Stretching your idea muscle

Stretching Your Idea Muscle

Man…I was just rereading what’s arguably my favorite blog post EVER by James Altucher.

It’s called The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine and it’s an A to S guide on how he does this (I’m completely serious lol). The thing is that we tell ourselves that we want something, but we’re just NOT fed up enough to do something about it. Reminds me of a video I referenced in this guest blog post I did where I was talking about how to kill your inner wantrepreneur.

To quickly summarize: It’s a scene in the movie Fight Club where Brad Pitt puts a gun to a store clerk’s head and pretty much tells him that if he doesn’t follow his dreams…

Well, he’ll come back and waste the f**cker. Here’s the scene if you didn’t click that link up there:

You’re too damn comfortable

I can tell you right now that if you still haven’t started doing what you say you wanna do… Then it’s because you’re not out of your comfort zone.

Why do you think you hear about rags to riches stories? A few examples:

  • Being homeless
  • Not being able to get any ass (guy or gal lol)
  • Being in debt up to your eyeballs
  • Coming up to a decade or X amount of time at a job you detest
  • Working with people that drive you nuts

And just to add a lil’ illustration….eventually these people were like:

I thinks you gets the points.

Another angle

So I remember being in college (better yet taking online college classes lol). I’d procrastinate like I’d never procrastinated before.

Deadline looming right?

But then Netflix beckons you and then it’s like…

“Jeepers Phil, are you STALKING me?!”  You utter.

Who the heck says jeepers…anyhoo, the answer is no not yet because I don’t have your address.

Just stay on this blog post for 10 more seconds and I can triangulate on your location 🙂

Then it’s this hee hee:

Oops, I mean “What’s stalking?”

Sorry, I got sidetracked.

El point-o is that well come deadline day, guess who hasn’t done shit? This guy right here…GULP!

But you know what?

When I had no other choice but to friggin’ do it…

I was more focused on my time and judged my work less.

See the reason I wasn’t able to meet the deadline is because I would start doing my assignments/discussions or whatever the crap earlier in the week…but then I’d get into a perfectionist mindset and that went nowhere except Netflixville lol.


Sometimes stress can help.

Ok, so it looks like I’ve Tarantino-ed this post lol.

Let’s get back to stretching you idea muscle.


I know that a lot of you won’t be reading that long blog post by Se?or Altucher so I’m gonna give you the TL/DR or better yet the Cliff’s Notes version.

Hee hee, even more better-er yet Phil’s Notes.

Maybe that can be a phrase now bahaha.

“Let me Phil’s Notes that for ya.”

In other words, I’ll read it and find an amusing yet vile way to present it to you.


Anyhoo, where were we?

Ah yes, the Phil’s Notes/TL/DR version of how to stretch your idea muscle.

So the thing is coming up with 10 ideas per day.

“Why 10 Phil?”. You ask.

The number is really just arbitrary, it can be 20, or a 100.

But people love the number 10 so it’s a good place to start because 20 or 100 can be pretty daunting.

Something to think about: If you can come up with 10 ideas every day for the next year (or just in one day or week really), then you’re bound to come up with at least 1 good one right?

It doesn’t have to be something business-related.

In fact, it can be ridiculous.

The important thing is just stretching that idea muscle so often that coming up with ideas becomes second nature to you.

So come up with business ideas…

For you.

For McDonald’s.

For Uber or Lyft.

For a phone sex line lol.

It doesn’t matter, have fun with this!  

Coming from a place of abundance

There’s one major thing in James’ blog post that really struck a chord with me.

It’s where he talks about giving ideas away for free.

Stay away from thinking that you need to charge people for additional ideas.

