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What I Learned From Being Mentored By Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys

What I Learned From Being Mentored By Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys is a millionaire.

He was able to get there by being mentored himself by Mike Filsaime and some other very successful coaches and his vessel was by launching information products. I bought the Super Product some time ago from him and to be honest…I bought MOST of the upsells that were in that sales funnel.

He?s a very good marketer.

I actually created a product with the help of his training  in the Super Product, which I found to be very good training for a “wet behind the ears” newbie like me.

Despite having my product pretty much created, I was still kind of clueless on what to do next.

I kept hearing/seeing more and more about Alex Jeffreys and saw his free training The 5 Pillars of Instant Internet Success, a pretty great 4-video series on how to be successful online. This was a precursor to his backend coaching ?Marketing With You?.

I bit in.


Now, here?s where it gets a little crazy.

After watching that 5 Pillars training there is an ?Apply Now? button at the bottom, which led to a survey form asking you a bunch of stuff they probably already know like ?where are you struggling with your business? and things of that nature (I don?t remember the exact questions).

The main question was ?How much starting capital do you have available right now to invest in working with Alex Jeffreys?? and it has a range of $500 up to $25K.

I filled out all the details and got a call from one of his staff members.

They made it sound like not everyone is accepted and I was told that the cost was $7K.

I won?t mention exactly how much I paid because that?s their deal and if people are willing to pay that much then I can?t really blame a marketer for getting as much as he/she can.

I paid much less, that?s all I?ll say.

Main Training

This is a 6-month mentorship program.  

The main training is basically live calls every Thursday at 3 pm GMT with Alex that can go as long as 4 hours, he doesn?t stop until the questions stop in a webinar-style class.

I found this very intimidating and I don?t think I?m alone.

There were several students in the mentorship program and I think this is very daunting for a complete newbie or even someone like me, someone between novice and intermediate, because I had made some money online.

Complementary Training

Complementary to the main training is the membership site where you?ll have access to many of Alex?s previous products, which are very good along with a mastermind FB group you can join.

In the membership site there are several videos (very long ones), worksheets that you can fill out, and you?re generally supposed to go in order.

I found a lot of these videos to be quite dated, the audio quality was very poor, and there was a lot of regurgitated information (I get it that you really have to beat some stuff into people but a lot of the information is very similar and super repetitive).

Because I was so excited to be in the program, I overlooked these things to be completely honest. I was like, ?this is good information…I can do this!?

Failure To Launch

Now Alex?s main training focuses on launching your own digital products and having affiliates promote.

Seems simple…on paper that is.

I had my product pretty much done since I created it back when I got my training from the Super Product.

However, I was kind of clueless about how to make the website, hook my product up to JV Zoo (Alex?s recommended affiliate platform) and a some other technical details. This was a common problem in the group I soon learned.

People had a product pretty much created their own product and had a hard time knowing what to do next.

I?d ask Alex about this via email (it was very hard to get an email back from Alex quickly) and I?d ask in the mastermind FB group as well. The general consensus was to outsource the web designing (which is tough when you?ve already paid a lot of money to be in the program), but I did and that was a pain in the ass because I just couldn?t get the pages I wanted…the way I wanted…when I wanted.


Now this may be just because I should?ve gone with a different designer, but it’s just what I ran into. To date I have not launched my product because of all the complications.



This blog post may be a little controversial because I?m still in the program, but I?m only speaking from my experience and I want you to be well-informed if you?ve been thinking of entering this or any other kind of high-end mentorship/coaching program.

I?ve had a falling out with the program myself, but that?s not to say other mentorship programs aren?t great or even that this one can’t work. I just found that this wasn’t for me. What you can take from this post is that you should do extensive research when you?re thinking of being mentored and it?s a top dollar program.

Reach out to some of the people that have been a part of the program and have ACTUALLY gone through it before deciding, don?t just listen to the testimonials on the mentor’s website or any affiliate promoting the program because they?re most likely/100% biased.

I hope you find some value in this post. I’d love to hear about any thoughts you have on this in the comments below.

~ Phil

P.S.  In November of 2016, I launched my first real product called Lethal Affiliate Weapon.

I made about 80 sales during launch week which felt great. I’ve now moved on to using Facebook like a boss by using live videos, compelling Facebook posts,  my Facebook group and basically just free Facebook traffic.

If you’d like to pick up the first 2 modules of that, look at that lil’ form below and there’s enough information in those modules to get you started with marketing on Facebook with Free Traffic.

Thank you for reading my lil’ post here.


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The Super Product Formula Review

UPDATE: The Super Product Formula is no longer available 🙁

The Super Product Formula Review

(Click on the video above if you want to get an over-the-shoulder type of review) The Super Product Formula by Alex Jeffreys hit the digital shelves on August 19, 2015, and it?s racked up over 2,000 sales (just on the front end) on JVZoo. This review will tell you what I think are the pros and cons as I?ve personally bought this and am currently in the digital product creation process. You be the judge on whether The Super Product Formula is for you. All I can tell you is what my experience has been so far and what I?m doing with the information provided.


The Super Product Formula can be boiled down to a cycle of 6 steps:
  1. Niche Selection
  2. Product Creation
  3. Sales Material
  4. Automation
  5. Traffic
  6. Email Marketing
Basically, you can create a digital product by either interviewing an expert, becoming or partnering up with an expert and maybe splitting the profits. Whatever it takes to?make the product. As long as you can ask the questions in the interviews that Alex Jeffreys tells you to ask, you?re golden.



