shot the video on this page about 20 times because you can get caught in a perfectionist mindset.

You’ll be monetizing your blog in a NON-spammy way

Like I said before…this whole 9.9 out of 10 stars just looks spammy to me, I just think it looks spammy. I think that when you do this it can have kind of a “banner blindness” kind of thing. It’ll be easy for people to just see you as another one of those guys.

 Video marketing is VERY powerful

Now I don’t think I have to go too much into this, but video marketing is super dynamic compared to other content. Not everyone wants to read a 1,000 word blog post anymore. You can really increase your branding by using video and the cool thing about the method taught in Breakfast Embed is that you don’t even have to have your face on camera (SIDE NOTE: You can always make your own YouTube videos for increase brandability).

Sound SEO strategies

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no SEO whiz. But I will tell you that if you create good quality content regularly…then you’re stuff will rank on Google faster (FREE TRAFFIC). 

You can get started quickly

Now there is some legwork here (like any real NON-BS “get rich quick” strategy, that doesn’t work mind you lol), but you can get started TODAY. You WON’T be a millionaire overnight, but I want you to think about what it would be like to have a niche site with TONS of content that’s getting subscribers DAILY…and you’re monetizing your blog in a few different ways. 

I just don’t see how you can fail with this strategy IF you put in the legwork guys.

With that being said, let’s get on to the cons of Breakfast Embed.


No product is perfect and I want to tell you about my biggest issue with this product. 

There?s a part in Breakfast Embed where Lee talks about using Spintax (this is something that I have VERY little experience with tbh) that would be better explained with a video. Lee does mention some really cool ways to do this without your text coming out wonky, but I still think a quick video would have been much better.

Also, Lee does mention a tool that will help you immensely with this part. 

I know this is on purpose.

There’s a free and a paid way to do things, and of course the paid way is easier. I have no problem with that, but I still think Lee could’ve made a quick video showing you this. That may be asking too much from a low-ticket product like  this, but I’m just giving you my personal opinion on a part I struggled with a little bit. 

Lee’s a bit of a sailor (like me)

Another thing is that Se?or Murray is a bit of a cusser (so am I), so if you’re uncomfortable with that in ANY way…then I don’t think this is for you because there’s some of that (not a ton, but enough if you don’t like that).


To wrap things up, I think Breakfast Embed is one of the coolest and most sound strategies of making money online I’ve come across because you don’t have to create your own content (mostly) to get started. You could easily buy a niche-related domain name, find free YouTube videos to embed, and monetize them EXACTLY how Lee mentions step-by-step.

I want to thank you for reading/watching my Breakfast Embed review <---(about the extent of my SEO knowledge bahaha).

Check out my bonuses below and there’s a HUGE orange button you can press to get Breakfast Embed and the bonuses through me.



Bonus #1

Breakfast Embed affiliate contest

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Bonus #2


WP Fast Track

Here's a turn-key website that you can use to get your first niche site up and running. I recommend using the 24 "How-To" WordPress videos in here to create your content AND to learn how to do it at the same stinkin' time if you're new to this!

Bonus #3

EZ Launcher

WP EZ launcher

Setting up a WordPress blog can be a pain in the...You can use this plugin to get your blog up and running in about 30 seconds flat.

7 Day Profit System Review

7 Day Profit System Review

Today I’m doing the official lil’ review of my friend and non-countryman?David Fearon’s 7 Day Profit System.

I’ve known him for some time now. David?is kind of like my long, lost English/Australian brother from another father/mother…I think.

I don’t think he’s a robot sent from the future to help me save the human race after teaching me some cool hacks with?making money online, but what do I know I’ve only been alive for 34 years (that I know of) is that he made his first product and released it on September 17, 2016.

Moving on.

Much like many people, David was fed up with his job.

He was working crazy hours and now…

He’s finally been able to quit his job and go full-time employing the strategies he teaches ?you in his very first product.