This is so damn good I have to quote directly:

When you come up with ideas for someone else, always give ALL the ideas away for free if you think they are good ideas (remember: six months). I read recently one person said to give HALF of your ideas away for free and make them pay for the other half. This is very bad. This guarantees you will only come up with bad ideas. Because you will hoard your ideas. You will develop a SCARCITY COMPLEX around your ideas. Ideas are infinite. But once you define your capacity of good ideas (?half?) then they instantly become finite for you. Not for anyone else. But just for you, your ideas will be finite. If you stick to an abundance mentality, and be grateful for the ideas that are flowing through you, then they will be infinite. Where they come from, nobody knows. But they will be infinite and lucrative for you. So give ideas for free, and then when you meet, give more ideas. And if someone wants to pay you and your gut feels this is a good fit, then give even more ideas. ~ James Altucher

Pretty freakin’ cool right?

Eventually, people may pay you for being an idea machine.

Waiter’s pads

Oh, so I also want to tell you about these waiter’s pads James mentions.

They’re easy to jot ideas down on and they fit right in your back pocket. Now I haven’t bought these myself, I’ve had little notebooks that I’ve used before.

I think this is great because I’ve been finding that I value ideas I write down MORE than ideas I just type.

Use either one, but the thing is just making these lists of ideas.


So we’ve come to the end of this lil’ blog post of mine.

To recap quickly, here are a couple o’ things that will help you stretch your idea muscle:

  • Maybe you’re like the guy in that Fight Club scene and it’ll take something drastic to change your life. Simple, just hire someone to threaten you, boom 🙂
  • Like me you may need a deadline, maybe this stress can be beneficial…it’s crazy, but not that crazy.
  • Come up with 10 ideas per day, don’t judge yourself too much. You may find a diamond in the rough.
  • Use waiter’s pads or something else that fits in your pocket so you can write down ideas on the go.

I really hope this helps.

Coming up with ideas often will eventually lead to you becoming somewhat of an expert, even if it’s just at coming up with ideas lol.

So just to help out, here are 10 ideas on how to get your first sale online if you’ve never made one before. Some will suck, some will not:  

  1. Become an affiliate of a product you already own and make 3 Facebook live videos in one day where you talk about how this product benefits them. Tell people that if they buy through you and help you make your first sale, that you’ll do a lip-biting dance and send it to them.
  2. Make a quick list (use Google Docs and then export it as a PDF). Make it a list of 20-50 things you’ve learned about something. Don’t even worry about setting it up on Warrior Plus or anything like that, just tell people to PayPal you $5 to buy it and you can use Google Docs or Drop Box to deliver it.
  3. Use an app called Busker. You can download it for free on Android or IOS and people can send you money directly in a video. Beforehand, tell people about the app (do your homework) and let them know that you’ve got big plans for Halloween, but you’re starting a beer drinking fund lol. Tell them to donate $3 and you’ll make a SnapChat video thanking them for buying you a beer/Zima or whatever you drink.
  4. Make an unlisted YouTube video where you’re showing people how to do something really darn cool that you know how to do. Again, tell people to pay you through PayPal and ($1-$5) on Facebook and give them the link when they pay. IDEA-CEPTION: for extra fake bonus points, make it a video where you’re going up to people asking them who their “Top Five” are (you know what I’m talking about).
  5. Tell people you’re gonna make a video where you ask a stranger anything, but you’re doing it for $5. Make sure it’s just about anything, don’t insult people or get arrested lol, make it funny.
  6. Record 10 videos on how to do something, step-by-step. Upload them to YouTube and tell people that if they want you to Skype them to talk them through the process, you charge $50 an hour. If they think that’s too much, say $30 for half an hour
  7. Get someone talented to make some kind of crochet-ed thing (is that the past tense?). Make a FB live video where you auction it off. This could be fun!
  8. Create a blog post. Turn it into a series of Tweets. Sell it for $10 for someone in that niche, they now have a blog post and Tweets to promote it!
  9. Create an online event on Facebook. Make it a Facebook live video where you’re showing people how to cook something you’re good at cooking. Charge $1 a head, you can even set up tickets on Event Brite!
  10. Create a blog post where you make a list of 10 ideas people can use to make their first dollar online. Then offer a 1 hour Skype call where you help them make their first dollar online. Charge them X amount of dollars for 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes. 

