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Creating A YouTube Channel: A Cheater?s Guide

CREATING A CHANNEL-A CHEATER'SGUIDEWhether you?re creating a YouTube channel for yourself, your business, or whatever reason it can be a little hard to know what to do first.This post will teach you actionable steps that you can take in order to get your YouTube up and running quickly.Oh and if you don’t have access to the?YouTube Traffic Blueprint Unleashed, do that NOW you silly goose.One Topicnumber-437919_1280It?s REALLY easy to get stuck in the mentality that you can just create a channel where you just talk a little bit about…well everything.DON?T DO THIS! ?Sorry, I didn?t mean to yell, but I had to get my point across.?If you are just starting out you probably kind of suck at videos (lord knows I still do) so it?s going to be pretty difficult to be a natural on camera for the most part.You really need to narrow down your channel to just one specific topic or product where you that is ALL you talk about. Make it something you like and can come up with 20-25 video ideas on from the get go kiddos, otherwise you?ll probably get bored.The more narrowed down, the better. For instance, if you want to make a channel that?s all making smoothies, make it all about a specific blender! For instance, check out Nutrilbullettime, a YouTube channel that is dedicated to everything NutriBulllet (mostly smoothies).Here?s one of Kam?s most popular videos below (think you can do something like this?):
As you can see, this is a channel that gets views and as you make more and more videos on one subject/product your YouTube channel starts to become an authority in your niche.The more subscribers and views that you get, the more likely people are to:
  • Visit your website
  • Click on your Amazon (Or other affiliate programs) affiliate offer
  • Subscribe/watch your videos
  • Click on ads
You want your viewers to know EXACTLY what they?re getting when they come to your videos.Pick a relevant namedog-tags-312353_1280 (1) My YouTube channel is all about helping newbies get their own channel started and looking damn good from the beginning.I?m kind of a silly goose so I decided to call mine YouTubing 4 Idiots. The name pretty much says what my channel is about.Here’s my most popular video:
You get what I mean.If you?re having trouble coming up with a name feel free to drop a comment below or tweet me and I?ll help if I can ;).Channel Artwhite-82698_1280Humans are visual creatures I know I am.If I see an ebook, website or a sweet-looking YouTube channel I?ll either watch the video, subscribe, or both.Simple, no?Channel art can be a little tricky, but hey I just so happen to have a video that shows you how you can create your YouTube channel art step-by-step, for free using an awesome little website called Canva?and Pixabay.?There are multiple uses for this tool, Canva?is awesome.
Watch the video, it?s super simple and if you have any questions just leave a comment below or tweet me, I?m here to help kiddos.Moving on.Channel Trailermovie-596154_1280Did you know that you can have a video that automatically plays when new visitors come to your channel?It?s called your YouTube channel trailer and I recommend you make one (it’s very simple as you’ll see).Here?s a video that will show you what you need to do step-by-step.
It?s simple and as you can see you can also have a featured video for returning subscribers and popular videos below the trailer.Make it simple and explain what your channel is all about. Also, if you have any website you want to mention…well mention it lol.10 Videos from the get gonumber-437928_1280Remember when I said to have 20-25 ideas from the start?Well this is where need them, but make sure to have all your videos recorded and ready to upload so you can start your channel off with some pop.If you only have 1 video up on your channel it may not be the exact thing someone is looking for. Make it easier for them to use your channel to solve a problem by having 10 solved from the beginning.Monetize your channelregister-810546_1280You really want to make sure you have a monetization strategy in place for your channel. If all you?re talking about is blenders, hey maybe you should become an Amazon Affiliate for and link people to blenders and other related products.On the other hand, you can also monetize your YouTube channel with Google Adsense. Basically, this is a way of displaying targeted ads along with whatever content you?re putting on YouTube (another reason you want your channel to be niched down, you?ll have more relevant ads that people will actually want to click on).See the video below to see how to set your Adsense up step-by-step:
As you can see, it?s not rocket science as most of you already have a Google account, if you don?t…well set one up lol.And…yeah.In total, here are 6 steps you can apply TODAY start creating your own YouTube channel.Here they are:
  1. One topic: Make sure your channel has 1 main topic/product that you?re talking about.
  2. Pick a relevant name: You channel?s name should hopefully contain your topic/product in it or something VERY close.
  3. Channel Art: Create awesome channel art with the free tool Canva to make your channel look WAY more professional.
  4. Channel Trailer: Add a channel trailer to tell people about your channel AS SOON as they arrive, build trust and authority from the get go.
  5. 10 Videos from the get go: Attract viewers and subscribers by having 10 videos they can watch RIGHT AWAY.
  6. Monetize your channel: Have a plan on how you?re going to make money from YouTube. You can promote offers or just make some money from Google Adsense.
So there you have it, pretty simple stuff.I want to remind you guys that if you want to get a little more in-depth on creating your channel, what kind of videos to make, and all that other mess to download YouTube Traffic Blueprint Unleashed?(it?s free) or just check out my YouTube channel YouTubing 4 Idiots.Thanks guys hope this has been informative!I will depart you today with an awesome video that motivates the hell out of me.

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