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Alex Jeffreys

What I Learned From Being Mentored By Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys is a millionaire.

He was able to get there by being mentored himself by Mike Filsaime and some other very successful coaches and his vessel was by launching information products. I bought the Super Product some time ago from him and to be honest…I bought MOST of the upsells that were in that sales funnel.

He’s a very good marketer.

I actually created a product with the help of his training  in the Super Product, which I found to be very good training for a “wet behind the ears” newbie like me.

Despite having my product pretty much created, I was still kind of clueless on what to do next.

I kept hearing/seeing more and more about Alex Jeffreys and saw his free training The 5 Pillars of Instant Internet Success, a pretty great 4-video series on how to be successful online. This was a precursor to his backend coaching “Marketing With You”.

I bit in.


Now, here’s where it gets a little crazy.

After watching that 5 Pillars training there is an “Apply Now” button at the bottom, which led to a survey form asking you a bunch of stuff they probably already know like “where are you struggling with your business?” and things of that nature (I don’t remember the exact questions).

The main question was “How much starting capital do you have available right now to invest in working with Alex Jeffreys” and it has a range of $500 up to $25K.

I filled out all the details and got a call from one of his staff members (sales guy lol).

They made it sound like not everyone is accepted and I was told that the cost was $7K.

I won’t mention exactly how much I paid because that’s their deal and if people are willing to pay that much then I can’t really blame a marketer for getting as much as he/she can.

I paid much less, that’s all I’ll say.

Main Training

This is a 6-month mentorship program.  

The main training is basically live calls every Thursday at 3pm GMT with Alex that can go as long as 4 hours, he doesn’t stop until the questions stop in a webinar-style class.

I found this very intimidating and I don’t think I’m alone.

There were several students in the mentorship program and I think this is very daunting for a complete newbie or even someone like me, someone between novice and intermediate, because I had made some money online.

Complementary Training

Complementary to the main training is the membership site where you’ll have access to many of Alex’s previous products, which are very good along with a mastermind FB group you can join.

In the membership site there are several videos (very long ones), worksheets that you can fill out, and you’re generally supposed to go in order.

I found a lot of these videos to be quite dated, the audio quality was very poor, and there was a lot of regurgitated information (I get it that you really have to beat some stuff into people but a lot of the information is very similar and super repetitive).

Because I was so excited to be in the program, I overlooked these things to be completely honest. I was like, “this is good information…I can do this!?”

Failure To Launch

Now Alex’s main training focuses on launching your own digital products and having affiliates promote.

Seems simple…on paper that is.

I had my product pretty much done since I created it back when I got my training from the Super Product.

However, I was kind of clueless about how to make the website, hook my product up to JV Zoo (Alex’s recommended affiliate platform) and a some other technical details. This was a common problem in the group I soon learned.

People had a product pretty much created their own product and had a hard time knowing what to do next.

I’d ask Alex about this via email (it was very hard to get an email back from Alex quickly) and I’d ask in the mastermind FB group as well. ‘

The general consensus was to outsource the web designing (which is tough when you’ve already paid a lot of money to be in the program), but I did and that was a pain in the ass because I just couldn’t get the pages I wanted…the way I wanted…when I wanted.


Now this may be just because I should’ve gone with a different designer, but it’s just what I ran into.

To date I have not launched my product because of all the complications.



This blog post may be a little controversial because I’m still in the program, but I’m only speaking from my experience and I want you to be well-informed if you’ve been thinking of entering this or any other kind of high-end mentorship/coaching program.

I’ve had a falling out with the program myself, but that’s not to say other mentorship programs aren’t great or even that this one can’t work.

I just found that this wasn’t for me.

What you can take from this post is that you should do extensive research when you’re thinking of being mentored and it’s a top dollar program.

Reach out to some of the people that have been a part of the program and have ACTUALLY gone through it before deciding, don’t just listen to the testimonials on the mentor’s/guru’s website or any affiliate promoting the program because they’re most likely/100% biased or they’re gonna cherry pick and only show the good ones of course.

I hope you find some value in this post.

I’d love to hear about any thoughts you have on this in the comments below.

~ Phil

P.S.  In November of 2016, I launched my first real product called Lethal Affiliate Weapon.

I made about 80 sales during launch week which felt great.

I’ve now moved on to using Facebook like a boss by using live videos, compelling Facebook posts,  my Facebook group and basically just free Facebook traffic.

Thank you for reading my lil’ post here, feel free to leave comments below with thoughts or questions.

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Benjamin says May 25, 2021

So I’m your opinion was the Alex Jeffery course a good am starting point?

I understand that everyone starts somewhere and Alex has helped a lot of people over his time as an affiliate marketer.