Why not?

I truly hope you got something out of this blog post.

If you did, just shoot me a comment below.

I’ve also got a cool Facebook group here with some awesome peeps.

Thanks for reading.

~ Uncle Phil

Your biggest win online so far?


Your biggest win online so far?

Man I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to get this internet marketing thing to work over the last 2 years. No, let me rephrase that. I’ve spent thousands in the first year trying to get this internet marketing thing to work and?mostly invested (still had the dreaded “Shiny Object Syndrome” in some occasions, but not as much) and have actually started making money this?last year. Before that it was kind of a crapshoot. A lil commission here and there, but nothing to write home about. My biggest win online so far has been creating my first WSO on the Warrior Forum?and making sales without any affiliate support whatsoever. 17 of them in fact.
my first WSO Stats
I created a product that showed people how to free traffic by using the power of Facebook live and Facebook groups. Now I didn’t make tons of money. In fact, I only netted around $100 after paying the $20 it takes to list your WSO on the Warrior Forum as you’ll see above. Now I know some of you may be thinking:
  • It’s not that much money
  • You made less than $100, it’s actually $99…(give me a break, I rounded up $0.49 lol)
  • These conversions are terrible
  • WTF am I looking at Phil?
My answer to that is… So what? You make your first WSO and it’s there as an asset you can use in the future… However the crap you want! YOU?can do the same, I is no especial. Oops, sorry. Sometimes I resort to being all Mexican and shit 🙂 Don’t you think you can create a quick helpful WSO and sell it? Man I didn’t even set it up perfect and still made?some nice money son and I ain’t ashamed to offer to this method that works to people anew. via GIPHY Hee hee, we’re having fun now. The great thing is that you can pump out a WSO like this…often. In fact, I implore you to do so. (See the video below to see how to post your own WSO on the Warrior Forum if you’re interested)
  Click here if you’d rather read these instructions (bookmark this!)  

Why You May Be Struggling With Affiliate Marketing

  I’ve made more money with affiliate marketing. In fact, just last week I made 3 $97 sales from which I earned?50% commissions from. Pretty cool right? I think so too. But there’s something that you need to realize when you’re promoting offers left and right. You may notice that while you did well one month, the next month your income…was all over the place. Why? Because you’re creating competition for yourself by putting YOUR?customers on?someone else’s email list. Is it worth working your ass?off to potentially lose a customer for a $7, give or take a little? Trust me. That marketer that your promoting, is a way better than this than you.


  [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Start promoting offers that bring you recurring or at least higher commissions that?make up for potentially losing customers and having to replenish.[/dropshadowbox]   It’s unlikely that if you’re still a lil’ wet behind the ears, that you’re advanced enough to keep all of your customers when you put them on a better marketer’s list UNLESSYou’ve built up enough trust with them.  

Let’s Wrap This Thing Up

  So to recap, I think you should be creating your own products. You’ll get 100% commissions (minus fees or if you payout affiliates) and have assets you can sell or re-purpose in the future. If you’re gonna be focusing more on the affiliate marketing side, make sure you’re getting some recurring income so you can sell a program once and get paid monthly as long as that person is in the program. OR… Start promoting higher-ticket offers, PERIOD. If you find the right audience that trusts you and you put the right offer in front of them you can make sales. Just remember to ask for it and you’ll be dancing when you get those commissions…trust me. via GIPHY Look, I want you to be in the best position to continue to get your next big win online. The answer lies in using a combination of product creation and long-term affiliate marketing strategies. You’ll learn exactly?how to do that with this step-by-step training from a 7-figure marketer, pick that up and follow the steps if you’re ready for that. If you’re still just struggling to create products, I suggest you start becoming a perceived expert in a niche where there are hungry buyers. If this sounds like you, simply pick up my Zero To Hero In 30 Days below. Thank you for your time. -Phil P.S. I’d love to hear what your biggest win is below, feel free to comment and let me know.

