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How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

Ahh…the dreaded Shiny Object Syndrome.

What a beeatch eh?

Everyone has had it in the past (I’m about 99.999999…% sure of this) or they still have it (I know I do from time to time who am I kitten?).

But what drives it?

You don?t WANT to buy over and over and over again.

But you do.

It’s like these guys know what they’re doing with their sexy sales pages, pain points, etc. lol.

Here’s what I think/KNOW is going on (from personal experience & observation):

You lack a clear plan or a purpose young Skywalker.

AND your body/mind need one in order to operate most successfully.

So when you don?t have one, and your body/mind need one…

Then it looks for the first thing you can do that makes you feel productive.

That may come in the form of checking your email often, spending copious amounts of time on Facebook being unproductive, OR of course…buying up a new shiny object.

A few examples that will hit close to home


Think about it.

This is kinda like when a retired person wakes up with nothing to do.

Maybe he watches a couple o’ hours of news, heads over to to his local diner/pub/whatever and gives his “views on the news” with the locals for the next few hours. It makes him feel like he’s important and like he’s been productive in some way.

One more example is perhaps when you know someone who doesn’t have a job (or you may have been/currently are this person, I’ll admit that I have in the past) and then spends…Oh I don’t know, maybe 30-45 minutes per day “hunting” for a job so they can say that they really tried hard and that hey…“Nobody’s hiring!”.

This reminds me of a saying in Spanish that goes:

“Estan buscando jale pidiendole a Dios no encontrar.”

Translation: “They’re looking for work begging God to NOT find any.”

Sound familiar?

This is pretty much a self-preservation kinda thing.

You see it’s hard for people to admit that they currently suck (put that one on a quilt hee hee), and maybe they’re really looking to coast for a bit and don’t wanna admit that.

I could ramble on and on about this, but you’re a smart cookie…methinks you gets the point.

Your 3-step plan to destroy Shiny Object syndrome


So let’s get back to you, les entrepreneur extraordinaire.

You NEED to feel validated in your work holmes, but if you lack a plan/purpose…then you’ll fall back into checking your email, or Facebook, and buying up every digital product up under the Tuscan sun.

Or something like that.

So without further adios, here are the steps I think you can take to murder the shit out of your Shiny Object Syndrome:

  1. Create a kick-ass, rock-solid/redundant plan of the shit you want to get done in the next month or better yet YEAR.
  2. Get out a paper & pen and physically write out your kick-ass, rock-solid plan so you can achieve dat shit.
  3. ESTO ES MUY IMPORTANTE BATMAN: Make sure to absolutely, positively, oh my god I can’t believe it’s not butter (sorry I got lost there for a second) NOT work on ANYTHING else before your daily work is DONE SON! That means you do NOT open email, get on Facebook, or buy a damned thing until that shit is done.

I’m sorry for virtually yelling, but I had to get my point across and I just drank a Diet Coke so things are getting a lil’ crazy here in the Lopez household.

This…makes sense right?

In fact, you’re probably thinking to yourself something like: “Man, this SEEMS like common sense, and boy is that Phil smart/handsome!”

Right-e-o on both accounts my dear Watson.

You see, you’ll start feeling validated once you get this shit done for the day and you won’t even feel the NEED to open up your email, Facebook, and maybe…the urge to buy new shiny objects will lessen (I’ll admit that I still get my urges, I wanted to buy something last night because of scarcity and the fact that I can probably make some quick moolah with it).

Next, you’re gonna only be using email (get this…) when you ACTUALLY need to use it. The same goes for Facebook, you only get on there when you ACTUALLY need to connect with people, and you ONLY buy something new when you ACTUALLY need to or the software/training will exponentially help automate a part of your business so you can have more time, save Mary Jane, take the gun leave the cannoli, and save 15% on your car insurance!!

Damn, got lost again but I think you catch my drift 🙂

DON’T buy shit that says something like “You NEED to buy this OR you will fail.”

That’s utter and complete horse poop, STOP being scared into buying stuff!

Now the plan of attack is to just simply execute your rock-solid plan every stinkin’ day, and all the other crap won’t seem as important as it was before because you’ll be too damn busy being super freakin’ productive.

Self-discipline? Nah try this instead.


Think about it.

It’s kinda like when you watch a TV show at a certain time, let’s say 5:30pm (I used to watch Jeopardy with my pops & siblings and we’d battle at who could get the most answers right…NERDS!).

These people (I mean WE) are addicted.

So what’s easier?

Learning the art of self-discipline OR just filling that schedule up with something else?

You know the answer Daniel-San.

Same thing goes for your business playa.

Bet ya just went from “Aha…” to “Oh sheeeeeat! Phil’s droppin’ some knowledge bombs!”

I want to thank you for joining me here today.

And hey, if you’d like some more knowledge bombs, make sure and pick up my free training Zero To Hero In 30 Days below.


-Philly Pants

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