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Fat Internet Marketer In A Little Coat

Fat Internet Marketer In A Little CoatSo I weigh myself this morning and… I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been.237 pounds.Yikes.It’s really no surprise because I’ve been working from home, haven’t been as active as I usually am and I have quite the affinity for coke and chips lol.No DiabetoIt’s funny how you know?you’re doing something wrong, but you’re still not taking the right steps to do…well what’s right.For instance, you know that you should be creating content.This can be:
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Digital products
  • Youtube videos
And other crap like that.

Why You Need To Focus On Creation

If you’ve had some success with?affiliate marketing, you probably?KNOW by now that?you need to create your own products to be more of an authority AND stop sending people to other better marketers all the time.They go hand in hand and the more marketers you send that person to…well that’s one more person added to the inbox.You KNOW?that your blog has that one post you did a month or 2 back and that you need to do another one, but you just DON’T for some reason.


Perhaps, it’s accountability that’s holding you back.In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the case for most people (myself included).Yesterday I did a little video on just this for myself because I have something that I’ve been wanting to create for a while, but I haven’t because I just haven’t been holding myself accountable and that’s unacceptable.I’ve been taking forever to get started, worrying about whether something was good enough to sell or for other people to ingest, rather than just creating it and learning from my results.Does this sound familiar?Do you just get stuck worrying about the outcome?Maybe you’re worrying about how you’re going to deliver your message.Perhaps you think that NO ONE?will buy, read or…whatever with your product or content.It’s madness.We’re worrying about 10 steps down the road when we haven’t even taken the first one.I think most people can relate.I think that people tend to talk themselves out of getting started and this is the justification that your mind comes up with as a form of self-preservation.I remember when I created my first WSO (this was recently mind you), I finally got the ball rolling by making videos in my Facebook group updating people on?where I was in my product creation with Facebook Live.That, I found fun and it was a form of accountability, it worked for me and I finally released my product. I gained like 13 subscribers and about $100 profit.Not to mention, I popped that WSO cherry and got some testimonials to boot.How friggin’ cool is that?Product creation people.Content creation.Creation, PERIOD.Whatever, just keep creating instead of consuming or ALWAYS just promoting other peoples’ shit.You will gain email subscribers, you will be seen as more of an authority and it will make you damn proud afterwards to say “I did that shit and IT WORKED!”It’s satisfying isn’t it?To be able to look back and say to yourself:“I’m proud of what I did. “It’s GOOD to pat yourself on the back every once in a while just like it’s GOOD to give yourself a good kick in the ass when you’re NOT doing what you know is right.

What’s Holding You Back?

So tell me…What’s holding YOU?back in your business?Is it:
  • Lack of action
  • Money
  • Fear
  • That You Need someone to give you a swift kick in the ass every once in a while
  • Maybe you?don’t know how to quickly create something
I will tell you is that you can get the most bang for yo’ buck with?product creation?in my experience.If you release a product that solves a problem people have and ACTUALLY put it in front of said people?Guess what happens.You may get some buyers.You may get some fans for life.You may find that you will be proud of yourself.Screw may, you WILL.


If that sounds like you then I urge you to take a look at 24 Hour Income Machine.You may not make 1,000 sales with this.In fact, you may only make 1-5 sales.Guess what, now you have 1-5 buyers.You can create one of these lil’ bastards in 2-3 hours if you follow the training.So what’s next?You create another one.10 sales.Woo-hoo!Let’s say you now have 15 buyers and understand product creation a little more, PLUS now you have an asset?that you can add as a bonus YOU created as a bonus, not some PLR bullshit anyone with $5-$10 can regurgitate.Heck, you may make 100 sales…I don’t know how many fans or good connections you have right now.Like I said,?24 Hour Income Machine will help you if you want to create something quickly and profit from it quickly.One more thing.I’d like you to join my Facebook group if you haven’t and we can hold each other accountable so we can do the shit we know is right.Now, if you’ve got some more tips on product or content creation I’d love to hear about them. Just leave a lil’ comment below kiddos 😉-PhilP.S. I’m off to go walking/running to get rid of dem extra pounds lol.?

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