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The Sneaky Sneaky Sir Method

So, here we go.

Blog post # 1 done.

Blog post # 2?

Not so much, so I went around Googling how to create a blog post fast and came up with this post from Neil Patel.

I thought this is what I would do, but…no. I went with something else (although I will use snippets and probably use this method in the future, it’s very simple and effective).

Moving on.

Instead, I’ll be teaching something I’d like to call “The Sneaky, Sneaky Sir” method.

1 MILLION gold stars to anyone that got this reference right away.

Sneaky Sneaky Sir
You will need an account with the following sites for this to work:

Now you could do the same thing with a Craigslist account or a Facebook group that is Craigslist-like, (yeah we’ll roll with that terminology) but Offer Up is just better in my opinion because you HAVE TO HAVE A PICTURE with your listing, unlike the latter.

I don’t understand how people expect to sell something to a complete stranger without a picture. Have you ever sold anything like that?

I sure haven’t.

Let’s see…how can we get back on the right track?

Chris Farley Back on the Right Track

Offer Up

Ah yes, Offer Up.

It’s really meant to be more on the mobile-friendly side, but you can download it and set it up on your phone or computer.

If you want to see how it works go here on your CPU and click on the “How it works” button and watch how to buy and sell on there, it’s super easy.

Create your account using a real photo of you, they even let you hook up your Facebook account which adds your profile pic (upload any other pic if you wish) and I believe other people that like Offer Up on Facebook can follow you (you can follow them too).

Once your account is set up you can look for items near you. Just pull up the app on your phone and you will see categories like:
  • Search Everything
  • Popular Near Me
  • From People I Follow
  • Furniture
  • Baby & Kids
(These are just a few categories of many)

Here’s a screenshot from my phone:

Offer Up Screenshot

I’d start off by searching for stuff in the “Popular near me” category.

Set your filter for within 5 -10 miles away. With the “Sort by” button, you have the options below.

Personally, I went with the closest because I’d rather not have to drive far out at all.

Offer Up Filter Settings

Then just hit apply and see what kind of cool stuff you find.

At first I thought I could do this with cell phones but the risk that there might be something wrong with the phone was too high (something could come up later on the phone like it won’t charge or it heats up).

I instead decided to go with something that can have its condition based on appearance alone for the most part.

I went with a pair of Retro Air Jordans.


I will admit that the first pair I posted on eBay got sold on Offer Up before I could sell them on eBay.

Luckily the same seller said he had more shoes he just hadn’t posted them on Offer Up yet.

I would like to point out that I did no research on this beforehand, but I suggest you do. (I will in the future as well).

Here’s how you go about doing that:

  1. Go to your eBay account. If you haven’t created one…do it. It’s free to set up, they put your stuff in front of TONS of people and only charge 10% + 2.9% for Paypal fees. Just take away 13% from anything you sell, plus anything else that you add on like signature confirmation or insurance (I’d add signature confirmation anything over $100).
  2. Search for your item in the eBay search bar (add details that you think would help find it like “Retro 1 Air Jordans red and white size 12” or something like that). Usually, eBay will pull up complementary category specifications like shoe size, color, etc.
  3. Select the categories that best fit your item and scroll to the bottom where it says in bold “Show only”
  4. Select “sold listings” and see what kind of prices others are selling the same item at and when they’re selling. This will help you figure out what price you should sell at and how fast the product is moving.

Sold Items Screenshot

Now, if you don’t want to do any of this I understand. You could just do what I did and wing it, besides your just fishing really.

Okay, so either way when you find something that you deem worthy of listing on eBay (researched or not), hit the little star on the top right hand side of the screen next to the cutesy little camera symbol.

This will add it to your favorites.

Next, go to your computer and sign-in to your account, go to that favorites item and save the picture.

Make sure and hit the “ask” button and find out some more details from the seller on the item or items if you’re doing more than one listing.

