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Winning A Crowd Over Like A Boss

So last night we went to Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub.

I was bummed out because everybody was fucking late (except my damsel and I).This put me in a shit mood.I was bummed because my elder sister had to sit away from us along with my mom.I was in the very far corner to the left of the stage.

I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was in a bad mood.

In other words this was me:

This was one of those cases where you get “free” tickets to show, but it’s a 2 drink minimum.

Pretty clever eh??

Anyhoo, we got there in the middle of the warmup comedian/introducer emcee’s or whatever’s act?(what the fuck does M.C. mean anyways, I have no clue).

He was ok, but as I said I was super agitated and couldn’t focus on much else.

My sister (who is in a wheelchair) couldn’t sit with us and I kept peering over to where her and my mom were sitting thinking they weren’t having a good time.?

Comedian # 2

Next comedian comes on and he was funnier.

Short dude who’s name escapes me as?I’ve never seen him before.

He brought up a buncha Trump/Hillary and racial stuff (he was a black comedian) and he reveled in making the white people in the room uncomfortable, his words not mine lol.?

Funny guy, my mood got a little better but I was still worried about my sister and my GF (goddamn she’s so fucking sweet) could tell I was agitated still.

After what seemed eons, we received our drinks.


My GF ordered 2 Dos Equis cervezas and I ordered 2 whiskey and cokes (it was cool you could order both your drinks at once lol) and I quickly drank my first one so my second one wouldn’t get watered down…Oh and I also have a drinking problem so there’s that.

Despite drinking my first whiskey & coke and feeling a lil’ better I was still a little agitated about my sister’s plight.

Truth is she was fine, but I was letting this little nagging thing bother me the whole night.Anyhoo, on comes the next comedian.?

Comedian #3

I’ll be honest, I didn’t recognize him by name at first.

Man…this hilarious mofo took the stage and was IMMEDIATELY polarizing/fucking hilarious.

He’s the best comedian I’ve seen…live.

Now…I’ve only been to a comedy club twice, but I’ve seen a lot of standup on TV and whatnot.

I’ll be damned if he wasn’t GREAT…He made me forget about my agitation quickly.I was laughing so hard and I’m a clapper when I think something is hilarious.

He mixed in some keyboard funny comedic singing stuff and I LOVED this dude.Oh, BTW this guy’s name is Owen Benjamin.


He’s one of those dudes you will be like:

“Hey wasn’t that guy in…fuck! I can’t remember!”

I’ll spare you the Google search, he’s famous for being on the “House Bunny”, he was the bartender Marvin.

This guy was GREAT with the crowd.

Sex, politics, whatever.?He was hilarious, he took over the place.

This got me thinking about something…

See I’ve seen this guy’s stand up before some time ago, but he wasn’t as polarizing on TV because on there he wasn’t?up close and personal.

He’s not the best comedian I’ve ever seen, but he He’s not the best comedian I’ve ever seen,?but he seemed?like it in person.?

This got me to thinking…

You don’t have to be the best at whatever the crap you’re doing online to grow an audience and make sales.

You have make whatever audience you do have think you are because you’re up close and personal in the way you do business.

Peoples’ bullshit meter is usually pretty good.

They can tell if you’re authentic so I suggest that whatever the crap you’re doing online?

You friggin’ like it.

Be genuine.

Be polarizing.

Be someone that people can look at and say “Man he/she’s so fucking right!

People are drawn to people that are either like them or like someone they want to be like.

I’m not saying to act out of character, I’m just saying that you refrain from being a robot that just regurgitates some crap you got from some PLR that’s been stored up on your laptop.

When you write an email, a FB wall post, make a YouTube video or WHATEVER…get as up close and personal as possible without being too much of a creep lol.

Not making any connections?

Start asking people about themselves.

Go out there and shut the fuck up for a second and listen to someone without judgment or without injecting your fucking take on it.

As a very wise man once wrote: “Seek first to understand and then be understood.”I think this lil’ nugget of golden info can change your life in business, your love life, pretty much everything.You’ll see that people will start thinking of you as someone they like, find trustworthy…and then they’ll buy your shit 🙂

I ain’t kitten neither.

Hope this helps you at winning a crowd over like a boss kiddo.

Good luck out there.


P.S. One way I’ve been able to stand out and make sales is by writing better copy.

If you’re still struggling online I absolutely, big time, 1 Hundo, Totes McGoats recommend this lil gem from one of the most polarizing dudes you’ll find in the internet marketing realm.

Ok, good bye for reals kiddo.

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