One Is Better Than Zero

One Is Better?Than Zero

Do you find that you’re comparing yourself to people that are MUCH more advanced than you? Me too Daniel-san, me too.? But as you see in the video above (one of my favorites) it’s not necessarily about how wide your audience is. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how going?deeper?(hee hee that’s what she said, dear God I’m a child…) with your existing community?rather than just wider can be more beneficial in zee long run. Perhaps it’s because you think that you’re bigger than you actually?are. ? Sorry… But you ain’t James Dean playa and neither am I. I don’t even smoke so yeah lol. Man, I don’t know how many times I hear or see things like: “How do I get my first 100 subscribers?” “How do I get a bunch of traffic to my blog?” “How can I make $5,000 a month online?” Sound familiar? It’s funny that in a way, sometimes people are focusing on climbing fucking Mt. Everest without even having taken?the first step! Perhaps you should focus on that first no? It may be that you’re struggling to get more or any of the above, but my question to you is? What about your existing following? Do you have?ANY?followers at all? Have you gotten your first subscriber or customer? If not ?(excusez mon fran?ais)?but… I’d like you to kindly shut up f**k?up and focus on growing a following first! What? I said excuse me all fancy like lol.

A Virtual Fistful Of Tips

  Sales will come from building a following, it doesn’t matter what platform you use. I recommend you build an email list in the process, but if that sounds daunting right now then… I recommend you start building a following where there are?hungry buyers?BEFORE you’re even selling a damned thing, if you don’t know what you’re doing at all quite yet. This reminds of something?Russell Brunson says (I may be butchering this because I’m going by memory): [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”350px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]”Start digging your well before your thirsty.”[/dropshadowbox] Me personally I’ve used a business-orientated Facebook profile?and combining the power of FB groups and FB live videos. It’s just too damned easy to get started by doing this. Look, it may be that that (hmm that’s how I said this out loud lol) one connection?may become a customer. May even be for life. Perhaps you befriend someone that knows?WAY more than you do (and has a huge following) and they’ll promote your next product launch JUST?because they like what you’re doing online. This?way you don’t have don’t have to go spam every goddamn Facebook Jv group and beg people to promote your launch. Shit I know I’m not the only one annoyed by this, and frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. Sorry I got distracted lol. What I mean is that an organic following is more long-term than trying any of this fly-by-night kinda shit.

Adios Amigos

  I hope this helps you see that you should put out as much good information out there as possible so you can grow your audience and start networking or “digging your well before your thirsty”. Find people you want to model your business after. Start finding potential customers. Build a relationship with both because in the long run it’s gonna make you more money.? Look if you’re still struggling to get it going, I recommend you just start shutting everything off and focus on getting really good or good enough at ONE thing. If you’d like a little help with that I suggest you check out my Zero To Hero In 30 Days video series below this very post. Thank you for reading this lil ol’ blog post of mine. -Phil

925 Rehab University Review


925 Rehab University Review

**I want to preface this with the fact that I knew nothing about binary options before buying into this program back on 7/31/2016.**

  Here’s the receipt from my purchase:
I got in on a $50 one-time fee promotion then (usually it was a $297 one-time fee or $47/mo). The reason I picked this up is because I’d friended Shakeal Jermaine Taylor before and really like his inspirational posts about making money online and all that jazz. So Jermaine is a 21-year-old dude college dropout that is now making $300-$1,000 a day, and just a really positive dude. I knew he had some kinda program about…stocks or something? I’d never even heard of binary options trading, in fact I thought it was Forex lol. Yeah, I was wrong. They’re similar, but not the same thing. With that being said… Let me give you a 30,000 ft. overview of his?program:? So there’s 2 parts to this program:
  1. Traffic: Basically this is the affiliate marketing angle, you can sell the program.
  2. Trading: Learning the Binary Boss Method 1.0, basically how to get started with binary options trading.
[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]**Word of the wise:?If you buy into Jermaine’s program, there are upsells (not immediate, later on he’ll post these in the FB group) like the Binary Boss Method 2.0, 3.0, extra coaching and things of that nature. So if you’re offended by?someone that has upsells , well then maybe this isn’t for you.[/dropshadowbox]

What you get access to

So in this program you will getting access to:
  • Membership site with 63 videos covering both traffic & trading
  • Access to the 925 Rehab Facebook group
  • You can promote the program and either get instant or just quick commissions


Students Are Making Money?

