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The Kiki Fund

The Kiki Fund

Hey guys, I’ve started up something I’ve deemed the “Kiki Fund” for my sister Christie.Here’s her and I clowning around this last Saturday.
 We have some fun hee hee.Anyhoo…on a serious note.I LOVE my sister to pieces.She’s had a more difficult life than most people as she was a premature child that doctors thought wouldn’t see any age past 18.Proved them wrong.?I’m not one to ask for handouts, but as a marketer I know I have a voice and I want my sister to have a 24/7 nurse someday (I’m not there yet).If ANYONE would like to contribute to the “Kiki Fund”, please private message me on Facebook here?and we’ll make it happen.These videos were only meant for my Facebook group, but I think more?should hear this message.I sincerely thank everyone that’s contributed already.-Phillip Lopez

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