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David Fearon’s 40 Oz. Interview

So last Friday my good friend David Fearon’s better half abandoned him for the night so we jumped on a good ol’ Skype call and did a supremely classy 40 oz. interview.

CORRECTION: I Drank a 40 oz. of Miller High Life not MGD.

I don’t drink much Miller (I’m more of a Zima kinda guy, you know…the hard stuff).

Anyhow, in this lil’ adorable interview you’ll hear me throw softballs at David asking him about his new product called the 7 Day Profit System?as I guzzle down a 40 because I have a problem.

Shocker here…methinks the damned thing is pretty good.


I will say this:The 7 Day Profit System is not for lazy f**ks.

There ain’t any push button kinda stuff period.You have to work for it son.

With that being said, I truly believe this system can make you money even if you’re one of those people who’s peepers glaze over when you hear words like split-testing, landing page, opt in, etc.

There’s some solid stuff here and I totes McGoats recommend it.

Anyhoo, watch the video and laugh, learn a little bit all while an immense amount of sexual tension in this silly lil’ 40 oz. interview.


Welp, that’s pretty much it.Thanks for reading this now I repeat…watch that video above!


-PhilP.S. Don’t forget to pick up my lil Zero To Hero In 30 Days Training below kiddos, have a great Monday or whatever it is wherever you are.

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