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Facebook Chatbots: 5 Reasons You Should Give A Damn

Did you know that Facebook chatbots can be your ultimate marketing tool?

These wonderful lil' mofos can be programmed in a plethora of ways.

Basically, chatbots can interact on your behalf to do numerous things, and even behave as if you personally were talking to each prospect.


Wow, what a time to be alive eh?

Alright, keep reading to see the 5 reasons you should give a damn about these suckers.

Damned Reason #1 Build Your Subscriber List

They tell you...

Build your list.

The money is in the list.

The list is everything.

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This has been hammered into your skull ever since you became a marketer.

But “the list” has usually been about email.

Collect your prospects' email at all costs!

Get them to opt in.

Then (if you want to be uber careful) get them to confirm their subscription.

Oh, then get them to whitelist your email.

Talk about jumping through hoops! 

Times have changed…

The "money is in the list" right?

The "money is in the list" thingy still rings true.

But "the list" is now compiled from multiple sources.

Email is not the only (or best) way to reach your prospects anymore.

The only thing on the marketer's mind should be engagement with their prospect.

"The only thing on the marketer's mind should be engagement with their prospect."

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Whatever way you can use to get their attention, build rapport, gain trust, converse with them and eventually convert them to buyers.

I mean we still read emails of course, but let me ask you...

Which are you most likely to open below?

Facebook Chatbots 1

Which one feels more personal...

More important?

Now, which one is easier to ignore?

Most of us would open our Facebook messenger.

It's really quite easy to just ignore email.

Therefore, it makes complete sense to concentrate your efforts on messenger marketing.

This leads us right to the next powerful reason you should be using Facebook chatbots.

Damned Reason #2 Personalized Autoresponder

You can’t get more personalized than getting an instant message from a friend.

As we’ve discussed, as a prospect you’re much more likely to open a message once they receive a notification.

But, as a marketer, it’s all well and good sending personalized messages to each of your prospects.

But what happens when you have 500 people to send to?

What if you you wanted to send one message to all of them?

Send them an auto-reply when they “opt in”?

Or send a follow up sequence like an email autoresponder?

This is where these mighty Facebook chatbots come in.

A chatbot can be programmed to converse with people automatically.

It’s like an email autoresponder, but the flow is like a real conversation.

You can use it the same way as Aweber or Get Response, but with so many more possibilities.

You can simply “blast” a message to everyone on your list.

Or send a set sequence of messages.

But how about we get a little more complex?

Damned Reason #3 Client (Or Prospect) Engagement

Robert Cialdini's “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”mentioned a psychological characteristic called the “rule of consistency”.

He mentions (to illustrate the point involved) volunteers asking homeowners in a California neighborhood to give permission to havea large sign to be installed in their front yard.

This was tested on 2 separate groups of (similar) residents.

With the first group...the vast majority (83%) refused. 

You can probably understand why.

No one wants a huge sign in their yard, covering the front of their house and causing unwanted attention. 

Would you?

But with the second group (the same volunteers asked the same question)...over 70% agreed to it!


What was the difference?

Remember, these prospects were quite identical.

There was nothing different about them. 

So what gives?

Well, for the second group, the “volunteers” had previously visited said residents and asked them to display a smaller 3-inch sign that read: 

"Be Safe Driver"

When they approached them again, 2 weeks later, with the bigger request for the huge sign, the homeowners found it difficult to refuse.

People feel the need to be consistent with the way they're portrayed. 

If you’re going to agree to a small sign...why would you refuse to install a larger one?

Especially if it’s for a good cause.

This is called a “foot in the door” technique.

Once someone has agreed to one thing, they are more likely to agree to another.

What has this got to do with chat bots?

Well, imagine you were in a conversation with a prospect.

If you can get them nodding their head, and wholeheartedly agreeing with what you’re saying, it’s much easier to persuade them to to take whatever action you desire.

Whether it is to sign up to your email list, buy a product, or simply click through a link.

For example:

Facebook Chatbots 2

This isn't Rocket Science here. Just get them to the next step in a non-spammy way.

As soon as the prospect clicks “Sup Unc?”, we have engagement.

He/she has made a small commitment (remember the 3 inch sign?).

Now we have their attention.

Facebook Chatbots 3

WARNING: Do NOT start sending people to DIRECT affiliate links. Use bridge pages.

We can then carry on leaving breadcrumbs.

Each “click” on whichever option is a further “nod of the head”.

And the prospect always has control. 

They should never feel forced.

Make them feel they're controlling the conversation and you're golden. 

They don't feel pressured, are totally relaxed and can leave at any time.

This is the power of Facebook chatbots. 

You can program pretty much ANY response you want and you can do it in a non-salesy or sleazy way.

Damned Reason #4 Create Your 24/7/365 Sales Machine

If you can lead the prospect down a breadcrumb trail, you can eventually make the sale.

Your chatbot can be your sales funnel.

You can introduce practically any copywriting element, trick, or technique that would normally be used on a sales page, squeeze page, or some kinda "presell" type o' content.

But now we have the power of everything mentioned in damned reasons 1-3.

Copywriters have been wanting this for years. 

If only prospects would engage more with sales pages, take in the information and even interact with it.

Before now, twas a lil' rough. 

Someone would simply be shown a long ass sales page that would make your eyes glaze over faster than you can say "Buehler".

Most would skim the page.

Maybe look at some sub headings.

Zoom straight to the buy button to check out how much it is and then either buy...come back another time...

Or worse.

Completely forget it exists.

This is not possible if you’re in the middle of a conversation.

Whether it's with a real person or not...

You’re more likely to read every word. 

You would need to so you can carry on to the next step.

Can you see how powerful this is?

They say that a sales letter is like a thousand salesmen working for you around the clock.

However, with chatbots it’s more like those same thousand salesmen, wining and dining each and every prospect, buying their favorite meal and looking deeply into their eyes while they wax lyrical about the beauty and massive benefit of purchasing what you have to sell.

Damned Reason #5 Customer Service

Once you’ve converted your prospect, you want to keep nurturing them.

You always want them trust you, know that you’ve got their best interests at heart and are there to look after them.

We want to eliminate any inkling of buyers remorse.

We want to see to it that any complaint is handled. 

And we want to...

Sell them more sh*t!

You can encourage your customers to contact you through messenger, as opposed to traditional email or help desks.

Your chatbot can do this.

It can answer almost any question for you, diffuse complaints and direct peeps to the right place if and when they need it.

(Of course you can also follow up personally!)

Your chat bot can replace your online customer support, your help desk, and your knowledge base.

It can dish out that virtual hand holding your customers need at times...saving you hours of time and hair on your head.

Operation: Let's Wrap This B*tch Up

I hope you've seen that Facebook chatbots can be quite powerful and I hope you start implementing this stuff ASAP.

My main point here today is that you can use them to communicate a with your audience in a much more effective manner.

There is still a place for email in your marketing plan, don't get me wrong.

But to be honest, if I was to start over on building an audience...

I'd start with Facebook chatbots.

They get a ton of opens. Ridiculous click thru rates. Oh and you can follow up with people personally.

The learning curve is NOT huge here folks.

Oh and the cost to start using them is little to nothing starting off (I recommend creating a free account with Many Chat, but you'll get more out of a paid account which is currently $10/mo).

Don't worry about being perfect, just get your first bot up and running and you'll see some ridiculous engagement if you jump on this now.

Thanks for reading, please add any questions, thoughts or additional helpful tips in the comments below.

One last thing.

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