Niches Be Crazy
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It’s called “Dancing with the stars” not “Dancing with the coaches”.


I just heard this line from something a friend-o recommended to me and I nearly messed myself.

I recommend you check out the complete video if you want to laugh your sweat pants off or just jump to 1:18.

Man how have I NEVER heard of this before!

It’s crazy how you can hear something from someone you’ve never heard before and you’re instantly drawn to that person.

In my humblest/completely right opinion it’s because you’re drawn to either:
  • People that are like you
  • People that you wanna be like.
It’s that plain and simple.Think about it.

The “most interesting man in the world”.

Guys wanna be like him.

Kim Kardashian?

Girls envy her in some way right (ahem…some guys too).

Polarizing (Not Sunglasses-related)

Why is this?

I’ll tell you why, it’s because they’re POLARIZING.

Kanye West?

I can’t stand him talking, but I do like some of his music.

He’ll always be a gayfish to me, (thank you South Park).Here’s my favorite song from him:

Justin Beiber?

I can’t stand this hack, but a bunch of people like him because he’s polarizing and whatnot.

Now don’t get me wrong.

Record producers know what they’re doing, so they can make a teeny bopper a star (even if they’re not super talented when it comes to singing/dancing).

It’s because they can make that figure either really likable or really controversial.

We just eat this shit up because like I said…they’re either like us or like how we’d want to be sans consequences.

I’ve heard of creating your own customer avatar before and it was brought up again recently by a good IM buddy of mine in this free guide (no opt-in required) on finding profitable niches.

I did this without creating a whiteboard or a Word document showing all the qualities I’d want them to have and all that good stuff.

I did this by creating my own Facebook group?(you’re welcome to join if you’re not already offended by this post) and inviting people.

Look…You’ll always have people that NEVER fucking talk (or write lol), spammers and then you’ll have your most engaged people.Treat these mofos like family/close friends and DON’T recommend shitty products just to make a buck.

Recommend stuff that you’ve bought yourself/had review access to or if it’s from a trusted vendor.

In other words…keep it ONE HUNDO son.

I created this group from some training from one of my favorite dudes named Kam Jennings (follow him, buy his shit).

You see he created a product called “Group Giants”, that’s all about creating a profitable FB group that gets you sales.

I may be tooting my own horn here, but I consider myself one of his best/sexiest students alive.

“What an arrogant prick! Well he is kinda cute.”You say.

First of all, I have a girlfriend and second of all my wife hates her.

(I don’t think my damsel is gonna like this joke.)

Alright WTF Are You Trying To Pitch Phil?

Ok, the crowd wants what the crowd wants…sheesh.

If you’ve been following me on FB and like what I’ve done, I suggest you get this product called Affiliate Rising?because Group Giants is one of the bonuses in there and if you follow it to a T (I have no idea where this damn saying came from).

You can make money online by creating a fanbase/interactive email list (your FB group) that buys from you.Not to mention that Affiliate Rising is good on it’s own lol.

When you create you FB group, give them free shit in the “files” section and have it link back to your blog, YouTube videos, affiliate offers, email list.I suggest you focus on getting them on your email list, don’t get caught up in just giving free shit away all the time because then it’s harder to make the sale when it’s time (I’ve made this mistake before tbh).

Just doing this can work, but if you really want to “up yo’ game” OR you can check out my lil’ adorable WSO on how to get free traffic from FB Live AND FB groups.


If you’re cheap f*ck like me AND?have some brass ones…well then you’ll like it because it works.


Anyhoo, it’s now 1:17pm on this fine Saturday morning here in Dallas, Texas and this chubster is hungry.


Some other crappy stuff?I’m not sure what to get…we’ll see.

So tell me, what have you learned from this post children?

Just kitten.

I really just want YOU?to take action and I’m recommending stuff that I’m doing myself.

You can go out there and buy the latest other WSO or whatever, that’s cool, I’m just letting you know about some shit I’ve bought…AND actually applied.On top of that, remember to try to be the polarizing person you are.Don’t become a boring ass robot like other dudes/dudettes I see in the IM industry.That shit can work, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t lame as shit.

Well to me that is.

I’m just giving you an alternative?if you’ve felt robotic and don’t love what you’ve been learning or taught to do.


Anyhow, if you like this post…

Share it with someone you think it will help.

If you do nothing at all with what I’ve mentioned above…pick up my lil’ copy of Zero To Hero In 30 Days as well (why not, it’s free!).

You’ll see a place to opt in below this post, do that and get it for free.Use it to come up with your own product, apply some of the shit on there or just download it to get on my list and hear from a chubby Texan that’s made a buck online AND?you can actually learn some shit in a fun yet awfully intrusive way.

He he I’m just kitten.

Ok, it’s time for some really late lunch/breakfast.

Well, that’s backwards…meh whatevs (SEE? So polarizing!).

Your PAL (those are actually my initials lol),

-Phillip Andrew LopezP.S. Comment “Andy” below and see what happens!

P.P.S. Nothing…nothing happens, it just makes me feel important, but do it anyways.

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