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Phillip Lopez: The Boy Who Lived

Phillip Lopez: The Boy Who Lived

All I remember is waking up in the hospital…

I had these suction cup thingies near my nips hee hee.

The T.V. was on. There was another little boy in the bed hospital bed next to me.

We acknowledged each other and started watching cartoons together and laughing.

Funny how you can feel like any other kid is your new best friend when you’re a child.

I was confused as to why I was there, but then…I really couldn’t give two shits when they brought ice cream into the room.

The details are fuzzy as this was roughly 26 years ago.

My brothers and sisters filled in the missing gaps when they came back into the room when I was awake and coherent. Apparently, I’d been hit by a van. I didn’t remember shit since I was knocked out cold.

Hee hee, my siblings swear that I flew 20 feet or some shit like that.

God I hope that’s true. Pretty awesome.

You see, we lived near a high school, 2nd to last house from the main road that leads to North Side High School. This dude rounded the corner as my Grandma was walking us to school and I was lagging behind lost in my 8-year old boy thoughts.

I don’t know who told me or insinuated this…

But my belief is that the man who hit me with the van was a little distracted by the High School girls going to school.

And THAT’S what led to me doing my best Superman impression for a very short while followed by an involuntary “planking” into the cement.

I even remember the dude visiting me and saying he was gonna pay for any bills and whatnot.


That dude disappeared faster than a hippie during the draft back in 69′ (I had to look that up to be honest hee hee).

So here was the damage:

  • Chipped tooth
  • Black eye
  • Scar tissue on my lip for life
  • 1 Night at McCools, oops I mean 1 night in the hospital


No broken bones.

No death.

Just a really f**king cool story to tell every other 8-year old when I got back to school and the scars to boot.

Phillip Lopez: The Boy Who Really Lived bahahahahaha


Moral of the story

Be grateful guys.

Not everyone escapes death, paralysis etc.

I’m grateful for every day on this Earth, even if I get a little pissy at times lol.

Stop complaining about the trivial shit my friend. If you can walk, talk, heck f**king breathe normally…


Less complaining, more do-something-about-it.

That is all.

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~ Uncle Phil