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Commission Black Ops & Bonuses

Commission Black Ops Review

Commission Black Ops [REVIEW]

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Today I’ve got a little review of Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops.

“What the heck is Commission Black Ops Phil?” I’m glad you asked my young Padawan learner 😉 This product is all about?affiliate marketing, where Michael Cheney shows you his $39,041.46 in commissions per month method.

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Yeah, that’s a pretty bold claim and you will notice that Michael Cheney doesn’t screw around.

Now you may think that the dude is full of shit, that he’s all hype, but let me show you what other people thought about this Commission Black Ops launch:

Commission Black Ops Stats
4,000 sales ain’t too shabby son. I’d say he knows what the hell he’s talking about. Of course, a nice little screen shot of his income earnings can’t hurt can it?

Commission Black Ops Income Proof
I rather like the Call of Duty Black Ops theme for this product, being a gamer and internet marketer myself. I think a themed product is a pretty kick-ass way to stand out above other BORING launches.



First and foremost, Michael Cheney is “edu-taining”, a term I rather like.

A little made up compound word derived from education and entertainment…shocker.

Commission Black Ops is split up into 5 Modules that fall in line with the Call of Duty-ish theme:
  1. Mission De-brief
  2. Select Your Target
  3. Locate the Golden Drop Zone
  4. Choose Your Weapons
  5. Fire At Will!

Easy Way To Make Cool Headlines

Michael has a cool British dude voice and his headlines are AWESOME. He seems to have a way with words and it just makes sense that he knows how to make headlines that attract attention. He’s a got a sneaky little way on how you can create your own ?cool, catchy headlines that get clicks. The best part is that you can use these headlines just about anywhere (blog, video, social media, etc.). They DEFINITELY get attention.

Multi-Media Training

Commission Black Ops Multi-Media Michael has video, audio & PDF versions of his training, which I like.? I go walking (and sometimes running) and love to be able to listen to nerdy training lol (don’t judge me). Also, I sometimes don’t have the patience to listen to a whole video or the audio, I’d rather just scan a page and only read what I need to know. Boom.

$10K/Month Webinar Training

Now, I won’t lie. Commission Black Ops?does NOT go real in-depth?on how to get traffic in the front end offer. It?does show you a really neat way to use Facebook to get traffic even if you’re a ?newbie without a list.? Also, I must add that this webinar is a big pitch for iPro, a high-end product from Dean Holland which is WAY out of my price range (probably yours too, for the most part). However, I do think Michael’s Facebook training here explains something that is massively overlooked by a lot of people using Facebook to market their business.


Intro Video

I don’t know about you, but this shit drives me B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I?just don’t get why vendors put intro videos that you CAN’T fast forward in front of every module (I don’t care so much about outro videos at the end because I just go on to the next video). I get it, you want to brand your stuff and it’s only like 15 seconds but geez…why not just use this on the first damn video or at least make it easy to skip?! Ok, I’m stepping off of my soapbox lol.

Not Much Technical Training

Like I mentioned before, Commission Black Ops lacks a lot of technical training. I think this is the weakest point in the product.


I think Commission Black Ops is a very good product, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s for the “complete wet behind the ears newbie” with the front end training itself. However, I will say that the training in the $10K per month webinar does make up for this a bit. I think this product is definitely worth picking up, right now it’s priced at $19.95 and I think that Michael’s product is a bit evergreen since it’s based around some pretty easy and fun ways on?how to promote other peoples’ products.

Click on the gun below for more info!

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**Limited Time Bonuses That Expire Midnight 4/3/16**

I have included some bonuses that will expire midnight on 4/03/2016 if you purchase through my link:?

Facebook Pixel Insert Bonus Plugin for Commission Black Ops You can easily add a retargeting pixel to any WordPress site so you can track down already hungry buyers. ? ? ?

Commission Black Ops Bonus The newbie’s step-by-step proven blueprint on how to create your own?YouTube channel that makes you sales…over and over again. ? ?

7 Deadly Myths Ecover
The controversial truth about info products which will change the face of internet marketing forever. ? ? ? ?

The Customer Magnet Ecover?How to easily?double, triple and quadruple the number of customers you attract for virtually no extra cost or effort. ? ? ? ?

Uncensored Affiliate Secrets ImageDiscover how to hit #1 on all the Leaderboards, lap up lucrative leads and laugh all the way to the bank! ? ? ? ?

Six-Figure Funnel SecretsThe #1 reason why 97.9% of internet marketers fail to make money (and what to do about it). ? ? ?

Michael's Traffic Videos ImageYES! This best-selling Traffic Videos program sold to the public for $147 and you’re getting the complete Platinum Edition here for free. ? ? ? ?

Little Known Lucrative List Secrets Simple to follow, step-by-step actions you can take to get your first 1000 subscribers. (Fast and easy to do.) ? ? ?

Copy and Paste Promos Image ?

Ready to earn right away and deployable on Facebook, your blog and autoresponders.? ? ? ? ?

How to claim your bonuses:

Send the receipt from your purchase to:? [email protected]

Thanks kiddos 😉


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