    Phillip Lopez says May 25, 2021

    This post is back from 2015 Benjamin, so a lil’ older.

    I believe Alex has since moved on to super high ticket stuff, so I’m not sure if he even has anything all that affordable for someone that’s new.

    On that alone, I’d say no.

    I’m not sure if he has anything at the beginner level nowadays, but I could be wrong.

    I didn’t enjoy his coaching based on my personal experience back then.

    Just my take.

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Stephen says October 2, 2017

I took part in Alex Jeffrey?s first ever coaching program when it cost just $500.00. I got my money back by selling his next program which was $1000 and offered a 50% commission.

After a few people fell away there were many people who saw the program through, worked hard, but didn?t make a dime.

I offer high end mentoring but not in the I.M. space. I?m unsure Alex?s coaching helped me to do this, but it did get me focussed and help me understand the on-line coaching model because I was on the receiving end of it.

My wife runs an on-line therapy business which we built from scratch from a Mediterranean beach.

It?s not really possible to evaluate the quality of products on the basis of their price.

Some, such as Kam Jennings, will give you exceptional value for peanuts. Kam knows his market and understands what to offer them.

I?m currently testing Frank Kern?s Inner Circle. His market is different. Whilst I might do some things differently, Frank is really approachable on live calls and offers excellent value at a price.

If you?re just starting out in I.M. Kam is the better option.

I love his work, it’s just that I’m not really his market.

For someone like me, who sells and delivers services via the Internet, but only, briefly ever sold I.M. products to learn the ropes whilst being coached by Alex Jeffreys, almost all the information available must be reinterpreted for my market.

In many respects investing in coaching is really about committing to doing the work. Once you?ve put your hand in your pocket ?big-time? you?ll feel more obliged to follow through.

If you don?t come good your spouse will kill you!

One of the problems I have faced was pricing my services too low to be thought of as valuable by business owners with turnovers between $1,500,00 and $5,000,000.

My wife?s business has a different client group. There is a place for group work there. This is because individual therapy has a 1 -1 return on time. Group coaching is able to bring people facing common problems together to share and support each other, and also receive professional help. This results in a 1 – 8 return on time.

Not everyone has the skill to be a mentor, coach, or therapist. Remember Kam is a trained paramedic and although you cannot bandage anyone over the Internet he knows what it?s like both to suffer and work with those who are suffering.

My own training involves stints in various hospitals and counselling agencies including London University?s prestigious Institute of Psychiatry. This remains useful experience because successful business owners are prone to family and relationship problems that can bring down their enterprises.

It also helps to know how large organisations operate because as businesses grow they place new, and greater, challenges upon their owners.

Alex continues to e-mail me with his latest offerings. I took a look at the websites of people who recently were featured in one of his courses. Anyone can do this research and draw their own conclusions.

    Phillip Lopez says October 2, 2017

    Hey Stephen, thank you for the elaborate reply man wow.

    It looks like you did get some value in his coaching so that’s great. I won’t lie, I did get some here and there too.

    Also, I have a friend or two (not really that many) that have done well with Alex’s launch model (for the most part).

    You bring out some excellent points here, the bottom line is people should really do their research before getting high-ticket coaching.

    I think most newbies to between newbie and intermediate (like I was for the most part) need to get 1-on-1 coaching.


    Because they need more attention.

    They’re probably NOT going to be patient/focused/determined (I guess the word is accountable lol) enough at some point…

    And they need a good kick in the ass when that inevitable moment arises.

    Thanks again Stephen, I truly appreciate your input.

    ~ Phil

    Phillip Lopez says October 2, 2017

    Stephen, I really wish I’d known about Frank Kern then.

    Let us know how your experience goes brother.

    ~ Phil

      Stephen says October 2, 2017

      Hi Phillip’

      The key thing to think about with Frank is scaling. When we start out in any space it’s likely we have little spare cash. Every purchase is carefully calculated because we’re worried about buying poor products.

      As we start to make profits we can afford to invest in more expensive products, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are that much better. A $9.00 Casio keeps better time than a $5,000 Rolex and also has more functions. It just doesn’t make you look trendy at the county club but, rather, marks you as an artisan.

      Frank comes into his own because he’s lost millions of dollars over the years and in doing so knows the territory. He’s also made far more than he lost.

      He frequently delivers unadvertised and unexpected materials both on-line, and also in his monthly postings.

      But it’s early days for me, so I’ll update you in a month, or so 🙂

Ray Harries says October 1, 2017

Great post Phil and I’m sure this resonates with a lot of people. Like Steven Lucas, I also know of a mentor who is very accessible and is even willing to speak to product sellers to get affiliate authorisation for their students. Otherwise it can be almost impossible to to get approval if you have no sales record.