I ended up getting review access to it and can tell you that this is probably one of the easiest to implement strategies that I’ve ever seen with my human eyes that is (shh, they don’t suspect a thing Phil).

We’ll Be Quirky And Start With Cons

If only I had like an odd beard or a man bun (I stole this from Bridgette Jones’ Baby, I saw it with my damsel a couple of days ago) so I could justify being so random and quirky, but I don’t.

We’ll start with what I don’t like about this product.

First and foremost, it’s the audio that could be a little better. It’s nothing terrible or anything like that, but I think that a better mic would’ve helped improve the quality in Dave’s videos.

Another thing that might be an issue to some of you readers out there is that there is not ebook that goes along with this so I’m listing this as a con for those of you that are sticklers for reading.

However, there is some Power Point slides you can refer to and I think this is an alternative to an ebook, the main copy points are on there.

One last thing that one could consider a con is that while you can download all the audio and the PDFS/Power Point slides…

You can’t download the video and you may be stuck in the dreaded buffering pause because you have a shitty connection thing whenever you’re somewhere where the wifi is slow for whatever reason. I personally like to download videos and watch them on double or more time to learn more faster and only take notes on the important stuff.

Oh, one more thing is that the videos are on Vimeo and unless I’m crazy, you can’t speed those up like you can on YouTube so yeah..(feel free to comment below if you know otherwise).

I can’t really think of much else that was really a con other than these couple of things.

Let’s move on to the pros.

I’ve Got Pros In Different Area Codes

The 7 Day Profit System?is a very easy to implement product. I know so myself because I’ve had some experience with setting up a Facebook group of my own and can tell you that the biggest overhead will really just be your time, no push button BS here partna, it’s either gonna be time or money you invest into this.

But if an idiot/sexy bastard like me can figure it out…then so can you.

One of the main reasons I love this strategy is because Facebook groups ?can literally make you an authority overnight.


Because people are just lazy, plain & simple and even though it’s completely free to set up a FB group…

They won’t do it.

Also, it’s a community here.

Basically you’re creating a tribe where you’re the mofo-ing leader and they can all see just about everything you want them to see (except no d**k pics though, that could get you banned I think).


David included a downloadable audio version.?

I personally find it a little annoying when there’s no audio in a product.

A lot of products are usually a series of videos and (you may say “holy shit this happens to me all the time!” here) when I go running and try to listen to a video whenever I do go running or do some other kinda exercise, I usually accidentally have a?button pushed and now I’ve got to stop and reload the crap and write a really long run-on sentence that just seems to go on and on and on and on and…

Damn, shoulda left that part out.

Meh, whatever.

Furthermore, moreover, blah blah blah keep reading.

It’s basically an interactive email list

I’ve found that a FB group is great because since you’re the head honcho/(honcha?) it’s basically an interactive email list where you’ll get instant feedback at times.

Not to mention that it’s YOUR group, people see 100% of your posts/links/whatever as long as FB allows it or there’s a workaround.

My suggestion is that you use the “Files” section in your group to have bonuses for your group that lead back to your blog (if you have one) or other offers that will make you money or get people onto your actual email list.

I suggest using either Get Response for an autoresponder or a cool lil’ WordPress plugin semi-alternative called Mailit.?

I use both.

The reason I say this is because no matter what, you’re on a third party’s platform, and I’m not sure if there will be limitations put on groups in the future so don’t put all of your internet marketing eggs in a FB basket.

Well don’t I feel smart.

Here’s Where I Tell You What To Do Next

I hopes youz guyz has enjoyed my (unapologetic keywords stuffing here lol) 7 Day Profit System review.

My recommendation is that you pick this up if you’re looking to make some supplemental cash or if you completely go “balls to the wall” and eventually quit your job and go full-time with it like David did.

TL/DR VERSION: The 7 Day Profit System is all about setting up a Facebook group/groups and making money either selling digital or physical product by becoming an authority quickly.?

I fully believe this can help you.?

Thanks for reading my review.