Facebook Group

facebook-793048_1280 You can join Alex Jeffreys’ Facebook group and network with other like-minded individuals who can help review your product, create testimonials, and you can get free copies of stuff that will hit the digital shelves later.?

Multiple Media Options

Multi Media First of all, Alex Jeffreys has close to 90 minutes of training that you can go over in either video, audio, or in PDF. You can download any or all of these files so you can watch the video without an Internet connection, listen to the audio version in your car (or working out), or if you?re a reader like me, you can go directly to what you want to read in the PDF. Alex goes through the training step-by-step and shows you mind maps he?s created on Mindmeister (free online tool, check it out) and explain each step thoroughly.

Fill In The Blank Templates

writing-880007_1280 After you watch, hear, or read The Super Product Formula?s main training Alex has provided the following downloadable templates:

The 60-Minute Sales Letter Template

This includes what kind of copy you need in order to create a sales letter that…well sells. You?ll see that it is stuff that he includes in his own sales letters.

The Super Product Checklist?

A simple list on what?s the next step.

Interview Getting Email Swipe

You?re going to be interviewing experts so here?s a simple email you can send that is not too pushy (although I didn?t need to use this with my product just to be honest).

Interview Template?

How the interview will go along with the questions you can tweak to your specific niche to ask the expert.?

How To Create An Impactful Interview

Additional questions that will help you overcome any vague or maybe short answers by your expert.


favorite-153144_1280 On top of the main training and fill in the blank templates, Alex has included the following bonuses in The Super Product Formula:

Alex?s ?Black Book? Resources Guide

?Basically what resources & tools he personally uses when creating a product.

The Lazy Man?s Outsourcing Guide?

Here you have links to how you can outsource the whole thing. You can even outsource the interview itself?although I wouldn?t recommend this because I think you should brand yourself and get comfortable on camera.

Copy and Profit Email Swipe

Emails you send to the list you have built by creating your product.

Two Step Affiliate-Getting Email Swipe

Alex teaches you how to get affiliates to do the selling for you and gives you the exact email to send and when to send it.

More Unannounced Bonuses

favorite-153144_1280favorite-153144_1280     Don?t worry I?m announcing them so you know EXACTLY what you?re getting.

Free Hosting

?Here you get a 1-month coupon code for JVZoo Hosting.

The Five Pillars of Instant Internet Success

A link to Alex?s free 4 part video series where you can apply for his ?Inner Circle? if you want to supercharge making money online, but it will cost you. I don?t know the price because I?m not in his Inner Circle and haven?t really looked into it for myself…yet lol.

Alex?s 3 Part Ebooks

You also get these 3 books as well:
  1. Guru?s Dream
  2. Newbie?s Nightmare
  3. Guru?s Nightmare
I?m about halfway through?the 3rd book right now and can say that they?re pretty awesome. They?re not stuffed with affiliate links, although there is a link at the bottom of them for some free coaching he was offering at the time they came out. There?s very informative stuff in these books (these books are longer than usual), READ THEM IF YOU DECIDE TO BUY.


One big training module

The biggest con for me is that the main training is all in one roughly 90-minute video. I like it much, much better when the training is split up into multiple modules. I think that makes it easier to follow than just watching the main training and taking notes, but that?s me. If this is a deal breaker I recommend you look for another product.

Upsells and Downsells

Here are the OTOs (One Time Offers) you will come across:
  • $47 Membership Coachingx
  • $27 The Ultimate Bundlex
I actually bought these and they?re pretty darn good, but I will say that the audio is a little crappy at times and some of the information is very similar in all honesty.

Bad Grammar

I will say that there is a bit of bad grammar in the Super Product Formula. Alex is a guy that was not meant for school and he does not hide that, he?s dyslexic and not a very good speller. If this is a deal breaker I repeat, this is not the product for you.


I did notice that some of the interview questions get a little repetitive when you actually do your interviews. I?d say it?s best to tweak them a bit so you don?t come off as super redundant to correct this.


Well, here we are… I hate goodbyes! Hahaha! I love that movie. It really got me through some tough times… Moving on. Ok so where were we?? Ah yes, my Super Product Formula Review conclusion (duh silly buns). Hehe, I?m easily amused. How about you? Seriously though, the Super Product Formula has been the quickest action I?ve taken on any product I?ve bought or just downloaded for free. I STRONGLY recommend it (I?m not doing that I give it 7/10 stars or whatever, that?s not my style either I like it or not). If you follow the formula to the tee you will be able to:
  • Create your own product
  • Learn how to do interviews and get comfortable on camera
  • Network with people you didn?t think you could network with
  • Make money with the email list you build?
Boom. I have included a few affiliate links above where I will make a commission. ?If you buy through me I also have a little bonus in there too that will help with the interview process. This comes at no extra cost to you. If you don?t trust me enough to buy through me, that?s fine. I STILL RECOMMEND buying the Super Product Formula. Here is the Non-Affiliated Link to buy this: I hope my Super Product Formula Review has been helpful. Right now it?s priced at $17, it?s not my product so I don?t know if it will stay at that price or go up someday. It did go up from when I first bought it on a dime sale (which means the price goes up with every purchase from launch date). That?s it guys, have a great day. I will depart with this great quote: [dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”300px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]?But until a person can say deeply and honestly, ?I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday,? that person cannot say, ?I choose otherwise.? ??Stephen R. Covey[/dropshadowbox] Later Gators. -Phil