Jim Mack Interview: Offline Consulting Confidential - Niches Be Crazy
Niches Be Crazy
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You know when it comes to this whole marketing thang you can kinda spin your wheels trying to learn Facebook ads, solo ads and all this other crap that can take you a lot of time.

And if you’re like me and aren’t that techie or maybe you’re just (I hate to admit this) a slow learner some times then you just give up on some things half way (or less) through and end up with half-assed results. 

Well today I interviewed Jim Mack who recently came out with Offline Consulting Confidential, a product centered around offering social media, SEO and other web services to auto repair shops near you.

Honestly, I think you could do this with shops around the globe because they’re everywhere and…it’s kind of a neglected niche but very profitable as you’ll see. 

This interview was super fun and I know you’ll get some golden nuggets of marketing info watching it!

Thanks for watching.

~ Uncle Phil

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