I tried to put this out yesterday, but had the issues I mention in this video:

Oy… Anyhoo, here a few of the bonuses I’m including for anyone that buys through me:

? Just in case you missed that you can get this through me along with all zee bonuses…

>>Click Here To Get The 7 Day Profit System Along With ALL The Bonuses!!

Thanks for your time.

It’s time for me to be super Mexican and go eat some Menudo now.



It’s All You Need: My Honest Review

It’s All You Need: My Honest Review

Today I?m doing a fun lil? review of Lee Murray?s It?s All You Need. SPOILER ALERT: ?That thing is good 😉 This lil? money making strategy (or better yet, strategies) is a ?choose your own adventure? type of digital product that?s ALL about email marketing. I think I?m the first person to ever say this: ?El dinero, esta en la lista?. Boom 😉 Ok, so where were we? Ah yes… So, there are 3 different ways to get to the Land o? Cashola and basically…you?re Chuck-friggin?-Norris on a long-haired white horse heading towards the promised land and you?re slaying the ?Shiny Object Syndrome? dragons along the way. ? Man oh man, how they love that shiny Internet Marketing gold! Chuck Norris Them dragons don?t stand a chance! Moving on. Look, I?ll tell you some of the things that might be a con here for some people first. It seems like it?s always Pros first no? Well as my long lost cousin 2 Chainz says ?I?m different…I?m different? bahaha I actually love that song/rap or whatever you wanna call it.


First of all, I?m a 34-year-old dude that cusses like a sailor and Lee?s writing style just works because…well I?m just a bro at heart. I?m not a jock or anything like that, but what I?m saying is I?m thick-skinned and…well sticks and stones people, I don?t get too offended by Les petite mots. However, I realize that I?m not of this world and there is some people out there that ARE offended by such things?.so much so that they can?t really follow along with a course like this. Hey, I?m not judging I?m just saying that if a wee bit o? cussing bothers you, well this email marketing course/guide/whatever is NOT for you. Also, this is an eBook so if you?re NOT a reader and you don?t have the money to get the first upsell (video version), then this isn?t for you. One last thing is that Lee doesn?t tell you how to do EVERYTHING step-by-step here people. If you think you can make money online WITHOUT putting even a little work into it well this won?t work for you. There is no push button kinda thingy going on here (or anywhere really).


Lee is (in Christopher Walken voice) HILARIOUS, he?s funny…a SILLY dude at heart. Hmm, I believe I?ve just created captioned imitations! His writing is just ?edu-taining? as sir Michael Cheney would put it. His content just makes you laugh out loud or at least chuckle to yourself saying ?I got that Lee… I got it?. Also, he speaks of things he?s actually done or is doing. That?s one thing I?ve noticed in this and prior courses from Lee, if he doesn?t know or isn?t practicing something he?ll just tell you that it exists and that you could still make money from it in theory, but he?s not actually practicing it. Not everyone will do this. I also friggin? LOVE the ?choose your own adventure? thing Lee?s got going in this course. You?ll see what I mean.


I absolutely LOVED It?s All You Need and I just want to shout it from the mountain tops. Ok, maybe that?s a bit much. In the spirit of all that is Chuck Norris, I give this product 2 fists up. 2 Fists Up2 Fists Up   Hmm…that could be taking a bit out of context I?ve just realized. Oh well. What I?m saying here folks is that if you?re an internet marketer AND you want to make a consistent income online rather than just affiliate commissions here and there, then you should pick this up. All kidding aside, this is an excellent email marketing product that you?ll find very useful. I liked It’s All You Need so much that I made this video where I’m talking about how I’m going to share ANY profits I make from the affiliate contest with EVERYONE that buys through me. On top of ?this, ?I?m gonna throw in a couple of bonuses that are SPECIFIC to the product, no PLR crap from the 1800?s. Here’s a little video where I’m talking about them:   Click the button below to learn more. Go Here Button Remember to send me an email to with a copy of your receipt so I can give you access to your bonuses and so we can share the prize money if I win or place in the affiliate contest! ALWAYS fell free to leave me a comment letting me know what you think or to just shoot this shiz 😉 -Phil

Commission Black Ops Review

Commission Black Ops [REVIEW]

Commission Black Ops Review Header Image

Today I’ve got a little review of Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops.