But like Cholita says, it’s an accountability exercise. As we all know, most, if not all, of the information you need is freely available on the Internet but it can be a daunting task to sort the wheat from the chaff. So having a mentor can give you that confidence boost that we are so often lacking.

But the bottom line is that being a mentor is a business and, like all businessmen, mentors want to achieve the best return. And so we, the client, have to be aware that to some extent we are a commodity. If we feel we’re getting value for money then it’s a good deal. Personally I always felt that AJ ran something of a cookie-cutter program with a lot of extra filling in his videos and I wouldn’t want to pay his prices to wade through his material.

    Phillip Lopez says October 1, 2017

    Hey thanks for the input Ray.

    It’s truly important to do your research before biting and it’s something that I didn’t do to be honest.

    I just bit in and thought that this would be the answer to my online woes and I was wrong.

    I needed more accountability and needed to take action.

    This program did work for some people and that’s great, but man…

    It didn’t work for a lot of others.

    Now most of that was due to the student NEVER taking action or taking very little action.

    But I think some of it was because the students were not the right candidates for this coaching program and they’d accept anyone that had money. That’s my opinion based on my experience.

    Thanks again Ray, have a great one my friend.

    ~ Phil

Ike Paz says September 30, 2017

great post Philip, I paid for a mentor years back. that got me some experience but no sales..

it took time and effort before i started steadily selling online. (aff products and my own)

    Phillip Lopez says October 1, 2017

    Same here Ike.

    It took time and quite a bit of trial & error for me to get where I am today.

    It’s a world of difference!

    Thanks for the input man.

    ~ Phil

      Ike Paz says October 2, 2017

      i see your fb lives all the time. great stuff.

        Phillip Lopez says October 2, 2017

        Hey thank you so much Ike, I truly appreciate you listening to my online ramblings lol.

        ~ Phil

Steven Lucas says February 14, 2016

So much of it depends on how you get with the mentor and what really gets offered in return. I know of one guy who accepts personal emails and offers his students extreme amounts of help – even to the point of calling the affiliate provider, to get assistance for a student’s product launch.

I will admit that I find AJ long winded and repetitive at times – one reason I stopped attending his 2 hour long webinars is that the first hour was always his back story and the rest was the same information 3 or 4 times, but as you say, some people need the repetition to be able to take it all in and retain it. As a hypnotist I know that repetition works, repetition works, repetition works.

Brilliant article though and very honest. I’m sure you’ll follow it all up once you’ve done your time and I wish you all the success when you get round to your launch.

    FelipeMundo says February 14, 2016

    I know of one guy who accepts personal emails and offers his students extreme amounts of help ? even to the point of calling the affiliate provider, to get assistance for a student?s product launch.

    Do you mind if I ask who this is?

    Might be someone that either my readers (or myself)
    would be interested in knowing about.

    I think what has really gotten to me is that it’s
    claimed to be “Marketing With You” and I just found
    that if you don’t have the money to outsource,
    there’s really no training for that and when I did
    try to contact their “go-to” outsourcers I found
    those people to be unresponsive.

    Thanks for chiming in on this conversation Steven.


    P.S. Hypnotist? I’d love to talk to you about this
    as I’ve never known or spoken to a real-life

Cholita Pendejita says February 12, 2016

I think coaching programs are nothing more than a highly paid accountability partnership. You pay a guru $1,000 and up, then they tell you stuff you already know, you get those things done, and Walla! The guru now has a testimonial (from those who have succeeded) to sell the next sucka… I mean, prospect into giving him $x,xxx

I know because I signed up to a $500 coaching program where the guru showed us how to make six figures a year with email marketing. The instruction this guy gave us was pretty much identical to the past $7 courses I had purchased from him. At any rate, I did what he told me to do and to make a long story short, yes I have made the money I paid this guy back. And then some.

I’m nowhere near six figures but I’m happy with my results. What I really learned was that even though I already knew the stuff this guru coached us to do, it wasn’t until I put up the $500 that I really started to make things happen. Hence, the high priced accountability partner! =P

Nice post BTW Phil.

    FelipeMundo says February 12, 2016

    Great name first of all, “Cholita Pendejita”.

    I think you may have something there and I
    am for sure open to high-end coaching in the

    I just realized this wasn’t exactly the kind
    of coaching I’d envisioned for the amount of
    moolah people were paying (I didn’t pay as
    much as other people, at least I don’t think so).

    When you put money into something it has more
    value (kind of like a very expensive gym

    I’d love to take a look at your site and talk
    about IM sometime (I’m a nerd for this shit).

