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Facebook Live Case Study!

So I’ve been using Facebook live for months now.

It’s been awesome although I will say that today…Open Broadcaster Software crapped out on me.


Whatever, it’ll get figured out.

I’m not very techie…and I’m lazy so I’ll wait it out or someone that knows more than me will help.

Well let’s get to my lil’ Facebook Live case study shall we?

“Yes, you handsome devil!”

You say.

Well lol, I don’t like to brag…but I can do like 10 pushups in a row.

Looks like it’s paying off 🙂

Get To The Case Study Gorgeous

Ok ok!

So what got me onto Facebook live was a cool lil’ product called Facebook Live Wire.?

It got me going and I started learning how to use Open Broadcaster Software.

I’ll be honest, some of the technical details (a little snag here and there from eating a lot of paint chips as a kid) held me up.


So here we go kiddos:


So since I had a lil advantage with FB Live Wire, but as you can see in the video, I talk about using a little syndication software called Live Leap when I finally got the technical know how and the balls to start using Facebook live.

This is not a review for Live Leap, but I have to mention it because it’s what I use and it was easier to take a look at how many views each video got on that software rather than using Facebook and scrolling down my timeline forever.

So as you can see, it’s not that crazy to get 100 views.?

The most I’ve ever got was from my WSO some time back where I tell you how you can easily get traffic using Facebook Groups and Facebook live.

It was cool because I used Facebook live to update my Facebook group as I was creating my WSO.

So as you can see in the video, people really like over the shoulder type of videos and anything that has proof where you’re getting some kinda desired result.

What you can do (to weed out the tire kickers) is tell people to “Comment _____” if you want more info.

That has worked for me and you’ll get higher quality leads this way, just sayin’.

You can also advise people to check out the link in the first comment below or do the whole leaving a link in the post with the DOT and the COM separated.

Example: www.pornhub. com

Just a…random website hee hee.

Oh and the most watched video was the one where I was showing my product when I finally got it out.

You can build it up and people seem to like mofos that take action and create products.

Take that and run with it son.

Re-purposing content

So I did mention a little Google Chrome extension that allows you to download Facebook live videos called FB HD Video Downloader.

Remember that with great Facebook video downloader comes great responsibility holmes.

In other words, download your own f*cking videos and don’t be a dick.

I want you to download your videos and use them on YouTube, Vimeo or whatever other video platform type o’ site that you’re using is.

Also remember that you can also get the Facebook live video URL and post that link in an email.

**Send it to your subscribers, check out at around 11:00 to in the video above to see what I’m talking about**

Now this works excellent guys, I really think it can help you grow a following for free.

If you just don’t know how or don’t want to learn how to do any Facebook ads and are wondering about a free way to get traffic and make sales…

This can help you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this adorable lil’ blog post.

Happy Friday kiddos!

Your pal,

-Phil “Edward 40oz. hands” Lopez

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