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It's All You Need: My Honest Review

It’s All You Need: My Honest Review

It’s All You Need: My Honest Review

Today I?m doing a fun lil? review of Lee Murray?s It?s All You Need. SPOILER ALERT: ?That thing is good ๐Ÿ˜‰ This lil? money making strategy (or better yet, strategies) is a ?choose your own adventure? type of digital product that?s ALL about email marketing. I think I?m the first person to ever say this: ?El dinero, esta en la lista?. Boom ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ok, so where were we? Ah yes… So, there are 3 different ways to get to the Land o? Cashola and basically…you?re Chuck-friggin?-Norris on a long-haired white horse heading towards the promised land and you?re slaying the ?Shiny Object Syndrome? dragons along the way. ? Man oh man, how they love that shiny Internet Marketing gold! Chuck Norris Them dragons don?t stand a chance! Moving on. Look, I?ll tell you some of the things that might be a con here for some people first. It seems like it?s always Pros first no? Well as my long lost cousin 2 Chainz says ?I?m different…I?m different? bahaha I actually love that song/rap or whatever you wanna call it.


First of all, I?m a 34-year-old dude that cusses like a sailor and Lee?s writing style just works because…well I?m just a bro at heart. I?m not a jock or anything like that, but what I?m saying is I?m thick-skinned and…well sticks and stones people, I don?t get too offended by Les petite mots. However, I realize that I?m not of this world and there is some people out there that ARE offended by such things?.so much so that they can?t really follow along with a course like this. Hey, I?m not judging I?m just saying that if a wee bit o? cussing bothers you, well this email marketing course/guide/whatever is NOT for you. Also, this is an eBook so if you?re NOT a reader and you don?t have the money to get the first upsell (video version), then this isn?t for you. One last thing is that Lee doesn?t tell you how to do EVERYTHING step-by-step here people. If you think you can make money online WITHOUT putting even a little work into it well this won?t work for you. There is no push button kinda thingy going on here (or anywhere really).


Lee is (in Christopher Walken voice) HILARIOUS, he?s funny…a SILLY dude at heart. Hmm, I believe I?ve just created captioned imitations! His writing is just ?edu-taining? as sir Michael Cheney would put it. His content just makes you laugh out loud or at least chuckle to yourself saying ?I got that Lee… I got it?. Also, he speaks of things he?s actually done or is doing. That?s one thing I?ve noticed in this and prior courses from Lee, if he doesn?t know or isn?t practicing something he?ll just tell you that it exists and that you could still make money from it in theory, but he?s not actually practicing it. Not everyone will do this. I also friggin? LOVE the ?choose your own adventure? thing Lee?s got going in this course. You?ll see what I mean.


I absolutely LOVED It?s All You Need and I just want to shout it from the mountain tops. Ok, maybe that?s a bit much. In the spirit of all that is Chuck Norris, I give this product 2 fists up. 2 Fists Up2 Fists Up   Hmm…that could be taking a bit out of context I?ve just realized. Oh well. What I?m saying here folks is that if you?re an internet marketer AND you want to make a consistent income online rather than just affiliate commissions here and there, then you should pick this up. All kidding aside, this is an excellent email marketing product that you?ll find very useful. I liked It’s All You Need so much that I made this video where I’m talking about how I’m going to share ANY profits I make from the affiliate contest with EVERYONE that buys through me. On top of ?this, ?I?m gonna throw in a couple of bonuses that are SPECIFIC to the product, no PLR crap from the 1800?s. Here’s a little video where I’m talking about them:   Click the button below to learn more. Go Here Button Remember to send me an email to [email protected] with a copy of your receipt so I can give you access to your bonuses and so we can share the prize money if I win or place in the affiliate contest! ALWAYS fell free to leave me a comment letting me know what you think or to just shoot this shiz ๐Ÿ˜‰ -Phil

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