Get as much info as you can, like final price, (always try to offer a little less, you never know) ask for more pics they can send to your phone or email (Offer Up only allows 1 pic unless you download some app which I didn’t do lol), and just make sure that the seller is responsive otherwise I wouldn’t really mess with them.

The final piece of the puzzle is creating the eBay listing.

PRO TIP: Look at the sold items if you want help on what kind of titles sell. Create a similar title. Simple right?

On the top left-hand side of your eBay page you should see “Sell” right next to “Gift Cards”, you know what to do now….HIT SELL knucklehead lol.

You’ll see 2 buttons come up:

Sell It Myself

Hit “Sell it myself”. Where it says “Tell us what you’re selling”, just spin around some of the titles from the tip in red font from before and don’t use the exact same wording.

Don’t take too long on this, but add the main parts to the listing like:

  • Condition
  • Photos
  • Details (Use this at the top: “**Ships out in ____ business days and arrives in 1-4 business days**” ALSO, USE PRIORITY MAIL!!! Add any details but don’t over do it. Make sure to add the amount of business days you think you could mail it off in, I’d go with 1, but 2 is ok.

Adding a YouTube Video

This next part needs a little more attention: Look for a YouTube video that pertains to your item.

There are several review videos and unboxing videos that you could use.

See the highlighted part on the URL?

That’s what you need for later, you can copy and paste this on a clipboard on your CPU for later or just leave the tab open we’ll come back to this.

I chose this video one for my Jordan’s:

Retro 4 Air Jordans YouTube Link Pic

Next, you want to hit “Switch to HTML editor”.

HTML for YouTube Video

Enter this code at the end of the weird looking stuff (see pic below HTML text) in fact start a new paragraph just to make sure:

<p align=”center”>?<object height=”385″ width=”640″><param name=”movie”?value=”;hl=en_US”><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”> <embed src=”;hl=en_US” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” height=”385″ width=”640″></object></span></strong></p>

Inserting HTML Code

Now, either copy and paste those 13 digits from earlier or go to your YouTube tab’s URL and look for the last 13 digits, this is what mine looked like (it’s everything after the = sign).

All you’re doing is replacing the 13 Xs in the two spots where you see them in bold in the HTML you’ve pasted.

Next, just hit “Switch to standard editor” and see if you have your video embedded now.

Last 13 Digits

Camera one:

Standard Editor Embedded Video

Doesn’t that look a little more appealing?

Does to me!

You do not need to go crazy on the description.

Just provide facts and be brief.

Leave your listing up and check up often on Offer Up to see if your item isn’t sold, keep in contact with the seller.

It’s no biggie if it gets sold, just erase the listing on eBay if it is. Shipping For shipping, I’d say go with Priority Mail so it can get there fast.

Ebay kind of guesstimates the weight.

What I did was I selected select shipping myself, got rid of international shipping (I don’t want to mess with that for now), added a pound to the weight eBay provided and added extra inches (hehe…I’m a child) to the dimensions they provided as well.

(If you have boxes you can use to ship, get exact measurements because it could save you money on shipping!)



And…you’re done.

So, to sum it all up, what we’re doing is we’re creating accounts on eBay, Offer Up, Paypal, and YouTube/Google I guess (if you don’t have one for some reason).

You find stuff on Offer Up that you think you could sell on eBay.

Do research on it by seeing what actually sold on eBay.

Add a YouTube video that shows your item off all nice and purdy.

Use the copy and paste HTML template that I’ve provided you.

Make sure you use Priority Mail when shipping, remove international shipping, and add to the dimensions just to overestimate a little.

One last thing…Meet up with people in a public place!!

Starbucks is great and they’re open until like 10 or 11 p.m. 

Be safe guys.


I will depart with an interesting, totally random fact (something I did in the past 3 days actually): If you put a ripe avocado, or more than one, in a brown paper and roll up the bag a bit, you can make it mature overnight!

I did this and they came out perfect just a day ago.


Let me know if you have any thoughts on how to improve The “Sneaky, Sneaky Sir” method!


~ Phillip Lopez

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