Sherry Donohue made?$700 in 1 minute and 20 seconds in this video:
Lv Walton made $495 here: lv-walton-495-proof

You Can Earn While You Learn!

My favorite thing about this program is that you can earn while you learn. This is a good program, but I’ll admit that because of some personal issues I have not been as active with this product in the past couple of months. I’ve made a few recurring income sales (about $50/month of which I got?50% commissions) and also some one-time commissions ($297 one-time of which I got 50% commissions). Not too shabby. It’s funny. I swear that selling a higher-priced product (not your average $7 WSO or Jv Zoo offer) seems to be easier to pull off sometimes. Maybe not in the numbers but in effort for getting the same amount of money or more per sale. Not sure if I worded that correctly lol. The show must go on. Active Facebook Group So another thing I really like is that Jermaine’s 925 Rehab group is active as sh*t. When Jermaine’s not around, some of the other more prolific students step up to answer questions. Now that’s how a FB group should be! I don’t know how many FB groups I’ve been added to where the group isn’t active at all. OR… A group where the product vendor isn’t active…a FB group ghost town lol. That’s super annoying and I end up leaving those kinds of groups. All Pitch, No value Here’s another thing that astounds me about Jermaine’s product. Like any good marketer, he pitches additional training and products from. But he sometimes does webinars for almost 4 hours teaching you the trade. This is included just for being in the FB group. Also, he’s active in there and I’ve been able to reach him via Facebook private message. I don’t know if that’s a special privilege or not, but I know that dude is active with his product. Let’s move on to what I don’t like.


Trading Has Been Tough For Me

So I will tell you that the money I’ve made is all with the affiliate marketing part. I don’t know…that may hurt my chances of making affiliate sales, because some people may say “Oh, you can only make money selling the program.” Well, I’ll point you to the results above is what I say to that. I’ll tell you that the main reason? Is due to a combination of focusing on other stuff in my business, I was moving and got away from the program and I’ll admit it…I’m a slower learner with this program. Just being honest.

Promotion Problems

So I’ve been promoting this program and have made money. But I’ll admit that sharing an affiliate link has been tough. This is because of some Paypal issues, and it’s been a little bit of a pain in the ass trying to get people in. I’ve had to use a different affiliate link to promote the monthly payments and one for the one-time payment and…it’s a little confusing to my potential customers. Now, this has been remedied recently by a more centralized affiliate program being put in place. Thank goodness lol.

Too Much Training?

Now Jermaine is very active in his group. He also has tons?of training in the “files” section in the FB group AND… He does 1-4 hour webinars at times on both traffic and training. Now, this can be a con because it may be information overload…I guess lol. I don’t know, the only reason I say it’s a con is because I think it may keep people stuck in theory land and not put anything into practice.


Ok, so overall I think 925 Rehab University is an excellent program, despite some of the cons. The main reason is that you can earn while you learn. I’ve done this despite not being that great at trading.? I’ve been able to make money with this program despite being lazy and not learning all the training on the trading part. One thing: I don’t want you to do just the traffic (affiliate marketing part)?if you find that this program suits you because it’s not a long-term strategy. You need to a combination of both traffic & trading to make this run like a well-oiled machine so you can?make you a consistent long-term, for the long run, redundant income. [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]**UPDATE: Originally I thought the price was shooting up to $497, but apparently I was incorrect so I’ve updated this. The price is shooting back up to $297**[/dropshadowbox] I created this blog post because I believe in this program and for a very short time (look at the timer below) the life-time access price (one-time fee) is going down to $97 and shooting back up to $297 at Midnight tonight (EST).

