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The Most Ridiculous Way To Make Money On YouTube


The Most Ridiculous Way To Make Money On YouTube

You won?t be disappointed.I don?t recommend doing exactly what this dude is doing (although it is ridiculously entertaining), but I do think that the concept of his channel is friggin??hilarious and super entertaining.Chris Schewe a.k.a. ?The Human Garbage Disposal? makes money by eating and drinking just about anything.Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.02.10 AMHis channel is called Shoenice and here is his most popular video (his most popular videos are also liquor bottle slams, you’ll see what I mean):
He eats painter?s caulk, drinks WHOLE liquor bottles, eats boxes of crayons, and pretty much eats or drinks whatever his audience asks him to (now I?ve eaten a crayon when I was a kid, but geez).

Some Of The Numbers

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.13.01 PMAccording to Social Blade he has almost 500,000 subscribers, is close to 97,000,000 views, and has put nearly 700 videos his channel that was started back in April of 2008. He also makes anywhere from $336-$5,400 per MONTH doing what he does. Now to put that in perspective, that?s $4,000-$64,500 per YEAR.Use this free?course?to get started with your own ridiculous YouTube channel now.Now this is just what Chris is making with Google Adsense, we?re not even counting what he makes from sponsors.

A Little History On Shoenice

People either love him or hate him because he?s super crude, but there is more to than meets the eye.Chris Schewe served in the Army back in the 1990?s in Iraq.Ironically, the mission for this channel is to end world hunger, he saw many a poor child die of hunger while he served and also hopes to bring more awareness to the starving kids in Africa as well.Now that?s one of the noblest reasons I?ve heard of when it comes to someone creating a crazy channel like this. This is definitely the most ridiculous way to make money on YouTube,?but don’t get me wrong I don’t condone you doing what he is. I just want you to use his channel as inspiration.I think that his channel shows you that you can really use YouTube to get you some brands to start recognizing you (lord knows that liquor companies are talking to him). YouTube is not the end all be all, but you?re creating a following there so make it YOURS and people will follow you wherever else you point them towards for the most part.Imagine if you made a channel where you approached women and said whatever line your audience told you to say (be smart about what you?ll actually say kiddos lol). Shoot, I know I?ve seen PLENTY of videos like that.Heck, you could make your own kids? baking show if you?ve got some cute kids that are interested in that.Make your cat into a superstar, record yourself gaming, give your opinion on political stuff.No more excuses.Get your own channel started today, ridiculous or not. It doesn?t have to be to end world hunger or anything like that, heck do it for fun while it?s free.If you have a small business (or any business), ?use this free advertising!Get started with your own little YouTube course?today.Ok that?s it for this post, but I will depart with a silly little Halloween-y (yeah we’ll roll with that) video I recorded on Snap Chat last night:
Hope you liked it, later humans 😉-Phil

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