“What the heck is Commission Black Ops Phil?” I’m glad you asked my young Padawan learner 😉 This product is all about?affiliate marketing, where Michael Cheney shows you his $39,041.46 in commissions per month method.

Commission Black Ops Review Cat Picture
Yeah, that’s a pretty bold claim and you will notice that Michael Cheney doesn’t screw around. Now you may think that the dude is full of shit, that he’s all hype, but let me show you what other people thought about this Commission Black Ops launch:

Commission Black Ops Stats
4,000 sales ain’t too shabby son. I’d say he knows what the hell he’s talking about. Of course, a nice little screen shot of his income earnings can’t hurt can it?

Commission Black Ops Income Proof
I rather like the Call of Duty Black Ops theme for this product, being a gamer and internet marketer myself. I think a themed product is a pretty kick-ass way to stand out above other BORING launches.



First and foremost, Michael Cheney is “edu-taining”, a term?I rather like. A little?made up compound word derived from education and entertainment…shocker. Commission Black Ops is split up into 5 Modules that fall in line with the Call of Duty-ish theme:
  1. Mission De-brief
  2. Select Your Target
  3. Locate the Golden Drop Zone
  4. Choose Your Weapons
  5. Fire At Will!

Easy Way To Make Cool Headlines

Michael has a cool British dude voice and his headlines are AWESOME. He seems to have a way with words and it just makes sense that he knows how to make headlines that attract attention. He’s a got a sneaky little way on how you can create your own ?cool, catchy headlines that get clicks. The best part is that you can use these headlines just about anywhere (blog, video, social media, etc.). They DEFINITELY get attention.

Multi-Media Training

Commission Black Ops Multi-Media Michael has video, audio & PDF versions of his training, which I like.? I go walking (and sometimes running) and love to be able to listen to nerdy training lol (don’t judge me). Also, I sometimes don’t have the patience to listen to a whole video or the audio, I’d rather just scan a page and only read what I need to know. Boom.

$10K/Month Webinar Training

Now, I won’t lie. Commission Black Ops?does NOT go real in-depth?on how to get traffic in the front end offer. It?does show you a really neat way to use Facebook to get traffic even if you’re a ?newbie without a list.? Also, I must add that this webinar is a big pitch for iPro, a high-end product from Dean Holland which is WAY out of my price range (probably yours too, for the most part). However, I do think Michael’s Facebook training here explains something that is massively overlooked by a lot of people using Facebook to market their business.


?Intro Video

I don’t know about you, but this shit drives me B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I?just don’t get why vendors put intro videos that you CAN’T fast forward in front of every module (I don’t care so much about outro videos at the end because I just go on to the next video). I get it, you want to brand your stuff and it’s only like 15 seconds but geez…why not just use this on the first damn video or at least make it easy to skip?! Ok, I’m stepping off of my soapbox lol.

Not Much Technical Training

Like I mentioned before, Commission Black Ops lacks a lot of technical training. I think this is the weakest point in the product.?


I think Commission Black Ops is a very good product, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s for the?complete wet behind the ears newbie?with the front end training itself. However, I will say that the training in the $10K per month webinar does make up for this a bit. I think this product is definitely worth picking up, right now it’s priced at $19.95 and I think that Michael’s product is a bit evergreen since it’s based around some pretty easy and fun ways on?how to promote other peoples’ products.

Click on the gun below for more info!

Commission Black Ops CTA Pic

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Ready to earn right away and deployable on Facebook, your blog and autoresponders.? ? ? ? ?

How to claim your bonuses:

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Thanks kiddos 😉