>>Click Here To Get Lifetime Access Now

I want as many people as possible to know about this program, it’s a really good one by a really determined and already successful young dude. Ok, guys I’m fixing to go on a quick FB live to let more people know about this kick-ass deal. OUT! -Phil

So you wanna to be a millionaire?


So you wanna to be a millionaire?

Well who the crap doesn’t?! I have conversations with people telling me how they’re going to become millionaires with their internet marketing shenanigans. Be honest. We hear stuff like this from people all the time and we’re like… via GIPHY Hey, if you truly mean that? I’d love to help you get there in any way I can! However, the truth is that most internt marketers won’t be millionaires. There’s nothing wrong with that. Shit…do you know how many people would be love to just make anywhere from maybe $500, $1,000, $2,000 a month?! Listens up because the truth is that if you’re an internet marketer it’s absolutely possible to become a millionaire, PERIOD.

You’re Not Special

I want you to get rid of this “get rich quick” mentality first of all. You’re not special. You’re gonna have to work unless daddy has a buncha money that he’s just gonna give you to get your business going playa. There may be?exceptions to the rule (although I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one other than lottery winners). I want you to do more with the time you have here on Earth in order to get closer to being a millionaire. If you?work on shit that matters rather than shit that doesn’t… Well then we may have a winna! Listen…we live in a time where the start up cost for a business is dirt cheap. You can start a business if you have a following, that’s all there is to it. I’m not saying you’re actually gonna make a million bucks, but if you shoot for that and get even a 1/10 of the way there? I’d say that’s not too bad holmes.

How much are you making right now?

Gonna go out on a limb here. I’m gonna guess that it’s somewhere in the $30,000-$35,000 range for most people reading this. You’re not breaking the bank, but you’re able to pay your bills, watch Netflix, and all that good stuff. Shit, you might even find a $20 bill in an old coat like Gary Gulman here (I love this skit) and have it change your weekend!
Funny guy lol. But seriously: What if you could double your income? Or just significantly increasing it? “Who me Phil?!”?you say in a careless whisper. Hee hee, jk. I just wanted to reference one of my favorites videos ever here:
“You’re 34 Phil…34!!” Where were we? Ah yes, les internets marketingsHow would that feel? Good right? Well then have I got the timeshare of all timeshares to tell you about, look at this beaut: tiny-house Dat view tho… Bahaha, I jest.

Ahead Of Internet Marketing John Q. Public

It’s possible you’re more advanced than the average?bear though. Picture this: You’re earning $100-$150k per year, but you’re not a millionaire. Still not too shabby is it? via GIPHY Life would be friggin’ sweet, unless you start gambling your house away or some shit right? “Yes, Phil. I’ll take the time share and whatever the hell else you’ve got!” You say with bated breath. Kinda weird, I’ll get those papers ready though. Hee hee, I made another funny. Seriously though. The life of your dreams only stays in your friggin’ dreams if you never act. I want you to be successful. Rhetorical question: If I gave you a blueprint to do this, would you want it? “Yes, Phil!”?you say. I said it was a rhetorical question kiddo, but that’s ok. Big Brother loves you! Look, you’re gonna see one of thems adorable lil’ popups when you?try to leave this page. I suggest you check it out. It’s gonna be on something called 4 Core Concepts To?4 Core Concepts To Offer High-Ticket Coaching?and it’s gonna rock your socks off. A coaching business may sound daunting at first, but think about this: You may be an expert at something already. Maybe:
  • You’re a Cassanova with the ladies (hmm I’m pretty sure there’s a market for that from personal experience).
  • You play guitar…really, really well.
  • You can cook like there’s no tomorrow.
I don’t know, only you can answer that. You just have to start and not be a pussy. Sorry to be so brash…well, not really. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I cuss. It’s what I respond to best I think. I’m not a fucking robot lol and lord knows I don’t wanna bore you trying to teach you like most teachers taught us in school.? IN A BORING WAY. Thats not how I learn and it may not be how you learn. I really think this will help you. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. -Phillip Lopez
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