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How To Increase Your Edge Rank And Sell More Stuff On Facebook!

Over the past year I’ve learned more about how to market on Facebook than ever before, and I’m not talking Facebook ads.

In this video I’m showing you a couple of ways (10 in total) on how to increase your edge rank and sell more stuff on Facebook. It’s not gonna be some secret software or anything either, it’s just gonna be some simple tweaks you can use pretty much immediately and they’ll help you make more sales than just dropping a link to your blog posts or affiliate link.

So without further ado about nothing…(we’ll roll with that), here’s my little list below, watch the video above to get some seriously good tips on how to get more people to see whatever offers you have so you can make more sales.

10 Tips on increasing your edge rank


  1. Make people your “close friend”
  2. Do NOT put external links in your original post. You can put them in the first comment instead (let people know this!)
  3. Separate the DOT and the COM when you leave any link in your original post. This way people can see the entire link, but it won’t actually be a clickable link. EXAMPLE: www.nichesbecrazy .com <---- (See what I did here? Let people know that there's a space there too!)
  4. Use software that lets you put a link on your video (personally I’m using Wirecast, but you can use OBS as well if it works for you). Alternatively, you can add a picture.
  5. Add pictures to or GIFS to your posts (unless that post is an external link, experiment with this though)
  6. If you’re doing a text post, break it up. I don’t know how many times I see people drop a gigantic UGLY block of text that I wouldn’t read EVEN with Mark Twain’s eyes.
  7. Create your own Facebook group and invite prospects and colleagues (yes other marketers will buy from you too, I think it’s ok to say “hey I’ll pick this up through your link” and return the favor when you see something that can help you), OH and pretty much everyone can see your external links in your ORIGINAL POST in a Facebook group.
  8. Instead of sending people to a YouTube video, download the video (or just upload the MP4) and add it as a Facebook video directly. You?ll get way more views or you can do the link in the first comment thingy if you use a YouTube video (like in #2)
  9. Use a Facebook syndication software to get more views. My favorite ones right now are Live Leap and Live Stream Machine.
  10. Pick up my Lethal Affiliate Weapon if you want more guidance, some of what I?ve taught you here is just a snippet of what I teach in my course. 

Thank you so much for visiting my lil’ ol’ blog here. 

If you don’t end up picking up my course, you can simply download the first two modules for free below.

I hope you have an awesome new year, day, afternoon, whatever it is wherever you are when you read this.



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