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Your biggest win online so far?

Your biggest win online so far? Man I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to get this internet marketing thing to work over the last 2 years. No, let me rephrase that. I’ve spent thousands in the first year trying to get this internet marketing thing to work and?mostly invested (still had the dreaded “Shiny Object […]

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One Is Better Than Zero

One Is Better?Than Zero Do you find that you’re comparing yourself to people that are MUCH more advanced than you? Me too Daniel-san, me too.? But as you see in the video above (one of my favorites) it’s not necessarily about how wide your audience is. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how going?deeper?(hee hee that’s what […]

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925 Rehab University Review

925 Rehab University Review **I want to preface this with the fact that I knew nothing about binary options before buying into this program back on 7/31/2016.**   Here’s the receipt from my purchase: I got in on a $50 one-time fee promotion then (usually it was a $297 one-time fee or $47/mo). The reason […]

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So you wanna to be a millionaire?

So you wanna to be a millionaire? Well who the crap doesn’t?! I have conversations with people telling me how they’re going to become millionaires with their internet marketing shenanigans. Be honest. We hear stuff like this from people all the time and we’re like… via GIPHY Hey, if you truly mean that? I’d love […]

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Facebook Live Case Study!

Facebook Live Case Study! So I’ve been using Facebook live for months now. It’s been awesome although I will say that today…Open Broadcaster Software crapped out on me. #FML. Whatever, it’ll get figured out. I’m not very techie…and I’m lazy so I’ll wait it out or someone that knows more than me will help. Well […]

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