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Facebook Live Case Study!

Facebook Live Case Study! So I’ve been using Facebook live for months now. It’s been awesome although I will say that today…Open Broadcaster Software crapped out on me. #FML. Whatever, it’ll get figured out. I’m not very techie…and I’m lazy so I’ll wait it out or someone that knows more than me will help. Well […]

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The Kiki Fund

The Kiki Fund Hey guys, I’ve started up something I’ve deemed the “Kiki Fund” for my sister Christie. Here’s her and I clowning around this last Saturday.   We have some fun hee hee. Anyhoo…on a serious note. I LOVE my sister to pieces. She’s had a more difficult life than most people as she […]

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cool lil copywriting tip

A Cool Lil’ Copywriting Tip!!

? ? Hey there. I’ve been ranting and raving about this site called Man, I’ve written nearly 80,000 words since starting… MORE than I ever have in my life. I think this is a fantastic lil?copywriting tip for anyone because you needs tos?writes goods words to sells. Check out the video kiddos. Have a […]

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The Baby Steppin’ It Product Creation Hack!!

The Baby Steppin’ It Product Creation Hack!! Hey guys, it’s Friday night and I needed to make up for this crappy Facebook live video I made yesterday. Here’s the new, somewhat improved version of it. Thanks for being a subscriber/reader/minion lol. -Philly Pants

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Winning A Crowd Over Like A Boss

Winning A Crowd Over Like A Boss So last night we went to Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub. I was bummed out because everybody was fucking late (except my damsel and I). This put me in a shit mood. I was bummed because my elder sister had to sit away from us along with my mom. I […]

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