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How To Never Run Out Of Content!

So if you’re trying to make money online, you needs content son. 

Content is king…blah, blah, blah.

GOOD content is king and it’s good to have more than just one damn post or one damn video. 

However…the thing is that you run out of crap to say, write or whatever.

SO I’m gonna show you how to NEVER run out of content (cheap SEO BS here hee hee).

10X10 Matrix

So I find myself trying to make a blog post and I get to my Google Doc, the backend of my WordPress or something else and I get writer’s block (or whatever the equivalent is for making videos lol).

It sometimes turns into just whatever pops into the ol’ noggin, but it can be unorganized.

So why not create a plethora of ideas and then just pick and choose?

That’s what I did below, feel free to steal any ideas if you can read my serial killer handwriting lol: 

My 10X10 Matrix

Not sure why I didn’t type this lol.

**UPDATE: I Actually did, click here to download my 10×10 matrix!


So I think this will truly help you never run out of content and keep you creating like a mofo. 

Now in the video I mention re-purposing content.

I did just that with this Facebook live video, I made it into a YouTube video by downloading it with the Facebook HD Video Downloader Google Chrome extension.

Shit, say that 10 times real fast lol. 


Well, that’s it for this post pretty much, please feel free to post a pic or a screenshot of your 10X10 matrix in the comments below IF you’re brave lol. 

Oh one more thing, if YOU (I’m pointing right now) are struggling to come up with a 10X10 matrix and want to have ideas galore and make more money online, I suggest you pick up the digital version of my 10X10 Matrix by click here.

That’s it, thank you for your time playa 😉


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