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Shut the hell up

Seriously Annoying Emails!

Shut the hell up

Seriously Annoying Emails!


So I sent that email to my subscribers last night.

One guy wrote this back to me and I found it HILARIOUS.

In essence (ooh I feel important now), he’s telling me to shut down my business because ONE person didn’t like that I put up an “I’ve got shit for sale sign in his inbox”.

Well not literally, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t be a little curious if I saw that sign on a window somewhere…

Moving on.

Douchebaggius Maximus

I cut the guy’s named off because I want to respect his anonymity, we’ll just give him a Greek name of “Douchebaggius Maximus“.

“Get to the point gorgeous”?you say.

Look, alls I’m saying here is that you can’t worry about stuff like this.

Let’s say you put?a blog post, an email or a Facebook post out where you’re pitching something you whole-heartedly believe in.

If you start catering to that ONE person that didn’t like it for whatever reason, but felt compelled to give a stupid ass 8 year old reply…well then you’re doomed.

My advice is just ask them to elaborate.

I did this and got NO response of course because he just wants to be a negative Nancy, Nelly or whatever the fuck the name is ๐Ÿ™‚

Take whatever they say into consideration if they do answer though.

However, if they come back with something completely?idiotic, you can then ask them something like:

“So you’re asking me to quit my business because you don’t know how or want to unsubscribe after getting all these annoying emails?

Of course this is all optional lol.

Just unsubscribe them manually, if you wish.

I just had to share this with you?because I found it funny and it inspired me to tell you to run your business your way and ignore the idiot trolls along the way that go out of their way to look…well idiotic.

My Response

By the way, here’s what I told him after manually unsubscribing him from my list:

My Reply To Douchebaggius Maximus

Just a quick tip from your friend and soon to be lover,

-Philly Bear

P.S. Leave me a comment with the idiotic emails you’ve gotten ?from subscribers. We’ll have a gas ๐Ÿ˜›

P.P.S. Do people still say that shit? What does that even mean, seriously…

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Kam Jennings says July 25, 2016

great post man. Sometimes I think we are easy targets for people who are having bad days man. Sometimes you can turn this kind of situation around by asking them, “what is annoying about it man? If I can help I will. I started this list to help people not annoy them. Whats going on man?”

Now I will say that doing that requires a level of “swallow your pride” and also it doesn’t always work. But sometimes it turns someone on your list into a customer or a coaching student. A lot of times they are taking their frustration out on your because your an easy target. Almost like a weird “cry for help” lash out.

Took me a while to figure that out man. Not always easy to be cool with people who are so damn disrespectful.


    Phillip Lopez says July 25, 2016

    Very true Kam, we all have our bad days.

    I’ll have to try that out when I get another
    one and see what they say.

    I’ll see just how thick-skinned I am lol.

    Thanks for chiming in brother.


Arun says June 18, 2016

Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate.

Keep doing what you’re doing. You don’t own what your subscriber feels.

    FelipeMundo says June 18, 2016

    Arun, you have a way with words my friend.

    Thanks for the input lol.

Mike says June 17, 2016

The only negative one I got was someone telling me to slow down on the emails. I had a 12 day follow-up series set up with an email going out once/day. I think he was on day 8. I think the reason it can easily piss you off is because you start to think of it like an indication of how MULTIPLE people on your list feel about you, but only one person takes the time to give you feedback.

    FelipeMundo says June 17, 2016

    Good point Mike, got to take that criticism
    with a grain of salt for sure man.

    I was a little butt-hurt about it at first,
    but hey I booted him off my list and don’t
    have to worry about him anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for chiming in bro.


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