    Take it easy!


    P.S. Thanks for the kudos.

    Barry Rodgers says September 30, 2017

    I agree…
    Many people need to make that investment, have “skin in the game”, to get motivated and focussed. Plus the accountability is an important factor.
    However, I think a proper coach/mentor should go beyond that and do copy polishing, critique and advice on landing page design, funnel design, advice on how to structure and write emails etc as well as helping boost the client’s visibility.

    (A bit like my “Troubleshooter Program” coming soon – shameless plug, lol)

      Phillip Lopez says October 1, 2017

      Barry…first of all, nice plug hee hee.

      Man, I totally agree.

      I actually got mentored by Kam Jennings (who posted here in the comments and actually shared this on Facebook and you found it that way I think) and found that to be the kind of coaching that resonated with me.

      He went above and beyond by doing 1-on-1 coaching and holding me accountable.

      With his coaching I launched my first product Lethal Affiliate Weapon and made about 80 sales.

      I consider that a win, oh and he promoted my product.

      I think it’s kind of crazy that a coach wouldn’t promote (even at some level) a student who went through his/her program and ACTUALLY released a product based on their training!

      I mean…what better teybe that’s just me.

      Just my thoughts on that.

      Thanks for the input Barry.

      ~ Phil

Kam says February 9, 2016

great article Phillip Lopez!

    FelipeMundo says February 9, 2016

    Thanks Kam,

    Glad you liked it my friend!

Kenny Hamilton says February 7, 2016

Hi Phil, a lot of what your saying has rang very true with me also, like you I have found the technical side of it very daunting but l am really interested in learning what I can as I don’t have the money to pay other people to do it for me. I never had a product before I started as I am something of a newbie but I’m just getting to that stage in my 3rd month with Alex, so I am hoping I can do this because I am totally broke as I only receive Employment support due to an accident at work about 3 years ago and haven’t been able to work since, that’s why this is looked like a good fit for me. I just have to knuckle down and learn as much as I can because I think this will be my last chance to help and support my family. Good luck Phillip I hope you get everything you’ve worked hard for.

    FelipeMundo says February 7, 2016


    It looks like we’re kinda on the same boat.

    Not very easy to outsource a lot of this stuff
    when you’ve already invested quite a bit into
    the mentorship program indeed.

    To be honest, I don’t know if this is the best
    model for newbies. I’ve talked to a good friend
    I trust that’s more experienced than I am and
    yeah…I don’t think this is the best model for
    complete newbies or even those that are between
    newbie and intermediate (that’s where I’ll say
    I presently am to be honest).

    If you’re interested in learning more man feel
    free to go here and take a look at my little intro video to my Facebook group and
    feel free to join if you feel it’s a good fit

    My group is small right now, but it has a few
    other people in there that know what they’re
    doing and I know a thing or two myself.

    I’m no expert, but I’ll share what does and
    doesn’t work for me.

    Thanks for adding to the conversation.


Phil says February 6, 2016

Hi Phil,

I didn’t go thru the full experience with AJ, but did buy a product when I first looked at IM.

The unfulfilled promise and scant detail sounded off alarm bells in my head so I did some digging including accessing UK companies house for details of trading position, registered office etc.

This could just be me, but there seemed to be an incongruity in the success teasers made when entering AJ sales funnel and the actually reality of the operation.

The whole thing smacked of a hyped direct sales operation to me and that was enough for me to stop there and then.

I do get some offers in my mailbox from AJ affiliates wanting to introduce me to his latest offering and I sometimes do watch some of his sales video’s as he is a great salesman, but take what is presented with a pinch of salt 😉

    FelipeMundo says February 7, 2016

    Hey Phil, first of all that’s a great name you gots there lol.

    I bought in because the Super Product was a good one, it got me to take my first real action of creating my own product.

    In a short time I had 4 interviews (a set of 4 interviews with successful YouTubers) and thought I was gonna make it happen!

    This is what made me trust him.

    I don’t blame it all on the program to be honest. There is some good training in there and Alex does write some good copy in a hurry that’s for sure (that seemed to be another main issue).

    I’m not saying the whole mentorship program is a scam. I just think that it’s not really for complete newbies (not that I was one and I still had problems getting the ball rolling).

    I think that he has way too many students. I’d rather do 1-on-1 type of coaching if I’m going to be paying top dollar on a program so this just isn’t for me anymore.

    He’s a great salesman, but when you’re at that level it’s hard to relate to the newbies your teaching, I’m not saying it’s impossible but I do think there’s a disconnect there with AJ.

    Thanks for chiming in man.

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